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Firstleaf is a customer-oriented wine club with a unique membership program that offers a 100% guarantee on all orders. Founded in 2016, the club showcases a plethora of wine selections from their extensive library.

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Lucie Robson
Written by:Lucie Robson
Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET Level 3)

Firstleaf won our top pick BEST WINE CLUB!

We've chosen Firstleaf to be our top pick for the best wine club after reviewing dozens of different wine clubs. We've evaluated prices, delivery, wine types, and wine quality.

Firstleaf Overview 

The customized membership plans start with a 6-bottle introductory package at $39.95, including tax and free shipping. 

But what else can you expect from a wine club that chooses wines for you based on the reviews you leave?

  • Up to 60% off on retail prices for prime wines
  • Detailed catalogs about tasting notes, regions, and terroirs for the wines in the shipment and before dispatch
  • Customized delivery frequencies
  • Convenient cancellation and pausing options on your membership

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What is Firstleaf Wine Club?

Firstleaf is a unique wine club launched in 2016 by Philip James that focuses on customer choices. This Healdsburg wine club suggests wines based on your palate. Only good surprises await wine enthusiasts and sommeliers subscribing to this club.

This wine club boasts over 50,000 members and 500,000 reviews on top of the advanced technology. The vast inventory and the club’s algorithm help members pick wines worth buying again.

How Does Firstleaf Wine Club Work?

What makes Firstleaf so special and separates it from white-label clubs is that it has its own in-house winemakers and produced lush varietals from its two locations in Napa Valley and Healdsburg (Sonoma). This helps to cut out the middleman and deliver the wines without added charges and hidden costs. That’s why it is best known for accessible and affordable wines.

  • Follow the five steps outlined below to sign up for the membership plan.
  • Answer the first question on the homepage of the wine club.
  • The next page will take you to a 13-step quiz designed to help you find out the right wines.
  • The results will show you a set of 6 wines with specific details on the region, awards, notes, retail price, club price and introductory price.
  • Click on ‘Go to Checkout’.
  • Furnish your shipping and billing information to complete the order.

After tasting the first batch, it is best to review the wines right away. This will help the Firstleaf algorithm to pick the right wines for the next set of deliveries.

How Much Does Firstleaf Wine Club Cost?

Our Rating 4/5

Firstleaf does run good value plans but there are similar clubs that are more competitive on price so it's a score of 4. 

This wine club offers an easy-to-customize membership plan. New members can start with 6 wines for an introductory Firstleaf cost of $39.95 (original price: $131.00) plus tax with shipping included for free. Keep in mind that each future club shipment of 6 wines costs $79.98 plus tax and $9.95 for shipping.

Customers can pay for wine club membership with standard credit card options.

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About the Wine

Our Rating 5/5

Firstleaf's range of wines includes a high proportion of award winners and top rated labels from all the major regions. Quality is consistent so my rating is 5.

Firstleaf offers wines that have collectively won more than 2000 awards and 300 90+ scores. What makes this such an achievement is that many of the major clubs don’t even enter competitions, which may speak to the quality on offer. Their proprietary algorithm narrows-in on customer preferences. This is why we believe Firstleaf is a wine club designed with the customer in mind.

Your tastes impact the wines sent to you instead of those selected by the winemaker or the club’s own employees. Moreover, technology keeps learning about your wine choices with every purchase and review. 

The total freedom to customize your choices by swapping out the wines you dislike is a sweet deal to us. Personalized selections are the forte of Firstleaf according to our research based on Firstleaf Review Reddit and other Firstleaf Wine Club reviews along with our own experience.  You can search for wines based on three categories they lay out on the site:

  • Color: Rose, Red, White, Sparkling
  • Region: United States, France, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Italy, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, and Portugal
  • Grape: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling

You can also search for wines by the name and brand to select brands you are already fond of. As wines come directly from the vineyards, expect superior quality with affordable pricing. The finishing and bottling takes place in California after sourcing.  Out of the 10,000 wines sampled by the team every year, only 2% reach members. Wines on Firstleaf has won over 1280 awards since its start.

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Firstleaf Wine Club Wine Brands

This wine club has been working on stepping up their game to even greater heights. They’ve added a new batch of award-winning luscious red wines that deserve a moment to be savored. 

  • Tailored Republic – A beautifully complex 2018 Pinot Noir from Arroyo Seco, California
  • Devil’s Advocate – Relish the craftsmanship of this delectable 2017 Californian Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Audette Nuit – A lush and silky 2019 Pinot Noir from Pays d'Oc IGP, France
  • Le Douleur Exquise – Fall in love with this new World 2019 Grenache from Pays d'Oc IGP, France
  • Iron Arrow – Experience the pleasant 2018 Red Blend from Columbia Valley, Washington
  • Isolde’s Rapture – Allow the bold and spicy flavors of this 2018 Syrah from Monterey County, California dance on your tongue

Inclusive of these bestsellers, they still have an extensive catalog of other favorite brands under their wing. 

Firstleaf Wine Club Membership Benefits

Our Rating 5/5

Firstleaf is faultless when it comes to member benefits so I'm giving it a 5. You do a tasting quiz for wine personalization, get to change plan or skip delivery with ease plus there's a 100% satisfaction guarantee and up to 60% off each bottle. 

For wine enthusiasts who want to learn more than the basics, this club presents an excellent educational option. This club is even better for people on a budget because it offers a lot of savings for members.

Here are some of the best benefits to expect when signing up for the Firstleaf wine club.

Money Back Guarantee

Members get a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their order. You can always get assistance from the Firstleaf Customer Service team to access the refunds for the wines you did not like. This is the only wine club that will offer you total refunds without even returning the bottle you did not like.

Special Discounts For Members

Members of this wine club can receive up to 60% off on retail prices as Firstleaf partners with wineries directly.

Keeping Customers Happy

After checking Firstleaf wine club reviews from members around the web, we found happy customers only. The wine club is good at maintaining the satisfaction guarantee by reimbursing rejected wines.

Educating Buyers About Wine

The club teaches new signees more about the wines they like. The club also sends detailed catalogs about tasting notes, regions and terroirs for the wines in the shipment and before dispatch.

The excruciating attention to detail on the acidity, sweetness, tannin, and body to expect from wines on Firstleaf Wine Club reviews also caught our attention.

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Convenient Service

The level of customization offered by Firstleaf makes it our new favorite wine club. Members can switch bottles, edit their preferences and even change the shipping dates as per preference. Canceling and pausing your membership plans are also just a click away when you register for this club.

Firstleaf Wine Club Membership Programs

With a straightforward membership plan, wine enthusiasts can join a monthly subscription of six wines. You can also add single bottles from their wine shop and receive extra discounts on shipping.

Firstleaf Wine Club Membership Length

Members will get over six wines every month based on individual choices. Unless the member pause or cancels, this will continue each month. You can change the frequency of your membership plan to one month, two months or three months per convenience under the tab of ‘Wine Preferences’.

Please note that postponing shipments is possible with this club and we suggest you talk with customer service directly to assist.

Can I Give Firstleaf Wine Club as a Gift?

Our Rating 5/5

You can buy Firstleaf membership plans and do the tasting quiz for your recipient if you know their tastes or leave it to them. There are also gift cards so I give it a 5.

Firstleaf gifts include eGift Cards ranging from $25 to $200, unlike customized wine club subscriptions. You can add the name of the recipient as well as a personal message. These are sent to the recipient directly and if you wish to do so yourself, add yourself as the recipient before forwarding it along.

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Price and Shipping

Our Rating 5/5

I give Firstleaf a 5 for shipping since its free (after an initial introductory offer) and the club ships to more sates than many clubs.

Every shipment bills at $90 or $15 per bottle with Firstleaf free shipping, after the initial offer. An added bonus is that this wine club ships to 45 out of the 50 states in the US. This wine club uses UPS and FedEx Ground shipping services to deliver your wines.

Service & Contact Availability

Our Rating 5/5

Firstleaf offers several convenient ways of getting in touch plus a well-trained team gives all the advice you need when you want a change of wine direction. I give it a 5. 

What makes the Firstleaf wine club work so well is their 500,000 plus reviews and advanced technology to create an algorithm that assists their club members in picking wines from their vast inventory. 

But what truly stands out is their dedication to customer satisfaction. Not only is the membership plan easy to navigate through, but it’s also possible to add single bottles from their store and still receive shipping discounts. 

As mentioned before, members get a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders. You can always find assistance from the Firstleaf Customer Service team to access the refunds for the wines you didn’t like.

How Can You Reach Out To Firstleaf?

The Firstleaf Member Experience Team is available seven days a week from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST, but perhaps email them directly or reach out via live chat from their website for any issues you may encounter with your order or membership. 

The Firstleaf Membership Fine-Print

Members will get over six wines every month based on individual choices. Unless you pause or cancel, this will continue each month. It’s possible to change your membership plan’s frequency to one month, two months, or three months per convenience under the tab of ‘Wine Preferences.’

Please note that postponing shipments is possible with this club. We suggest that you talk with customer service directly to assist.

Skip A Month 

If you encounter a situation where you may need to cancel or pause your subscription, Firstleaf delivers on its promise to assist with your membership plans’ seamless customization. Additionally, you’ll have the possibility to switch bottles, edit preferences, and shipping dates according to your preferences. 

Cancellation Terms

Our Rating 5/5

You can cancel from your personal account with ease and at no charge so it's a 5. 

Firstleaf takes it up a notch with easy cancellation and pausing options in their membership plans with a single click. This way you’ve full control over your orders and delivery dates – shouldn’t it be suitable for you to receive a shipment.

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While the pros may outweigh the cons, it’s essential to understand specific features that may not work in favor of some. 

  • If you consume wine less than once a month, you may not be able to work through your wine shipment in time for your next delivery, which may mean that your orders will be piling up at home. Naturally, the best way forward is to enjoy wine more often
  • Should you have a specific winery that you wish to order from and the wines you want to receive from them, a wine club may not be the best option 

Other than that, you are in the clear if you wish to sample great wines at an affordable price each month.

Differences Between Firstleaf & Their Competitors

The first significant difference between Firstleaf and its competitors would be the fact that they offer a 100% guarantee on all of their orders. This means that they’ve employed a legitimate return and cancellation policy on any shipment

  • It’s won more awards than virtually any other club and is a registered producer
  • More exclusive wines are on offer here than elsewhere, at over 200
  • Offerings are unique in that new wines are sent to members each month
  • Firstleaf has its own expert team of winemakers and operates its own registered vineyards

FirstLeaf Order Process Step by Step

1. Back again from! Today we’re checking out Firstleaf. I’ve heard lots of good things about this wine club including a fantastic cash-saving introductory deal so am looking forward to diving in!

2. Firstleaf has a range of top-rated wines that are finetuned to your tastes through a personalization process. there’s also a great introductory offer!

3. The way Firstleaf finds out about your preferences is with a short quiz. It’s important because it forms the backbone to what goes into each of your cases so let’s go. First things first. Do you like reds, whites, or a mix? I like both so am clicking “a mix”.

4. Looks like Firstleaf wants to check you’re absolutely sure about your choice because it’s asking again with a cute slider. It’s still a mix for me – but you can change your mind later if you want.

5. Wines range from dry to lusciously sweet, so the next question is about this. You can choose how sweet you like your wines with another handy slider. I like them dry so it’s “not sweet” for me.

6. Firstleaf is really serious about getting your tastes spot on. Here you get to pick styles of wine you enjoy from all over the world. If you don’t have a strong opinion either way, you can leave it blank. I do love me some oaky Californian Chardonnay and Bordeaux Red so am glad the club asked!

7. Firstleaf is going deep with the next question. How adventurous are you? The nice thing is the club explains why it’s asking each question which makes picking an option easier. In this case, if you choose “boring”, you’ll get cases of what you know and love. If you think of yourself as “adventurous” when it comes to wine, Firstleaf will send you loads of styles and regions to try. Hmmm – I don’t want to be too crazy so I’m going for the middle of the road.

8. Are you a “beginner”, “intermediate”, or an “expert” on wine? That’s the next question and Firstleaf’s asking so as to send you wine that’s perfect for your experience level and development. See – it’s a club for everyone! You’ll be glad to know I’m choosing “expert”. I am your guide after all!

9. Hmmm – next question is on particular famous brands so if you like any, here’s your chance to say. If you don’t have any favorites, just leave the options blank.

10. Wine has so many flavors, some you wouldn’t think you’d find in a glass! That’s what this next question is about. How you like your coffee gives an idea of your bitterness preference and how tart you like lemonade shows how acidic you enjoy wines. Again, just ignore what you don’t have any strong views about and Firstleaf will fill in the blanks with great wines.

11. Nearly there. Now Firstleaf wants to dive a bit deeper on the flavor front. You know the drill. I’m going for oaky, buttery, and crisp.

12. How much do I drink each month? Well, I’m an expert so it’s definitely more than 5! Now, click on “show my results”, a cute wine glass comes up on the screen while you’re waiting, and…voila! Firstleaf presents your ideal wines based on the answers to the quiz.

13. Wow! Six different bottles for only $39.95! See – it was worth the wait! And delivery is free too. I can see I’ve got some Grenache Blanc, Cab Sauv, and Cabernet Franc – plus there’s an Airén from Spain. Looks like Firstleaf have got my “adventurous” level right.

14. Here there’s the chance to check all the wines out and get a new recommendation if you want something else. Hmmm – I think I’ll switch Sauvignon Blanc for Chardonnay.

15. Looking good! I like the choice so am clicking “get my wines now”.

16. OK – I changed some wines and have inputted my card and shipping details. The ordering process is user-friendly and informative plus Firstleaf sends a confirmation when your case leaves its warehouse.

17. I’m in. Firstleaf welcomes you to the club and you choose a password. We’re good to go.

18. This is followed by a rundown on some of the benefits of club membership. You get to rate your wines and get an email before each shipment detailing the contents so you can switch them up yourself if you want or talk to a concierge for advice on new selections. Not only that, Firstleaf has carbon-friendly delivery.

19. My wines have arrived in a big, beautiful, sturdy box! I can hardly wait to dive in!

20. The wines are safely packaged and there’s a cute “thank you” and “welcome” on the inner flap from the owner plus a reminder on what happens next after you’ve tasted your wines – your rate them and leave feedback on Firstleaf’s website, and refine your preferences.

21. I love a California Cabernet Sauvignon!

22. As you can see, I have all my wines lined up ready to taste. Remember I switched up a few so it’s good to see my new choices in the line-up. A couple were out of stock, but customer service was great in helping me choose something new, so it got a good review for that. By the way, you find all the tasting notes for your wines on the Firstleaf website. ! I’m going for the Californian Cabernet Franc first. I like it!

23. Next, it’s a Chardonnay… You should definitely check Firstleaf out! Who doesn’t like a big box of six wines all specialized to your tastes? Go to I think you’re going to love it. Cheers!

The Final Word

Firstleaf is one of the best because they’re a customer-centric brand with unique offerings. We recommend this wine club for all the wine aficionados out there, not least for the chance to sample a new, exciting bottle every month. Try Firstleaf today to see for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How Long Is The Delivery Time?

This club ships to 45 out of the 50 states in the US. They use UPS and FedEx Ground shipping services to deliver your wines within 2 to 5 working days, but usually, shipments are handled much faster.

2. How Do I Sign Up?

Start your journey with Firstleaf by answering a few questions, so they can get to know your wine preferences better.

3. How Do I Send My Wine Back?

Simply contact if you are not happy with your selections.

4. How Much Does It Cost?

New members can start with six wines for an initial Firstleaf cost of $39.95 (original price: $131.00) plus tax with shipping included for free.

5. How Do I Cancel?

Canceling and pausing your membership plans can be done with a single click from the settings tab in your personal Firstleaf account.

6. Can The Membership Be Gifted To Someone?

Yes. Simply click on the gift you’d like to give, enter the recipient’s details, make a payment, and you’re all set.