WSJ Wine Club: Varietals, Deliveries, & Prices Explained

What goes well with your morning Wall Street Journal? The outstanding wine you got from the Wall Street Journal Wine Club membership.

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    A WSJ subscription for wine delivers you the luxury of enjoying one fabulous wine bottle per week throughout your membership. The WSJ Wine club is backed by The Wall Street Journal, bringing you wines directly from the winemaker.

    One of the oldest wine clubs that are focused on value, wine club reviews on WSJ are overwhelmingly positive owing to their phenomenal savings for subscribers. The WSJ wine club offers unique wines straight from the winemaker, making it hard for peers to compete with WSJ Wine prices.

    What is WSJ Wine?

    The Wall Street Journal Wine Club was the first and foremost wine club to create bulk subscriptions for quality wines with a focus on affordability. Launched September of 2008, the WSJ wine club collaborates with wine retailers or buys production lines of wineries so that they can offer top-grade wines at notable bargains. Adding to the value of membership, most wines available from WSJ aren’t found elsewhere and their featured varietals come from elite wine-growing areas across the globe.

    To get started, use the WSJ login you used to register on the website to seek an expert wine advisor who can help you select the right wine. On top of it, WSJ Wine has an advanced system where you can see the details and location of the wine retailer who sends your box at the time of checkout.

    How does WSJ Wine work?

    An exclusive wine club that features award-winning wines from small and big estate producers, the WSJ Wine club is eminent for its choicest wines from limited-barrel stocks. There are 4 simple steps towards becoming a subscriber after creating your WSJ login user ID and password.

    1. Add your favorite wines to the ‘Cart’ one after another
    2. Preview the Cart to recheck your choices
    3. Edit the Cart for adding or deleting selected wines
    4. 4. Proceed to checkout

    Once you’re done, all that is left is anticipating delivery of a big brown box within 1 to 2 weeks containing your favorite wines from WSJ Wine.

    How Much Does WSJ Wine cost?

    As one of the preeminent and best wine clubs, The Wall Street Journal Wine Club offers two membership plans that deliver 12+ bottles each according to your WSJ subscription

    •   Discovery Club: $69.99 per three months
    • ·   Premier Wine Club: $259.99 per three months

    WSJ charges zero membership fees, meaning you can cancel a subscription at any time of your choice without any obligation.

    About the Wine

    Sending you 12 well-curated wines every quarter is not easy. WSJ Wine was the first to bring a 12-bottle-subscription-model in the wine industry. Moreover, the majority of WSJ Wine reviews demonstrate the excellence of terroirs they select their grape growers and winemakers from.

    When you subscribe to WSJ Wine, you will receive wine boxes enclosed with tasting notes and a free binder to learn about all the wines you received or are set to receive in the future.

    To choose the correct wine on WSJ, you can browse wines from a select range of categories on the wine club.

    • Wine Type: red, white, champagne, sparkling wine, rose, dessert wine and fine wine
    • Mixed Collections: red mixes, white mixes, red and white mixes
    • Country: Italy, Australia, France, New Zealand, US, Portugal, Argentina, South Africa, Chile and Spain
    • Region: California, Washington, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône, Tuscany / Central Italy, Piedmont and Rioja
    • Price Options: Prices start from less than $10 and from there range to $10-15, $15-20, $20-30, and $30+ so that you can filter out the wine you want by price.

    You can also select from special offers like wines on sale or mix and match wines too.

    While you can change your preferences at any time, it is good to look out for award-winning and industry-leading wines on WSJ Wine. When in doubt, use online WSJ Wine reviews or wine experts and advisors on their website to find the impeccable choice for your discerning palate.


    WSJ Wine Brands

    When you’re looking for great wines on WSJ, look for wine regions and wine growers instead of the brands themselves because that’s a celebrated aspect of The Wall Street Journal Wine Club. Here are 5 best-in-class wine producers with award-winning choices available on WSJ Wine:

    Aluado Alicante Bouschet Reserva

    The winner of Portugal’s Mr. Wine award, José Neiva brewed the first-ever inky-red wine made from purely from Alicante Bouschet grape varietal. It is a wine on WSJ Wine that’s made from a grape with dark skin, often added to intensify flavors in traditional wines. The wine has been the recipient of numerous gold medals and awards from wine communities throughout the world.

    Forbes Creek Pinot Noir

    A winemaker renowned for their Pinot Noir extraordinaire, Forbes Creek showcases wines cultivated from premium Pinot Noir locations such as Napa and the Sonoma Coast in California. Their Cabernet Sauvignon is absolutely sensational.

    Pillastro Nero

    A unique collection of wines from Angelo Maci, Pillastro Nero on WSJ Wine is a black-red wine made from blending 60% of Cabernet Sauvignon with 40% of Primitivo. These grapes come from the exclusive bush-wines saplings from the Puglia IGT appellation in Italy. Try the Ultra-Rich Italian Blockbuster on WSJ for an unforgettable evening with Pillastro Nero.

    Collezione di Paolo Chianti

    Rated as the ‘outstanding Chianti buy of 2013’, its creator Paolo Masi is lauded for his Chianti wines, cultivated in Tuscany, Italy with the Sangiovese grape varietal. Try the Tuscan Maestro’s Favorite Chianti from The Wall Street Journal Wine Club for a rewarding experience.

    Raymond 2017

    The WSJ Wine 10th Anniversary Edition created by Napa icon Raymond is the favorite of many wine critics on this wine club. Their Celebration Cab from the varietal Cabernet Sauvignon is the No. 1 Most-Loved U.S. Wine on the WSJ.

    WSJ Wine Membership Benefits

    On top of great prices and rare varietals, members of the WSJ Wine club don’t have to pay the membership fee or cancellation fee either. What else is good about The Wall Street Journal Wine Club? Explore a few more of the benefits:

    Complimentary Wine and Accessories

    Members of Discovery Wine Club will receive 2 gift bottles of wines with a pair of stemless wine glasses on their first order. On the other hand, members of Premier Wine Club will receive three bottles of premium wines (worth $134.97) as a gift for their debut order.

    Amazing Affordability

    With the per-bottle price of WSJ Wine coming to $6- $21, your total bill on WSJ will be affordable whether you add standard or premium wines to the cart.

    Exclusive Discounts for Members

    Members of WSJ Wine gain VIP early access to special deals. If you’re a subscriber of The Wall Street Journal Wine Club, you will also receive 20% off on all future wine cases you buy.

    Exceptional Shipping Offer

    You are eligible for a flat-rate shipping fee of $19.99 for 12 bottles for every subscription order when you sign up for WSJ Wine.

    Advanced Notice to Edit Order

    This wine club offers absolute transparency regarding the wines they add to your subscription. You can check, change, or swap bottles in your cart based on the budget and preferences using your wine membership account.

    Money Back Guarantee

    The WSJ Wine guarantee offers a no-risk wine subscription for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs. If you’re unsatisfied with the wines you receive, WSJ Wine will replace or refund them for you. 

    Membership Programs

    If you check WSJ Wine club reviews online, you will discover the many merits of signing up for the WSJ Wine club.

    •  Discovery Club: Ideal for wine enthusiasts to discover award-winning classic wines with 90+ points.
    •  Premier Wine Club: Highest quality handpicked wines from elite wine growers around the world with 94+ points.

    Membership Length

    The WSJ Wine club offers one membership length - the quarterly membership plan - for standard or premium wine subscriptions. You can also skip a delivery for up to 4 weeks with a WSJ Wine account. 

    Can I give a WSJ Wine membership as a gift?

    To order a WSJ Wine gift for friends or family, all you need to do is enter the contact and shipping details of the recipient at the time of ordering. After that, check the selection of ‘Yes’ under the ‘Gift Options’ when checking out with your WSJ Wine club gift.

    WSJ Wine club coupon code

    You don’t have to dig through hundreds of WSJ Wine reviews to find the right WSJwine offer code. To get up to 50% off with WSJ offers, click the tab ‘Coupons and Deals’ on the WSJ Wine club website.

    Price and Shipping

    WSJ delivery promises a delivery window of 5- 18 days for every order as it relies on your location. All the shipments are sent via FedEx and a WSJ Wine free shipping coupon code is automatically applied for members.

    The Small Print

    The best thing I like about the WSJ Wine club is how they give you the freedom to change your wine case subscriptions effortlessly. Wine lovers and enthusiasts will find their huge inventory of rare bottles truly enchanting.

    Accredited A+ on the Better Business Bureau, this wine club connects wine buyers with the top-rated wine growers from the best wine regions of the world. To learn more, head to wsjwine com to explore your subscription options and start ordering your dream wines.