NPR Wine Club Review 2021

National Public Radio (NPR) has been running its own wine club since 2017. It works in partnership with Laithwaites to select the wines for the club, and part of your membership fees go into supporting local radio.

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    Written by Lucie Robson Updated on December 2, 2021

    What is the NPR Wine Club?

    The club was started primarily as a way for fans of public radio to show additional support for their local station. It aims to introduce new and exclusive wines to those who might not have otherwise tried them before.

    How does the NPR Wine Club work?

    The NPR wine club only has one membership level. You’ll receive 12 bottles of wine delivered every three months, and you can choose all red, all white, or a mix of both. NPR’s wine partner, Laithwaites, will select the wines for you, but you can shop for individual bottles on the wine club website.

    What NPR Wine Club costs

    Our Rating 5/5

    NPR Wine Club is reasonably priced for the range of wines it stocks so I give it a 5.

    Your regular shipments will be $79.99, but you can also choose two additional seasonal shipments at $149.99 for 12 bottles.

    About the wine

    Our Rating 3/5

    NPR Wine delivers a reds, whites, or a mix of popular styles and varieties from several famous regions. The wine is good value but the range is relatively limited so I've given it a 3. 

    NPR has a wide range of varietals on offer with wines from the US, Spain, France, Italy, and Argentina. Some of its popular wines include cabernet, Merlot, and Verdejo.

    NPR Wine Club wine club wine brands

    As NPR is partnered with Laitwaites, you’ll find a lot of the same brands in the two wine clubs, which include:Schroeder Estate

    Found in the Argentinian stretches of Patagonia, Schroeder produced a popular Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Aluado Alicante Bouschet

    This winery is based near Lisbon in Portugal on an estate that dates back to the 12th century.

    Stones and Bones

    Another Portuguese winery, Stones and Bones is known for its full-bodied syrah.

    Round the Blend

    This winery in Sonoma, California, mixes things up with its wines and produces a number of blends. 

    Lime Leaf

    Located in Rueda in northwest Spain, Lime Leaf is currently producing wines made from Verdejo grapes.

    NPR Wine Club membership benefits

    Our Rating 3/5

    NPR Wine Club is a great club for public radio lovers and you get 3 bonus bottles with your first order. Otherwise it doesn't have the kinds of benefits other clubs have so it's 3 from me. 

    There aren’t many additional benefits to membership. This club is very much geared towards those wanting to support public radio. However, you’ll receive an extra three bottles for free as part of your first order.

    NPR Wine Club membership programs

    There’s only one level of membership at NPR. You’ll get 12 bottles delivered every three months. 

    NPR Wine Club membership length

    There are no minimum contract lengths and you can cancel at any time.

    Can I give NPR Wine Club as a gift?

    NPR Wine Club doesn't score at all here because it has no gift options.

    No, the wine club can’t currently be bought as a gift.

    NPR Wine Club coupon codes

    Our Rating 1/5

    Unlike most clubs, I found a handful of coupons for NPR Wine Club so scored it 1.

    We couldn’t find any coupon codes that could be applied to club membership.

    NPR Wine Club price and shipping

    Our Rating 4/5

    NPR has a flat fee for each shipment which keeps things simple but, at $19.99, it's higher than many other clubs so I've scored it a 4.

    Shipping costs a flat-rate fee of $19.99 per delivery.

    The bottom line

    If you’re passionate about public radio, then this club might be for you. However, you’re limited in the choice and flexibility you have over your wines.

    You might want to go to Laithwaites wine club directly, which offers more choice and flexibility and many of the same wines you’ll find at NPR.