Halleck Vineyard wine club Review 2021

The Halleck vineyard is a one-acre estate nestled in the foothills of Sonoma County California. Found at an altitude of 900 feet, it’s one of the highest vineyards in the county, and the climate gives a unique taste to the grapes.

Halleck Vineyard
Best for Red Wines
4 /5
$ 29 /mo
Starting Price $39
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    What is Halleck Vineyard wine club

    Halleck Vineyard targets its club membership towards the more luxury end of the wine market, with a number of its wines receiving awards. Membership comes with access to exclusive member events throughout the year too. However, with individual bottles ranging in price from $29 to $325, this can be a little pricey for those on a budget.

    How does Halleck Vineyard wine club work?

    Halleck specializes in pinot noir and every shipment is based around the latest batch. Choose between 3, 6, or 12 bottles per delivery which will be shipped to you twice per year. You can opt to receive pinot noirs only, or go for a mix of pinot noirs and whites.

    What Halleck Vineyard wine club costs

    Halleck doesn’t offer discounts on wines to members. Instead, you’ll be eligible for a number of additional benefits such as free overnight stays at the vineyard. You’ll pay the full price on the wines you choose for your delivery.

    About the wine

    Halleck is a pinot noir specialist and has a limited number of other varieties. This might be the club for you if you’re a big pinot noir fan, but anyone else should try another wine club first. Halleck does occasionally offer other types of wine such as zinfandel and sauvignon blanc.

    Halleck Vineyard wine club brands

    Only Halleck branded wines are available to choose from. Membership is aimed at pinot noir lovers and those looking for the additional benefits of the club. In fact, you may want to give California wine club a try, as it offers some of the Halleck brand wines alongside a much wider range of other varietals.

    Halleck Vineyard wine club membership benefits

    • Dinners and events are organized across the US for wine club members
    • You’ll be given priority invites to the overseas trips organized by Halleck each year 
    • Members can stay overnight at any one of the Halleck Vineyards once per year

    Halleck Vineyard wine club membership programs

    Only one level of membership is available. You only decide how many bottles of wine you would like in each shipment, 3, 6 or 12. This will be delivered twice per year. However, there are no fees to join and you can enjoy the additional benefits as soon as you sign up for your first shipment.

    Halleck Vineyard wine club membership length

    There are no contracts or fees. You may cancel at any time.

    Can I give Halleck Vineyard wine club as a gift?

    You’re unable to gift membership as membership is free. However, a number of gift options are available.

    Halleck Vineyard wine club coupon codes

    As membership is free, there are no coupon codes. However, coupons are sometimes available for winery tours.

    Halleck Vineyard price and shipping

    All shipping is free for club members.

    The Bottom line

    Halleck is a good choice if you prefer the luxury end of the wine market and enjoy multiple perks of membership. However, a lack of options and high prices may put many off. Try the California Wine Club or Gold Medal Wine Club if you like to explore wines from all regions.