Firstleaf Wine Club: See If Its Plans, Prices, & Products Are Right For You

The main attraction of this unique wine club is the proprietary algorithm, which caters to the customers. We appreciated the technology which recognizes and suggests wines based on the taste preferences of customers.  The fact that this wine club cuts out the middleman to get the wines directly from the winemaker only enamored us even more.

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    Firstleaf features a simple membership plan designed to help customers discover new wines. Our Firstleaf review will examine the membership plan, rewards, benefits, and perks of signing up for this wine club.  

    What is Firstleaf Wine Club?

    Firstleaf is a unique wine club launched in 2016 by Philip James that focuses on customer choices. This Healdsburg wine club suggests wines based on your palate. Only good surprises await wine enthusiasts and sommeliers subscribing to this club.

    This wine club boasts over 50,000 members and 500,000 reviews on top of the advanced technology. The vast inventory and the club’s algorithm help members pick wines worth buying again.

    How Does Firstleaf Wine Club Work?

    The Firstleaf wine club works by partnering with wineries and winemakers. This helps to cut out the middleman and deliver the wines without added charges and hidden costs. That’s why it is best known for accessible and affordable wines.

    • Follow the five steps outlined below to sign up for the membership plan.
    • Answer the first question on the homepage of the wine club.
    • The next page will take you to a 13-step quiz designed to help you find out the right wines.
    • The results will show you a set of 6 wines with specific details on the region, awards, notes, retail price, club price and introductory price.
    • Click on ‘Go to Checkout’.
    • Furnish your shipping and billing information to complete the order.

    After tasting the first batch, it is best to review the wines right away. This will help the Firstleaf algorithm to pick the right wines for the next set of deliveries.

    How Much Does Firstleaf Wine Club Cost?

    This wine club offers an easy-to-customize membership plan. New members can start with 6 wines for an introductory Firstleaf cost of $39.95 (original price: $131.00) plus tax with shipping included for free. Keep in mind that each future club shipment of 6 wines costs $79.98 plus tax and $9.95 for shipping.

    Customers can pay for wine club membership with standard credit card options.

    About the Wine

    Firstleaf offers wines that have collectively won more than 1000 awards. Their proprietary algorithm narrows-in on customer preferences. This is why we believe Firstleaf is a wine club designed with the customer in mind.

    Your tastes impact the wines sent to you instead of those selected by the winemaker or the club’s own employees. Moreover, technology keeps learning about your wine choices with every purchase and review. 

    The total freedom to customize your choices by swapping out the wines you dislike is a sweet deal to us. Personalized selections are the forte of Firstleaf according to our research based on Firstleaf Review Reddit and other Firstleaf Wine Club reviews along with our own experience.  You can search for wines based on three categories they lay out on the site:

    • Color: Rose, Red, White, Sparkling
    • Region: United States, France, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Italy, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, and Portugal
    • Grape: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling

    You can also search for wines by the name and brand to select brands you are already fond of. As wines come directly from the vineyards, expect superior quality with affordable pricing. The finishing and bottling takes place in California after sourcing.  Out of the 10,000 wines sampled by the team every year, only 2% reach members. Wines on Firstleaf has won over 1280 awards since its start.

    Firstleaf Wine Club Wine Brands

    We appreciate the handpicked wines that cater to the individual palates from Firstleaf. Below we have five of the best wineries featured only on Firstleaf wine club.

    No Co

    No Co wines are a crowd-favorite because you can taste the Northern Coast of California in it. Anticipate the No Co 2016 Late Summer Red if you are a fan of red fusion.

    Devil’s Advocate

    Devil’s Advocate is a Stupendous Cellars’ winery with vineyards on the Central Coast. Try their 2018 Pinot Grigio to taste why it won 42 awards in total.

    Vintage Wine Works

    Vintage Wine Works winery brings the Italian mountains of Alto Adige in its wine bottles. Experts recommend you give a try to NV Rose when trying wines via this club.


    This is a winery with exquisite wines and vision. The water tap you see on the Bodewell wine bottle stands for the $1 they donate per bottle to Wine to Water charity that provides fresh drinking water to those who cannot access it.

    Try their award-winning 2018 Sauvignon Blanc to see what we are talking about.


    Apeloko is a word for ‘the person who stays late on the farm’. Try their 2018 Pinotage from Cape Town in South Africa, the silver medalist of the 2020 Winemaker Challenge.

    Firstleaf Wine Club Membership Benefits

    For wine enthusiasts who want to learn more than the basics, this club presents an excellent educational option. This club is even better for people on a budget because it offers a lot of savings for members.

    Here are some of the best benefits to expect when signing up for the Firstleaf wine club.

    Money Back Guarantee

    Members get a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their order. You can always get assistance from the First Leaf Customer Service team to access the refunds for the wines you did not like. This is the only wine club that will offer you total refunds without even returning the bottle you did not like.

    Special Discounts For Members

    Members of this wine club can receive up to 60% off on retail prices as Firstleaf partners with wineries directly.

    Keeping Customers Happy

    After checking First Leaf wine club reviews from members around the web, we found happy customers only. The wine club is good at maintaining the satisfaction guarantee by reimbursing rejected wines.

    Educating Buyers About Wine

    The club teaches new signees more about the wines they like. The club also sends detailed catalogs about tasting notes, regions and terroirs for the wines in the shipment and before dispatch.

    The excruciating attention to detail on the acidity, sweetness, tannin, and body to expect from wines on Firstleaf Wine Club reviews also caught our attention.

    Convenient Service

    The level of customization offered by Firstleaf makes it our new favorite wine club. Members can switch bottles, edit their preferences and even change the shipping dates as per preference. Canceling and pausing your membership plans are also just a click away when you register for this club.

    Firstleaf Wine Club Membership Programs

    With a straightforward membership plan, wine enthusiasts can join a monthly subscription of six wines. You can also add single bottles from their wine shop and receive extra discounts on shipping.

    Firstleaf Wine Club Membership Length

    Members will get over six wines every month based on individual choices. Unless the member pause or cancels, this will continue each month. You can change the frequency of your membership plan to one month, two months or three months per convenience under the tab of ‘Wine Preferences’.

    Please note that postponing shipments is possible with this club and we suggest you talk with customer service directly to assist.

    Can I Give Firstleaf Wine Club as a Gift?

    Firstleaf gifts include eGift Cards ranging from $25 to $200, unlike customized wine club subscriptions. You can add the name of the recipient as well as a personal message. These are sent to the recipient directly and if you wish to do so yourself, add yourself as the recipient before forwarding it along.

    Firstleaf Wine Club Coupon Code

    Members receive wines for $13 to $15 and above, per bottle. You can find First Leaf promo code and coupons online to get extra savings on your wine club membership.

    Price and Shipping

    Every shipment bills at $90 or $15 per bottle with Firstleaf free shipping, after the initial offer. An added bonus is that this wine club ships to 45 out of the 50 states in the US. This wine club uses UPS and FedEx Ground shipping services to deliver your wines.

    The Final Word

    Firstleaf is one of the best because they are a customer-centric brand with unique data from wine lovers around the world. We recommend this wine club for all the wine aficionados out there, thanks to a new bottle that will surprise you every month. Try Firstleaf today to see for yourself.