Plonk Wine Club: Reviewed and Explained

An esteemed wine club known for its affiliations with organic winemakers and wineries, Plonk Wine Club is a classic amongst connoisseurs.

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    While the term plonk is a reference for cheapness in some countries, Plonk wine is anything but substandard or cheap. In fact, being in the ranks of the Best 10 Wine Clubs for 5 years running classifies this as a legendary wine club automatically.

    Plonk Wine Club is the hotspot for limited-production wines that are hard to find. They offer wine club memberships ranging from 4 to 12 wine bottles per month. Our detailed review will shed light on the rewards and valuable reasons for signing up for this wine club membership.

    What is Plonk Wine Club?

    While most wine clubs are known for their buy-one-get-one-free offer, Plonk is renowned for its elite wine production that’s free of pesticides, artificial sweeteners, acidifiers, and other additives and colorants.

    Directed by Etty Lewensztain, this Californian wine club has been offering a hip wine experience since 2010. The best bit is that every wine you receive is hand-picked by Lewensztain with care. Known for their certifications from the American Sommelier Association and Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), Plonk Wine Merchants has built a strong reputation in the industry and amongst wine enthusiasts.

    If you’re seeking an environmentally conscientious wine club, Plonk represents one of the best options available.

    How Does Plonk Wine Club Work?

    Hassle-free and easy-to-register, we found plenty of organic wine club reviews for Plonk Wine Club that showcase its worth.  

    Below are the five simple steps to register for the Plonk Wine Club membership:

    1. Choose from self or gift options.
    2. Pick from mixed wines, red wines, or white wines.
    3. Select the number of bottles per month, either 4 or 12.
    4. Click on ‘Add to Cart’
    5. Check out Safely.

    Please note that wines are delivered at the start of each month. If you sign up after the 1st of any month, your wines will be sent the month after.

    How Much Does Plonk Wine Club Cost?

    To sign up for a Plonk Wine Club membership, you can select from the options listed below. Please note that the more tailored specialty clubs listed after the first set do require a minimum purchase of 6 bottles.

    Mixed Wines, Red Wines, and White Wines:

    If you choose the 12 bottle option for mixed, red or white wine, the cost will be $285 for every shipment quarterly or monthly as per your choice. When you choose the shipment of 4 bottles, members pay $110 every month, $330 every 3 months, $660 every 6 months, or $1,320 every 12 months.

    Cabernet Club

    Offering two bottles of unique wines per month for a total of $129.98 at $64.99 per bottle, this is exclusively tailored for Cabernet enthusiasts. Please note that the minimum order is 6 bottles for this option.

    Sauvignon Blanc Club

    You can get cherry-picked Sauvignon Blanc options from organic wineries every month for $129.98 at $64.99 per bottle for a minimum of two bottles. The same order restrictions apply like the previous option.

    Pinot Noir Wine Club

    The monthly subscription of the Pinot Noir wine club is priced at $129.98, with $64.99 per bottle for a minimum of two bottles.  Again, don’t forget that the minimum order to receive this special offer totals 6 bottles, at least two of which will be from the Pinot Noir Wine Club whereas the remainder can be mixed and matched.

    First time members will receive a professional-grade corkscrew completely free in addition to free shipping on all orders at the time of signing up.

    About the Wine  

    As the best wine club for wine lovers of all sizes and shapes, Plonk is a hotspot for unusual varieties of strictly organic wines. With every bottle personally vetted by Lewensztain, members can expect expert tasting notes and recipe pairings from Food52 too.

    You’ll find wines from California, Europe, South America and everywhere in-between through this wine club. These wines are carefully selected based on minimal intervention from winemakers that are certified for their superior quality. Besides the liberty to switch your wine selection from white to red or even mixed at any time, cheap Plonk wines translate to affordable luxury too.

    Plonk Wine Club Wine Brands

    The all-natural wine club boasts many brands and our five favorites are listed below.

    Vino V Wines 

    Renowned for its small-scale wine production in Santa Ynez Valley in California, wines of Vino V come from the central coast of California. Vino V Jurassic Park Vineyard Chenin Blanc is the bestseller known for its zesty undertones of lemon peel and beeswax.


    A Californian wine produced and bottled by Jeff Fischer, Chenin Blanc of Habit is the most noteworthy wine to try on Plonk Club. Made in Jurassic Park Vineyard in California's Santa Ynez Valley, this is a wine that will enamor you.

    Quentin Harel Beaujolais

    The Quentin Harel collection of wines from Beaujolais, namely the Beaujolais-Villages Le Grandes Terres 2018, is the wine to adore from Plonk. Known for fermenting wines with indigenous yeasts, Harel’s Le Grandes Terres 2018 yields intense berry and smoky flavors produced from 100% Gamay grapes grown in Beaujolais.

    Eden Rift

    An active winery since 1849, Eden Rift produces wines just 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean. We suggest you give Eden Rift’s 2018 Griva Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc a try to taste a bottle known for the Monterey Bay’s Arroyo Seco appellation and the 92-point appraisal from Wine Enthusiast in 2019.

    Siete Fincas

    This is a small and artisanal family-run winery by Edgardo Stallocca launched in 2000 from the winemaking heritage of Juan Stallocca. if you're smitten, give the Siete Fincas Secreto Petit Verdot Reserva 2018 a taste to become a fan for life.

    Plonk Wine Club Membership Benefits

    This decade-old wine club features one of the best collections of eco-conscious wineries in the world. Plonk’s top five advantages for members are briefed below.

    Monthly shipment of four or twelve bottles of wine selected by the club

    Depending upon your wine love or party-going spirit, you can order from four, six or twelve and up to sixty (only for Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet and Pinot Noir club members) bottles per shipment on Plonk. In shipments of 4 bottles, each of the wines will be unique, while shipments of 12 will have varieties of four different wines in each shipment, based on your choices.

    Choice of curated or specific varietal wines - red and white are available

    Wine enthusiasts can order from three alternatives: current wines, past wines, and seasonal wines. You get to taste the expert’s palate of elite wines from famous reds and whites from around the world. 

    One free issue of Imbibe magazine

    For all members of this wine club, a complimentary copy of Imbibe Magazine is sent in every shipment without fail so that you stay on top of the latest happenings in the world of wines.

    Reordering discounts.

    Members get the benefit of reordering featured wines they’ve tasted for a sweet deal of 25% off through this club.

    One free bottle after renewing a membership

    Besides the 100% satisfaction guarantee, signing up means the pleasant surprise of one free bottle of artisanal wine in every shipment after renewal.

    Plonk Wine Club Membership Programs

    Depending on the membership plan you choose, you can sign up after customizing the total number of bottles. You have reds, whites and mixed to choose from.

    Plonk Wine Club Membership Length

    While there are many perks of signing up for a biodynamic wine club, this one offers matchless freedom. Moreover, membership costs also differ based on tenures or lengths. You can choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual delivery for 4 or 12 bottles.

    Can I give Plonk Wine Club as a gift?

    There are elaborate wine club membership gift options to try with Plonk. You can send seasonal favorites besides the regular gift options detailed below:

    • Mixed, Red Wines, or White Wines of 12 bottles
    • Dinner Party mix of 6 wines of Mixed, Red Wines, White Wines
    • Sparkling Wine Sampler of 4 at $120
    • Blue Zones of one wine each of Cannonau Di Sardegna 2012 or 2011.

    Members can also customize the gift plan to offer a PDF gift announcement that is either printed or emailed to the recipient for added personalization.

    Plonk Wine Club Coupon Code

    Plonk Wine Club promo code and coupon options add up to real savings. Besides the excellent seasonal offer which sends 12 bottles of wines for $250, you can receive a Plonk Wine Club discount of 10% and upwards if you search online.

    Price and Shipping

    Shipping is free for all members of this wine club. Plonk membership shipments are sent out every first week of the month. It can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days for the wines to reach their destination and shipments are sent via FedEx.

    Members can pay for their Plonk Wine Club membership with credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diner’s Club International.

    The Final Word

    The vision and mission driving Plonk Wine Club drew our attention owing to their organic and eco-conscious concepts. Yet, the one feature that impressed us the most was their luxurious choice of wines. There is a sense of adventure in the air around this wine club worth experiencing for yourself.

    Check out their official website to learn more about Plonk in greater detail.