Naked Wines Review 2022

For wine lovers everywhere, a utopian wine club offers something more than just the wine itself.

Naked Wines Review
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Lucie Robson
Written by:Lucie Robson
Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET Level 3)

Funded directly by subscribers, Naked Wines is a wine club determined to support independent and small-batch wineries from all over the world by connecting them with subscribers in a straightforward manner via nakedwines com.

Perhaps you want to directly invest in a winery you love. What if I told you can save more than half of the retail price of their wines too? It’s a dream come true for wine connoisseurs everywhere. For starters, you can taste exemplary wines from the winery straight from the comfort of your own house. Read on through our Naked Wines reviews based on my own and millions of US Naked wines customer ratings.

What is Naked Wines?

Founded in 2008, Naked Wines is a wine club backed by 200,000 subscribers in the UK and 100,000 subscribers in the US. Subscribers are referred to as angels, and so far, these angels have managed to invest $3 million per month in small-scale wineries and vintners who cannot otherwise produce their wines due to the lack of marketing funds. On top of it, Angels are entitled to huge discounts compared with the normal retail markup thanks to the efforts of one of the best wine clubs: Naked Wines.

Naked Wines offers a periodic wine club membership that is designed to save you more than one-half of your wine expenditure. This remarkable model lets you help new and independent wineries stay in business while rewarding you with extraordinary discounts.

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How Does Naked Wines work?

To understand why Naked Wines reviews are always positive, you need to experience the unique onboarding process of the website.

It starts with a simple ‘Get Started’ button that opens up an interactive questionnaire session. This is designed to help you figure out how much you are overpaying for wines with real-life examples.

Once you’re done with the session, you can proceed to pick and choose your wines from the options- red, white or a combination of both. Next, you subscribe by investing into the Angel Account. Your investment will be converted into wine credits and discounted towards the orders you create.

How Much Does Naked Wines cost?

Our rating: 4/5

The monthly investment at Naked Wines is, for sure, good for the quality of labels you can choose from but there are cheaper clubs doing similar things so I've scored it 4.

With a per month investment of $40 US Nakedwines com grants you access to enormous discounts. All you need to do is use the wine credits to buy wines of your choice from the website and concurrently the money goes straight to the winemakers and vineyards. Your unused wine credits can be withdrawn in case you have a change of mind.

About the Wine

Our rating: 5/5

Naked Wines hand sources independent international wineries in 12 countries all doing quality interesting things that deserve wider exposure. The club wine range is diverse and there's something for all tastes so it’s a 5 from me.

Highly rated by winemakers and connoisseurs, Nakedwines com reviews highlight the specialties of the wines featured through this wine club. With over 150 independent winemakers, Naked Wine operates similarly to a crowdfunding project by supporting small-batch wineries all across the globe.

Naked Wines feature hundreds of red wines and white wines in addition to sparkling wines, rose and, dessert, and fortified wines. Depending on how deep you want to explore your wine passion, this wine club can bring you wines from 76 regions of 12 different countries.

You will find access to 59 grape varietals and blends to fine-tune your palate choices too. The other categories on this wine club’s website designed to help you choose your wine are -reorder percentage, alcohol percentage, dietary regulations, specials, and ratings.

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Naked Wines Wine Brands

Finding the best wine is easy for the subscriber, thanks to the systematic set of categories on the website. For winemakers, Naked Wines is an investor they pitch their wines to. Ergo, Angels on Naked Wines are also viewed as angel investors. Once approved, the new wines get their own podium on the wine club catalog. These are just a small handful of five great wine brands listed on Naked Wines:

David Akiyoshi

A leader in the Lodi appellation for three decades, David Akiyoshi is known for his Lodi Chardonnay 2018 and California Cabernet Sauvignon 2017. His wines come primarily from Clarksburg in Yolo County, California.

Stephen Millier

With the experience of over 36+ harvests, Stephen Millier was backed by Naked Wines to start his own individual label. The wines from Millier you should keep an eye for include his Pinot Noir from Mokelumne River and the Late Harvest Zinfandel.

Patrice Grasset

Classically styled French wines are the forte of this winemaker. Patrice Grasset is a 3rd generation winemaker known for sourcing grapes from the best terroirs of France. Look out for Sancerre and Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc if you want to taste some of his best-sellers.

Sam Plunkett

One of the exceptional winemakers who share nuggets from their wine cellars, Sam Plunkett brews his wine with an old-school twist. The winner of the Best Shiraz in 2010, Down Under, and thousands of other medals for his winemaking, Sam’s Victorian Zinfandel and Shiraz are remarkable bottles for true wine aficionados.

Benjamin Darnault

Renowned for his top-notch fruits sourced from Languedoc in France, Benjamin Darnault has winemaking experience with Australian wines too. Desirable wines of this talented winemaker to try from Naked Wines include Minervois 2018 and Roussillon Villages 2018.

Naked Wines Membership Benefits

Our rating: 5/5
I give Naked Wines 5 because of its 100% guarantee, member access to special deals and wholesale prices.

Transforming the lives of winemakers and vintners, Naked Wines USA guarantees many advantages for its Angel members. Here are the five main benefits of signing up for Naked Wines membership:

Wholesale Prices

Do you know 90% of what you pay for wine goes to things other than wine? Wine prices spike due to shiny covers, distribution, taxes, transport and marketing fees. Naked Wines prices are 60% less than the typical wine prices because you gain exclusive access to the wines directly from the winemaker without the middlemen.

Exclusive Access

You get 30-day access to special prices and other perks with your membership every month.

100% Guarantee

You have the ability to spend the wine credits you earn for monthly investments to buy wines on the website or withdraw whenever needed. Naked Wines philosophy is simple: your money, your choice.

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Communicate Directly With Winemaker

The best thing I love about Naked Wines is how you can talk directly to the winemakers. If you have questions on gluten and other additives, you can ask under a winemaker’s profiles to receive a quick response, directly from the winemaker.

Complimentary Gift Bottle

Every Angel on Naked Wines receives one wine bottle called ‘Angel Bottle’ as a ‘thank you’ gift every month from winemakers who are a part of the club. This will magically appear in your cart when you’re ready to order. 

Naked Wines Membership Programs

Based on my Naked Wines reviews, there is only one membership plan on Naked Wines. You can enroll for a monthly subscription of wine credits, which you are entitled to after investing $40 per month via your Naked Wine account.

Membership Length

Given there is only one membership program on Naked Wines, the membership length is just 1 month. You can choose to cancel the membership at any time and withdraw your wine credits too, putting the power back in your hands.

Naked Wines Gift Services

Our rating: 4/5

It's a 4 because while Naked Wines has gift options, there's no straight gift membership choice.

Naked Wine club offers Naked Wines voucher code and gift card options for new members. You can use the wine club to send wines or even spirits as gifts to your loved ones and friends. All you need to do is explore their ‘Wine Gifts’ tab under ‘Wine’ on the homepage.

Select from the wine options according to your budget, preference, and wine credits, and complete the order. If you have a special gift requests, you can contact the Naked Wines customer service for more personalized service.

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Naked Wines Wine club coupon code

Our rating: 4/5
New Naked Wines subscribers get a coupon code that entitles them to $100 that you have to use within 24 hours. Not bad so it's a 4.

With the Naked Wines voucher you receive after signing up, you will collect a $100 off coupon. In short, when you invest $40 in Naked Wines membership, you will also receive $40 in wine credits. All told, you are eligible for $122 to $163 off your first bill, regardless of your wine choices. This comes to a total of $79.99 for 12 bottles, delivering exceptional value. You have an option to choose from 6, 9, 12, or 15 bottles too. Please note, the welcome voucher only lasts for 12 hours after signing up, so be sure to order right away.

Price and Shipping

Our rating: 5/5

Naked Wines gets a 5 from me for its low shipping rate and reliable carriers. What's more, after you spend $100, delivery is included so it deserves a top score. 

Nakedwine charges $9.99 on orders of less than $100 within the US. Every shipment is carefully packaged and shipped by UPS, GSO or FedEx. Naked wines prices represent some of the most affordable from wine clubs, delivering extra value for Angels.

The small print

If you’re excited by Nakedwines com and its special model, read the success stories of the winemakers who made it happen thanks to the help of hundreds of thousands of subscribers on their official website.

US Nakedwines subscribers also represent a rapidly growing community of wine enthusiasts from all walks of life you can chat with. Head to the bottom of their website to find the tab for ‘Chat to customers’ to talk directly with the wine club subscribers about their experience.

To put it simply, Naked Wines represents a perfect club choice for wine lovers who prefer to directly support the small boutique wineries and winemakers that produce some of the finest wines.

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