Maintaining our credibility 

Every review on our website is done impartially and is based on the findings of our expert contributors. No company receives any special treatment and all judgments are made following extensive research of both the insurance companies themselves and the current average premiums offered across the industry. 

How does it work?

Our site features not just reviews of the leading and lesser-known wine clubs, but also tips, tutorials, and blogs on the current developments within the industry. We tailor our posts based on what our readers require the most and will gladly provide coverage on anything you think needs to be featured. You can either reach out to us through the information on our contact page or by posting comments on any of the posts on our website. 

What is an affiliation relationship with Bestwineclub.com?

The nature of our reviewing process is to offer an in-depth but succinct overview of all insurers that our readers may consider for their policies. 

If we write an article about a pet insurance website, we will thoroughly review what it offers, crucially not going into detail about the subject matter itself. The focus will be on the pros and cons mainly, but everything you’ll need to know in order to understand if that specific pet insurance website is the one for you, as there is generally a lot of competition out there for whatever it is we are reviewing. We will also incorporate links to the different websites so you can get a feel of it yourself, and that referral is tracked by the receiving website. Once that link is clicked and they receive a booking or sale, we receive a commission, so it is mutually beneficial for people to buy, but that doesn’t mean our writers are any less impartial. We use the money to then pay said writer and compensate everyone involved in the review.

The Federal Trade Commission issued new guidelines in 2009 and then again in 2013. These guidelines are designed to make sure the writer or reviewer is giving the honest opinion, making sure there aren’t any untruths in order to get people to pay money that will eventually lead to a commission. The guidelines are geared to protect you, the reader and customer, in order to help you make an informed and unbiased purchasing decision. Below you will find details on our compensation disclosure written to conform with the new guidelines.

Compensation Disclosure

Our compensation disclosure outlines the legal obligation we have to declare any relationships we have with both products and services featured on our website, as well as the owners of these products and services. That being said, we recommend all readers of our materials do their own research alongside the information we provide. 

1. Material Connection

Some products and services are featured on this website due to an existing relationship between the vendor and our website. Though affiliations exist with insurers, all of our reviews are made entirely in good faith and are based entirely on honest findings. All conclusions we come to have been reached by an independent reviewer - either through their own individual experience or in-depth research. That being said, readers should assume that any review that’s featured on our website is due to an affiliation that exists between the two parties. 

2. Product/Service Partiality And Fairness

The writers themselves have no relationship with any product or service that our website is affiliated with. Their findings are entirely their own and are in no way affected by any relationship that our service has with insurers. However, the tone of certain reviews may be written intentionally positive as a result of an affiliation that exists. We’d always recommend doing your own research, regardless of any findings on our website that you may or may not agree with. 

3. Compensation for reviews

As a result of ongoing affiliations, the owner of this website may receive some form of compensation, whether this is monetary, service insights, or discounts on products. Any link you use on our website, and products that you purchase by accessing these links, it must be known that the owner of this website may receive compensation.

 4. Compensation Disclosure Statement

Our disclosure regarding compensation is meant to offer our readers full transparency on the nature of how we’re able to sustain the upkeep and running of our website, as well as pay the contributors to continue providing the quality content we’re known for. If you need to contact us for more details, you can find all the details on the contact page of our website. For further information, you’ll find everything you need to know in our privacy policy.