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The Best Red Wine Clubs In 2022

Our experts have sampled over 80 clubs between them and can give you all the answers you need before you take the plunge. We share their findings with you, our readers, so you can make the right choice for both your budget and palate.

Written by Lucie Robson Updated on December 9, 2021

Join a red wine club and you’ll have your hands on high-quality, unique blends in no time. Enjoying the top varietals from around the world becomes a reality as soon as you receive your first shipment. What’s more, you’ll be saving a ton of time and money, and you don’t even have to leave your home!

Following a lengthy-yet-fun review process, Winc beats out the competition to be crowned our best red wine club for 2022. Factoring in price, convenience, discounts, and every other essential, Winc ticks all the boxes for red wine lovers. And it has a handpicked selection of beautiful blends to boot!

Our Top Pick For The Best Red Wine Club In 2022
Winc: An unrivaled selection of red wines from the world’s most prestigious vineyards. 

Our Top Five Best Red Wine Clubs In 2022 For Those That Are Tight On Time

  1. Winc: Hand-Picked, International Flavors, Customizable Orders 
  2. VINEBOX: Unique Deliveries, Ever-Changing Boxes, Pairing Insights 
  3. Naked Wines: Affordable Pricing, Connect With Winemakers, Zero Membership Fees
  4. Bright Cellars: Personal Concierges, Membership Quiz, Great Gift Selection
  5. Wine Of The Month Club: Huge Range, Keto-Friendly Wines, Great Accessories

How To Choose A Red Wine Club

The beautiful thing about wine clubs, and this is something newbies should bear in mind, is that you’re always in safe hands. Every bottle they swear by has undergone a lot of testing - and drinking! - by in-house, expert oenophiles. 

The best way to choose one for yourself, though, is to start with what you know and what you like. That bottle of Merlot you got from your secret Santa at work or the Pinot Noir you took a chance on and loved - whatever knowledge you do have will be a perfect jumping-off point. 

Below you’ll find the best clubs to join based on the most popular red wine varieties.