VINEBOX Review 2021

We’ve taken a look at countless amazing wine clubs, but Vinebox offers a one-of-a-kind service to serious vino lovers. This club delivers tasting-sized vials of a range of labels and members only order a full bottle when they find what they love.

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    Written by Lucie Robson Updated on December 2, 2021

    Each shipment from Vinebox includes nine 100-ml tasters for subscribers to swirl and sip until they discover a new favorite. Wines are always from classic European regions and are exclusive to Vinebox, so you won’t find them anywhere else. Vials are sealed with special tech that ensures freshness for a great taste. Find out more about Vinebox in our reviews!

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    Vinebox Overview 

    • Nine top-quality 100ml taster vials of classic European wines to taste.
    • You pick full bottles of the labels you like.
    • Pay for full bottles with credits accrued with each shipment.
    • Vinebox sources bottles and arranges delivery.
    • Delivery is free.
    • Pay for membership in advance for discounted fees.

    VINEBOX knows that sometimes you just want to just explore wines by the glass before you commit to a bottle. Buy the full bottle only when you’re in love with the vial you received.

    To add to the experience, VINEBOX also sends you tasting cards and suggestions of foods to pair up with your wine. Our VINEBOX review takes a plunge into the costs and benefits of membership and quality of wines available through VINEBOX in addition to their generous wine club gift.

    What is VINEBOX?

    A wine club for rare wines delivered in a patented hand-drawn glass vial, VINEBOX sells 10 cl single-serving wines instead of full bottles. It is acclaimed by sommeliers and connoisseurs alike for the unique wines and innovative vials of wine in a box.

    VINEBOX features an extremely well-curated selection of wines from all around the globe. You can create your subscription for quarterly intervals through this wine club and it is an ideal fit for wine enthusiasts who don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts on full bottles but still want to find and try the rarest wines. You will find many vine customer review stories online describing this as a crème de la crème wine club experience.

    VINEBOX brings you the convenience of buying legendary wines by the glass, just like on your night out at an elite restaurant, except from the comforts of your home. Accordingly, you can try nine exceptional wines every month affordable with this ‘wine club by the glass’.

    How Does VINEBOX work?

    When you sign up on the getvinebox website, you are committing to boxes of three or more vials of 100 ml of some of the rarest wines produced in the world. The steps for subscribing to VINEBOX are as follows:

    1. Get started
    2. Join the Club under the Quarterly Wine Club
    3. Customize your plans by selecting the subscription for 1 or 2 person(s)
    4. Confirm by clicking the Annual Plan or the Quarterly Plan
    5. Add to Cart
    6. Checkout Securely

    Better yet, can select from their membership plans or order separately from their wine collections too to give some rare vintages a taste.

    How Much Does VINEBOX cost?

    Our Rating 4/5

    Vinebox is a tad pricy compared to other clubs that offer a similarly high-quality product so I'm scoring it a 4.

    You receive a good selection of costly wine options on VINEBOX at affordable prices for the very reason that you’re not buying an entire bottle.

    Below you will find the two subscription plans you can choose on VINEBOX:

    • Quarterly Commitment: $79 per quarter
    • Annual Commitment: $72 per month (total of $288 to be paid)

    If you don’t prefer the membership options, you can go ahead and select an item from their wine collections by comparing the box wine cost benefits.

    About the Wine

    Our Rating 5/5

    Vinebox deserves a top score of 5 for its range of fine, rare, and boutiqe wiens from classic European regions.

    Compact and enchanting in style as much as in taste, VINEBOX wines are viral worldwide. One of the novel aspects of this wine club is how the patented technology seals the vineyard-freshness of wines to prevent oxidation or change of flavor. That’s why the glory of the healthiest wine goes to their screw-top glass vials.

    Every featured wine label on VINEBOX undergoes multi-faceted qualification-tests so that only the best of the best reaches you. Accordingly, you receive a diverse assortment of good wine brand choices on VINEBOX for expanding your palate in every direction.

    The getvinebox website sends you detailed wine ratings, country of origin, flavor profile, reviews and notes with each vial of wine you receive in your VINEBOX. While most of the wines featured in this wine club come from exclusive regions in Europe, you will also find rare wines from 72 countries featured through this noteworthy wine club.

    Regardless of whether you choose the best rose wine or organic red wine in your selection, you will get the occasional odd vial of red or white, respectively. This is simply a treat from VINEBOX which exposes you to new flavors to expand your palate.

    VINEBOX Wine Brands

    Five of the top five brands to explore on VINEBOX are listed with their best wines below.

    Roger Champault

    Wines from the delectable hillside terroirs south of Sancerre finds its way to the Roger Champault winery. With a history dating back to 17th century, Roger Champault is known for its Sancerre "les Pierris" on VINEBOX.

    Abrigo Giovanni

    A family-run winery from the UNESCO Heritage wine-growing region of Piedmonte, Abrigo Giovanni has 50+ years of experience in winemaking. Their Barolo ‘Ravera’ and Langhe Favorita is a crowd favorite.

    Corte Di Valle

    Known for their Chianti Classica, Corte Di Valle is a winery from Greve in Chianti, Florence, Italy. The clever bit about Corte Di Valle is its unique additives of saffron and extra virgin olive oil during the winemaking process.

    Château Hourbanon

    An independent winemaker infamous for their Médoc wines, Château Hourbanon winery is rooted in appellations from Médoc and Bordeaux in France. The best vintage wines from this winemaker on VINEBOX are Château Hourbanon Bordeaux and Médoc.

    De Andre Sisters

    A fine-wines company from Spain, De Andre Sisters is headed by two sisters with degrees in enology, chemistry and psychology. Their wines worth keeping an eye out for include Alegra Verdejo from Rueda and Alegra Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero.

    VINEBOX Membership Benefits

    Our Rating 4/5

    Vinebox gets 4 for benefits because it sends mini vials for you to taste before you commit to a full bottle but doesn't offer the same wide range of free goodies or discounts seen at other clubs.

    There are countless merits of signing up for a wine club that sells wines by the vial. Among them is the VINEBOX advent calendar which makes for a splashing countdown during the holidays. Some of the other advantages of subscribing for VINEBOX membership include:

    Wide Variety for Wine Enthusiasts

    Do you know VINEBOX rejected 99% of the 11,358 wines they tasted? Imagine how incredible the selected 1% must be.

    Bottle Credits

    You will receive $15 Off if you have a quarterly membership while yearly members are eligible for $30 Off. Credits are given every quarter and they expire at the end of every quarter too; they don’t roll over.

    Save Money, Try More Wines

    VINEBOX saves the money you might otherwise spend on bottles of wine you will end up disliking, cutting the risk of waste when trying a new wine. Getting wines by the vials also helps subscribers taste many more wines as well.

    Rare Wines You Can’t Find Elsewhere

    Featuring single serving wines from small-scale to medium-scale vintners which have been around for decades and longer, you won’t find any mass-produced wines on VINEBOX. Each one is nothing short of extraordinary.

    Seasonally Intuitive Wine box

    VINEBOX spends massive time and efforts on customizing your quarterly wine box to match the season and food pairings you prefer. You can check ‘My Boxes’ within your VINEBOX account to discover the seasonal wines. 

    Membership Programs

    To get VINEBOX, you can select from two membership programs where nine vials of unique wines are sent every quarter. The two membership options are as follows:

    Quarterly Commitment

    When you choose the quarterly subscription, you will be automatically billed every 3 months.

    Annual Commitment

    An annual commitment is paid for the entire year upfront. It is then billed every 3 months after the prepaid window ends. On top of that, you will receive this option for $7 less when compared to quarterly membership plans.

    Membership Length

    VINEBOX wine club membership offers only one membership length- quarterly. The reason for this model accounts for the time and resources to curate and find the choicest of wines for subscribers.

    Can I give VINEBOX Membership As a Gift?

    Our Rating 5/5

    You have the choice of quarterly or annual gift memberships so it's a 5.

    You can send vine gifts from VINEBOX at any time of the year. Head to the ‘Gift’ tab and select your wine gift box after picking the ‘quarterly’ or ‘annual’ membership plans. Don’t forget to add or reduce the number of wine vials per subscription box.

    Once you are done, head to ‘checkout’ where you can enter the details of the recipient plus the message you want to add to your wine club gift box. You can select gifts for one or two persons.

    When your loved one receives the gift, they can create a new account and manage their wine details directly on VINEBOX. Please note that gifts are sent through email and you can schedule it for the right date and time based on your surprise-plans. Please note, gift memberships do not renew like the self-memberships.

    VINEBOX Wine club coupon code

    Our Rating 5/5

    There are plenty of different Vinebox coupon codes on the go online and the club gives you a 10% on your first full bottle. It's a 5 from me.

    Given the many VINEBOX discount code options, you can easily find irresistible deals on your wine purchases by the glass. Moreover, VINEBOX automatically sends you a 10% discount for your first buy so that you can add another box to your purchase. Look for VINEBOX coupon codes online to find exclusive deals when you’re shopping for wine.

    Price and Shipping

    Our Rating 5/5

    I give Vinebox a 5 for shipping because it uses reliable carriers and sends you a tracking code for peace of mind.

    VINEBOX wine shipping boxes are dispatched by FedEx or UPS. The wine club will notify you about the tracking details and other information with the estimated delivery date during checkout.

    Service and contact availability

    Our Rating 4/5

    Vinebox gets 4 for service since it's not as easy to get in touch with it as other clubs.

    The main way of contacting Vinebox is by email. It has a general email for member queries and a dedicated email address for influencer and blogger inquiries. The other way of getting in touch with Vinebox appears to be via its social accounts which cover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

    Cancellation terms

    Our Rating 4/5

    I'm giving Vinebox 4 for cancelation. You can cancel anytime but since you pay for the annual plan in advance, there's no flexibility if you want out.

    You can terminate your Vinebox subscription at any time. However, if you try to cancel right after you’ve paid a regular subscription fee, the club can’t refund you and the action will come into effect before the next scheduled delivery.


    Vinebox has a great deal going for it especially if you like to be in charge of what labels are on your shelf. The downsides to the club include its limited delivery frequency options as you can only receive shipments on a quarterly basis. This doesn’t allow for much picking and choosing of wines you enjoy so you need to be aware this is very much a quality-over-quantity model. Getting in touch with Vinebox is limited as there’s only email. If you need to get a reply sooner rather than later, this could be frustrating. Finally, there could be a waiting list.

    The difference from the competitors

    The differentiating feature of Vinebox is how it puts the power of choice of labels into your hands. If you’ve tried a few wine clubs and haven’t enjoyed the surprise factor of what’s in each case even when you’ve been able to customize, this club is perfect for you. You get to select full bottles of anything that you’ve enjoyed. You don’t get any more in control than that! It also focuses on off-the-beaten-track European wineries, so you won’t find its reds or whites down the road. In short, this club has enough attractive features for us to give it a glowing report in our wine club reviews.

    The Small Print

    As already touched on, Vinebox feels your pain over receiving shipments of reds and whites that don’t suit your tastes, so it’s come up with a unique model to remedy this. Every three months, members receive nine 100ml taster-sized vials of a range of grapes and styles from different regions making this an ideal red wine club. It also has a top choice of white varietals and occasionally includes a rosé. This club Vine partners with vintners in iconic European regions so if you enjoy Old World styles, you’ll enjoy exploring different labels through Vinebox. 

    The club doesn’t go for anything mass produced. It favors small produces that have a tale to tell about each of their labels. It’s important to Vinebox that its wines display a sense of place (or terroir) so you can practically see the intricacies of the landscape and surrounding villages and towns as you sip. Its quarterly selections feature tasters from wineries that you’d probably never know about unless you were exploring the region they hail from independently. This sharing of unique wines that you’re unlikely to come across in your local store is another highlight of this club.

    You can expect a classic range in your selection but there’ll be some pleasant surprises as well. Alongside tasters from the likes of Bordeaux and Mosel, you’ll find wares from regions that are off the radar but doing excellent things with international and indigenous varietals. If you enjoy iconic styles but like adventure as well, Vinebox is the best wine club for you.

    Vinebox is very careful about keeping each red, white, or rosé fresh. When you fraction off wines into smaller receptacles as this club does, there’s always the risk of oxidation. You don’t need to worry about this in your nine-vial taster box because the club uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that each wine retains its character to the extent that it’s like you just poured it fresh from the bottle. This is vital when you’re assessing wines to select for your “cellar”!

    When you find a red or white you enjoy, you can take advantage of credits to purchase a full bottle. Annual members get $30 in full-sized bottle credits every three months and quarterly subscribers receive $15. You have to cash in your credits each quarter as they can’t carry over but that’s OK because there’ll definitely be something you want another glass of!


    How long is the delivery time?

    Shipping normally takes up five days after your membership renews or begins.

    How do I sign up?

    At the time of writing, the club is sold out. You need to submit your email for Vinebox to alert you when there’s an available membership slot.

    How can I send my wine back?

    There are strict regulations governing alcohol shipping so you can’t return your tasters and hopefully, you won’t want to return any full bottles since you’ve tried and picked them! If anything arrives damaged, contact Vinebox and it will make you whole.

    How much does it cost?

    Membership with Vinebox costs $79 or $288 for a full year if paid in advance.

    How do I cancel?

    Contact Vinebox via email.

    Can you give a membership as a gift?

    Yes, you can. The cost of a wine club gift is $158 for two boxes over six months or $288 for twice this quantity. Recipients clock up wine credits I the same way regular members do.