Vinesse Review 2021

Vinesse Wines was founded back in 1993 selling a range of wines from a variety of popular wine-growing regions across the globe.

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    What is Vinesse Wine Club?

    Vinesse aims to provide as large a range of wines as possible, covering all possible budgets. However, this amount of choice can feel a little overwhelming at times. If you’re brand new to the world of wine you might feel a little intimidated by all the options on offer.

    How does the Vinesse Wine Club work?

    The signup process is quite straightforward and can be completed in just a few minutes. Choose your preferences for red or white or a mix of the two. You can customize your order, selecting how many bottles you’d like to add, and also change the timing of shipments.

    What Vinesse Wine Club costs

    Vinesse has an introductory offer of eight bottles of wine for $49.99. Following this, you’ll pay $16 per bottle plus any delivery charges. You’ll be auto-enrolled on monthly deliveries meaning you’ll be paying $96 for six bottles each month. Get in touch with Vinesse if you'd like to change the frequency of your order. 

    About the wine

    Vinesse does have a mix of wines from around the world, although there is a reliance on California growers. The bottles are hand-picked by Vinesse sommeliers and, unfortunately, you won’t be able to browse the wines before they're selected.

    Vinesse Wine Club brands


    A vineyard from California’s central coast region. The owner applies the knowledge gained from a Master’s in food science to produce his wines. Chalkstone is known for its chardonnay.


    The Gracenote winery is found in Los Carneros, California, which has a weather system that brings a unique flavor to the grapes.

    Ashfield Cellars

    Another California winery, Ashfield has vineyards throughout the state.

    Lions Peak

    This is a well-established brand dating back to the 1970s.

    El Tiburon

    Based in the North Coast area of Napa Valley, El Tiburon is known for making cabernet sauvignon.

    Vinesse Wine Club membership benefits

    • Discount introductory offer - $49 for eight bottles
    • Flexible orders and no minimum commitments. Choose from just one bottle per month or cancel any time
    • Rating system - Review your wine and receive a more tailored package next month

    Vinesse Wine Club membership programs

    There’s only one program at Vinesse. Every bottle of wine costs $16. Simply choose how many you’d like and how often you’d like them delivered.

    Vinesse Wine Club membership length

    There are no commitments and you can cancel your membership at any time.

    Can I give Vinesse Wine Club as a gift

    No, you can’t gift a club membership. You can, however, buy individual gift packages which start at $40.

    Vinesse Wine Club coupon codes

    Sales and promo codes are quite common with Vinesse. You could get 25% off or other cheap deals.

    Vinesse Wine Club price and shipping

    On top of the $16 per bottle of wine, shipping costs vary. This averages at $25 per shipment.

    The bottom line

    Vinesse could be a good choice if you like to keep things simple. However, your choices can be limited and there’s a focus on California brands. You might want to try out California Wine Club if this region is to your taste. It offers a better range of options and pricing.