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Our Best Sparkling Wine Clubs For 2022

Sparkling wine can be enjoyed all year round, and we’re here to show you that there’s no right or wrong occasion to drink it. We’ve taken the time to sample the bubbles that the best sparkling wine clubs have to offer. Just read on for all the answers.

Written by Lucie Robson Updated on December 9, 2021

Any wine lover can appreciate a good glass of fizz, but knowing which ones are worth drinking is a challenge. That’s because people wrongly assume nothing can compete or compare with Champagne. With our insight, you’ll learn to love sparkling wine as much as its cousins, as well as discover the best sparkling wine clubs on the market. And that's at a price you can afford, with bottles delivered straight to your door. 

We take crowning the best brand seriously, which is why we run through a tried-and-true process to make sure our readers always get the answers they need. That means looking at overall quality, availability, how much you’ll have to pay, and just about every important feature you can think of. If you need to know it, we care about it. 

After much scrutiny, and many bottles later, we found our champion: Winc. As one of the few clubs that focus on the homegrown, that provides a solid selection of great-tasting sparkling wines, it wasn’t a difficult decision for us to make.

Our Top Pick For The Best Sparkling Wine Club In 2022

Winc: Winc provides five handcrafted, artisan sparkling wines for all to enjoy on any occasion. 

Following extensive research, we found that Winc was the best club when it comes to sparkling wine. It carries the best selection, sure; but it also has great customer service, as well as decent options for gifts too. Plus, deliveries are quick.

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Spare Yourself The Time: These Are Our Top Five Best Sparkling Wine Clubs In 2022

  1. Winc: In-House Creations, No Tie-Ins, Personalized Orders
  2. Naked Wines: Save Up To 33%, World-Class Wines, Zero Membership Fees
  3. Gold Medal Wine Club: Family-Owned Wineries, Education-Focused, Affordable
  4. Bright Cellars: Order Per Month, Satisfaction Guarantee, No Commitments
  5. Wine Of The Month Club: Decades In Business, Membership Perks, Solid Collection

Picking A Sparkling Wine Club The Proper Way 

Once you commit to the quality sparkling wine brings, you’ll quickly see that it deserves a place on your table just as much as whites and reds do. And there are more options than what you might think - sparkling wine isn’t just another way of saying Champagne. It’s a category that covers a bunch of beautiful creations.

If you’re looking to get involved with sparkling wine and see what it’s all about, the best place to start is with what’s got an undeserved bad reputation. That means varieties like Prosecco and Cava - even sparkling rosé. You can learn more about a bunch of the best sparkling wines below.

Here Quick View of the Best Sparkling Wine Clubs Overall

  • Free Shipping over $50
  • Winc Credits
  • Flexible Subscription
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  • VINEBOX Advent Calendar
  • Seasonally Intuitive Wine Box
  • Rare Wine
Visit Site
  • Complimentary Gift Bottle
  • Voucher Code
  • Support's Small Boutique Wineries
Visit Site
  • Customized orders
  • 50$ Discount for the first order
  • Wine varieties from around the world
Visit Site
  • High quality wine
  • Various gifts options
  • Money-Back Guarantee
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  • Return empty bottles of wines you don’t enjoy
  • Different types of plans
  • Lab Tested
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Our Top Pick
  • Gift cards
  • Purchase individual bottles
  • A blog for wine enthusiasts
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  • Gift sets for loved ones
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Martha Stewart wines
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  • Complimentary Wine and Accessories
  • Amazing Affordability
  • Exclusive Discounts for Members
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  • Wine tasting events
  • Wedding service
  • Tasting courses
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Top 10 Sparkling Wine Clubs Tested and Ranked By Our Expert Sommeliers

Sparkling wine comes in such variety these days that drinking it has become a lot more casual than ever before. Still, if you’re looking to stock up even just to celebrate, read on for our top 10 clubs for sparkling wine.

1. Winc - Affordable Memberships, Zero Commitments, Self-Made Sparkling Wine

winc wine club

  • Pro: Skip a month option available
  • Con: Limited stock 
  • Types of gifts: Gift Cards/Membership
  • Subscription Price: $60/$100/$150
  • Membership Plans: 1/2/3 Month
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Mon-Sun (Business Hours)
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Online cancellations

Two wine lovers and a sommelier launched Winc in 2012 with the aim of spreading the word and enjoyment about California boutique wineries. It features top artisanal products in its portfolio alongside vintages from the main Old-World regions for good measure.

Sparkling wine features prominently in its selection with fizz from France rubbing shoulders with bubbles from the Golden State and the range is updated regularly so things never get stale.

On joining Winc, you answer questions in a short Palate Profile Quiz that homes in on what your particular tastes in sparkling wine are and your first shipment mirrors this. As you sip through each bottle, you have the chance to give ratings and sculpt your next shipment to be even more tailored to your palate.

You get $20 off your first box plus when you refer a friend, Winc gives you up to $30 in credit to spend.

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2. Naked Wines - Top-Tier Sparkling Wine, Flexible Memberships, Huge Savings

naked wines

  • Pro: 33% Off Market Price 
  • Con: A bit pricey 
  • Types of gifts: Vouchers
  • Subscription Price: Tailored orders
  • Membership Plans: One-off purchases
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Online cancellations

Naked Wines connects innovative vintners with its 300,000 members in a fest of the best of the artisanal. Subscriber fees are used to fund new winemaking projects and members get the fine limited-edition results delivered to their doorsteps. There are no middlemen so subscribers can take advantage of ordering unique gems at incredibly low prices.

Creativity doesn't automatically translate into wild and wacky reds, whites, and bubblies either. All of the producers who work with this club are seasoned pros who simply need a boost to fulfill a winemaking ambition that they probably would struggle to manage otherwise.

Wine geeks will love Naked Wines for its dedicated message boards where they can get in touch with favorite winemakers and talk about things like semi-carbonic maceration and bottle aging. You can also chat with fellow members and compare notes about that great bubbly and what food you've paired it with.

Read our Naked Wines review for more details.

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3. Gold Medal Wine Club - Independents Only, Great Sparkling Wine, Well-Priced

gold medal wine club review

  • Pro: Six clubs available
  • Con: Free shipping on 12+ bottles only
  • Types of gifts: A wide variety 
  • Subscription Price: $40.95 Minimum
  • Membership Plans: 1/2/4 Months 
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Full refunds
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

If you're the kind of sipper who proudly won't touch a bottle unless it has a medal hanging around its neck, this club is right up your alley. It offers good-value memberships brimming with award-winners.

The Gold Medal Wine Club has six exciting clubs, each one filled with bottles dripping with accolades from prestigious international competitions and top critics. It never features bulk wines or private labels, just bubbles from genuine, family-owned wineries doing good things.

Garagista Club puts creativity in the spotlight while the Platinum Club brings top-rated wines, including 100-pointers, to members, and with more than 150 wineries featured over the year, there's plenty of variety to look forward to.

Flexible and customer-centric, the Gold Medal Wine Club sees no reason why you should miss out when you're on the road so will ship your cases to your temporary address when you're away for work or play.

Get the full picture on Gold Medal here.

wine club separator line

4. Bright Cellars - Monthly Sparkling Wines, Refunds Available, Tailor Orders 

bright cellars

  • Pro: Customized orders
  • Cons: Expensive 
  • Subscription Price: $88.00 / Month
  • Membership Plans: Monthly 
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes 
  • Cancellation Policy:  Instant 

Formed by two friends from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bright Cellars combines cutting-edge technology to gain finetuned insights into the wine preferences of members then builds on this knowledge to deliver the perfect shipments.

When you join the club, you take part in a quiz that figures out your tastes. Bright Cellars takes the results and sends you bottles that you'll enjoy every single drop of.  Whatever you prefer, the quiz results translate into perfect shipments that become increasingly customized as you rate each bottle in your deliveries.

The Bright Cellars team sources products from small vineyards in the Old and New Worlds with only 1 in 12 making it into your case. While Bright Cellars has a close eye on your palate, a concierge team is on stand-by if you want to discuss going in a new direction, and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Learn about Bright Cellars here.

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wine club separator line

5. Wine of the Month Club - Top Sparkling Wine, Affordable, Loyalty Discounts

wine of the month club

  • Pro: High quality wine
  • Con: Charges for delivery
  • Types of gifts: A large variety 
  • Subscription Price: $38 Minimum
  • Membership Plans: Monthly
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

Filling glasses with the best since 1972, Wine of the Month Club offers an interesting and discerning range of subscription options with ten 2-bottle clubs, and options for 6 and 12 bottle cases. 

Second-generation owner Paul Kalemkiarian tastes hundreds of wines from top regions in the Old and New Worlds and only gives the stamp of approval to a handful. His benchmark is simple: if he's happy for it to be in his personal cellar, it's good enough to be in yours. It's like you have your own personal sommelier advising you what to try and what to avoid!

The selection of clubs covers regions like Napa, Bordeaux, and the wider California area plus there's a subscription option focusing on natural wines. Each of your deliveries arrives with a beautiful educational 14-page leaflet providing the story of your wines as well as tasting notes and recipe ideas for food pairing.

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wine club separator line

6. Dry Farm Wines - Additive Free Sparkling Wine, Properly Sourced, Well-Priced

dry farm wines

  • Pro: Low carb
  • Con: Lower alcohol levels
  • Types of gifts: Hand-picked
  • Subscription Price: $159 Per Shipment
  • Membership Plans: 3/6/12 Month
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Return empty bottles of wines you don’t enjoy
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Gift Memberships
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

The sommelier team at Dry Farm Wines searches far and wide for pure products that contain low levels of alcohol, sugar, and sulfites. If you're concerned about a healthy lifestyle or simply want to enjoy a glass or two on an evening knowing you'll still bounce out of bed for the gym the next morning, this club is right up your alley.

Many wines in its selection have an ABV as low as 7% while nothing goes higher than 12.5% but that doesn't mean the wines are "vanilla". Reds, whites, and fizz are all lab tested for purity before joining the range but they cover a huge array of grape varieties and taste exceptional, clean, and fresh. 

Dry Farm Wines boasts a bubbles club with three low-sugar bottles arriving in every shipment. Hailing from small, family vintners that use natural farming methods, you can expect European styles like Spanish Cava or Italian Prosecco in your case.

Discover more in our review.

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wine club separator line

7. Firstleaf - Award-Winning Sparkling Wine, Satisfaction Guaranteed, No Tie-Ins


  • Pro: Customizable
  • Con: Ships to 43/50 States
  • Subscription Price: $39.95 / Month (Six Bottles)
  • Membership Plans: Monthly
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Telephone/Email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

The sommelier team at Dry Farm Wines searches far and wide for pure products that contain low levels of alcohol, sugar, and sulfites. If you're concerned about a healthy lifestyle or simply want to enjoy a glass or two on an evening knowing you'll still bounce out of bed for the gym the next morning, this club is right up your alley.

Many wines in its selection have an ABV as low as 7% while nothing goes higher than 12.5% but that doesn't mean the wines are "vanilla". Reds, whites, and fizz are all lab tested for purity before joining the range but they cover a huge array of grape varieties and taste exceptional, clean, and fresh. 

Dry Farm Wines boasts a bubbles club with three low-sugar bottles arriving in every shipment. Hailing from small, family vintners that use natural farming methods, you can expect European styles like Spanish Cava or Italian Prosecco in your case.

Would you like a personal sommelier tasting more than 100,000 bottles every year to find the best bottles for your wine rack? First Leaf is as close as it gets with a team sipping its way through the reds and whites from around the globe and only deeming 2% good enough for your cases. The quality you receive is extraordinary especially if you consider you enjoy up to 60% off retail prices as First Leaf have said "au revoir" to the middleman.

When you become a member, your answers to a short questionnaire reveal your tastes with crystal clarity and, as you rate your bottles, these are refined with each shipment. This means the best bubbly for you is on its way!

First Leaf's selection has collected 1,000 awards across styles, varieties, and regions but you still pay no more than $13 for a bottle  - even when there's a top medal draped around its neck.

Get more information on Firstleaf and what our thoughts are by reading our review.

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wine club separator line

8. Wine Insiders - Free Shipping, Handpicked Sparkling Wine, 1000+ Awards

wine insiders

  • Pro: Individual orders possible
  • Con: No limited edition wines
  • Subscription Price: $89.00 / Month
  • Membership Plans: Monthly
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Telephone/Email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

If you want to keep your shelves replenished with the finest reds, whites, rosés, and bubblies but leave the sourcing to an expert, Wine Insiders is a perfect choice. Since this club avoids markups, you can expect the finest quality at pretty unbelievable prices. So good is its selection that it has an impressive 1,250 awards covering a range of styles, grapes, and iconic regions.

This club's fizz includes beauties like Moscato, Brut Rosé, and Blanc de Blancs from the Old and New World to add panache to your shipments.

To get the ball rolling, you get an introductory case filled with a dozen quality wines along with three bonus blends from Bordeaux for less than $90. Tasting and food pairing notes come with each bottle for more enjoyment.

Wine Insiders sends free gifts with each case including a 7-Piece Connoisseur's Deluxe Lever Pull Corkscrew Set that comes with your second order.

Get the information on Wine Insiders you need in our review.

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wine club separator line

9. WSJ Wine - Fine Sparkling Wine, Well-Priced, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

wsj wines

  • Pro: VIP memberships
  • Con: Quarterly deliveries only
  • Types of gifts: Accessories
  • Subscription Price: $69 Minimum
  • Membership Plans: Quarterly
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Email 
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

Back in 2008, WSJ Wine was the first club on the block to offer bulk 12-bottle shipments without compromising on quality. A deep and wide network of contacts covering leading châteaux and artisanal producers means the cream of the crop arrives in your case in every delivery.

WSJ Wine has an amazing introductory offer after which you decide which club you want to join. To get the ball rolling, you get 12 exceptional bottles along with a bonus gift for $69.99. As you sip along, you get an idea about the type of quality you can expect from WSJ Wine's clubs.

You have a choice of the Discovery Club which features 12 bottles that have been highly recommended by other members. The Premier Club highlights award winners and limited-edition bottles so whatever sparkling you receive, it'll be a good one! Background info, tasting notes, food pairing tips come with each bottle.

Interested in a VIP membership? Read our review here

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Interesting Facts About Sparkling Wine 

Sparkling Wine Clubs Are The Best Place To Find So Much Variety 

You might be able to get your fix from a grocery-store shelf, but you certainly won’t find the variety that sparkling wine clubs offer. And what makes them so special is that - at least with most clubs, anyway - you’ll receive so much more than just the wines themselves. 

Think pairing opportunities, the chance to learn about the wines’ origins - even down to the grapes. Knowing where your sparkling wine has come from, the winemakers that are responsible for their undeniably quality - these important details can’t be discovered by asking a part-time worker at Walmart.  

Sparkling Wine Came Around By Chance 

Sparkling wine is the penicillin of the wine world, it really is. It came about strictly by mistake. Now, there’s some debate as to whether England or France were the first creators of Champagne, but we’ll explain both stories and you can be the judge of who made it first!

The English Story: By leaving cheap, imported wine dockside to fester for some time in the typical English climate, a second fermentation took place. The most important part of this tale is the cold weather, which led to the development of carbon dioxide during an accidental second fermentation. Many experts say this supposedly took place 30 years before the French claimed Champagne as its own creation. 

The French Story: A 17th-century monk named Dom Pierre Pérignon, which still resounds with Champagne production today, is said to have produced it, according to many. Likely due to the way wine was being stored, the build-up of pressure within wine bottles led to the corks popping off. The monks at Hautvillers began referring to it as ‘Devil’s Wine’, but later realized the indisputable characteristics of Champagne.

One important point to recognize today is that, whichever tale takes your fancy, anything produced outside of the Champagne region of France - and that means where the grapes are grown, fermented, and bottled - can’t be labeled as such. But that doesn’t mean you have to believe one story over the other - all you should take from that is, England has also been a purveyor of sparkling wine for hundreds of years!

It’s Less Calorific Than All Other Wines

Everyone wants the ideal figure but we all like to indulge - at least from time to time. There’s no shame in that. Just recognize that you’re really missing a trick by neglecting sparkling wine. 

Sparkling wine, out of all the delights that grapes bring us, contains the least calories. And calories are king, after all. Honestly, we struggle with why it’s not as popular as it should be. Not only is it less fattening, but it’s also just downright delicious! 

There’s A Reason Sparkling Wine Bottles Are Thicker Than Usual 

Well, they’ve gotta lock those bubbles in somehow, right? The gasses along with the pent-up pressure locked into those bottles need to be contained and this responsibility can’t all fall on the cork. Why do you think there’s a metal cage preventing the cork from popping off at any moment? 

Thicker vessels, centuries-old pressure technology, and the trusty metal cage combined are why people can enjoy that oh-so-sweet moment seeing a bottle’s cork go flying. 

You Don’t Need To Celebrate To Drink It!

Everyone assumes that you have to have a graduation, anniversary, birthday, or similar occasion to drink sparkling wine. That you have to have something to toast to, and anything less than expensive Champagne in every glass simply makes you look cheap. 

There’s no denying that this attitude has harmed the consumption of sparkling wine and is directly responsible for its limited popularity. Well, let us tell you straight: this isn’t true. Stick with us for a little bit longer and you’ll see why, as well as discover some of the best Champagne alternatives that have been around for centuries.


Can You Keep The Costs Down With Sparkling Wine Clubs?

We all know Champagne that’s worth drinking is expensive. No doubt this is why everyone saves it for when they have something to celebrate. But two things you should remember are that Champagne isn’t the only type of sparkling wine and signing up for a club is a way you can save money on all types of wine. The same goes for Champagne. 

Ordering in bulk obviously comes with discounts of its own but being a member of a club gives you access to a number of promotions and loyalty programs that allow you to get the best stuff for less. 

How Is Sparkling Wine Made? 

In the quantities you’ll want, all wine is relatively easy to make if you’ve got a decent guide to go by. It might seem easier to buy it off the shelf but once you get into the habit - and no doubt after a few attempts - you’ll be making good quality sparkling wine at home in no time. 

Making it at home is obviously a fair bit different from how the pros do it. The methods used by expert wineries are:

Create The Base: Sparkling wine requires a base, which simply means processing still wine that’s already been produced and has gone through one stage of fermentation. To be clear: this base wine must be created following the methods used for white wine production.

Ferment It Again: Locking in carbon dioxide is what makes sparkling wine fizzy, so a second fermentation is a must. This can be done in a number of ways - from the traditional to the tank method. 

The traditional method, for example, which is how Champagne and Cava are made, requires adding yeast just before the bottles are sealed. Some types of sparkling wine require an aging process to allow any leftover yeast to settle and for the wine’s flavors to properly mature.

Yeast Removed, Sugar Added: It’s at this stage that all excess yeast is removed and just a little bit of sugar is introduced. Depending on the fermentation method, this will either be added to the reopened bottles directly or prior to the stage bottling. For the relevant techniques, the sparkling wine will either then be resealed or rebottled entirely. 

Which Types Of Sparkling Wine Are Most Popular (Besides Champagne)? 

It’s not all about Champagne, you know? Plus, it’s really not all that. It has a reputation like caviar - like it’s some sort of luxury. While there’s some great Champagne out there, this shouldn’t take away from the quality you can enjoy with the many other types of sparkling wine. Some of the other popular types include: 

Prosecco: Prosecco, or ‘Pro-sexy’ as it’s often jokingly labeled on reality TV, is far more versatile than Champagne and even comes as a palate cleanser with certain cocktails. Plus, when it comes to celebrating, Prosecco is even better. Why? Because it’s lighter and far less acidic, making it easier to drink.  

Cava: Cava is so underrated it’s almost painful to see how much people neglect it. It’s not the knock-off Champagne people think it is. Making it requires indigenous grapes and the result has such a fresh flavor. Let it age somewhat - the flavor profiles and aromas compound to make something truly tasteful. 

Sekt: Perhaps one of the lesser-known of the bunch, Sekt shouldn’t be missed out on. Straight from the perhaps underappreciated wine regions of Germany, Sekt is both fruity and fresh and is a staple alcoholic drink across the country. With more than 300 million liters consumed in Germany each year alone, there’s no way this beauty can be ignored. 

Do I Need To Use Flutes For Sparkling Wine? 

Now, this is one of the misconceptions of the century. Everyone thinks sparkling wine is best served in flutes, but that’s not necessarily the case. Sure, they might help preserve the bubbles, but they don’t exactly give the wine much room to move around and breathe. 

Allowing all wine to aerate is perfect for releasing flavors. You definitely don’t want to let too much time pass before you drink your sparkling wine, but a bit of oxidizing does all wine a world of good. This is why we definitely advocate for the use of decanters with sparkling wine - and this brings us to our next point. 

Should I Use A Decanter For Sparkling Wine? 

There’s no type of wine that’s off-limits with decanters. You definitely don’t want to wait too long to drink sparkling wine in this way and should look to use a smaller decanter than what you would for red wine. Otherwise, too much aeration will flatten the wine you’ve put in it. 

Something special happens when you use a decanter for bottles of bubbly. There are subtle flavors in there that can only be enjoyed by releasing the bubbles for a brief moment. We recommend it - just don’t leave it in your decanter for too long! 

Is Rosé Wine Available In Sparkling? 

Sure is. If anything, that should show just how versatile this under-appreciate-yet-flavorful wine actually is. Rosé can actually be enjoyed still, sparkling, and even semi-sparkling, and this is why wine clubs are so great. Semi-sparkling rosé is probably quite unheard of to many of us but I think we can all agree that it sounds great. And let us tell you first-hand: it is. 

The ideal combination of flowery notes with the perfect amount of fizz is undeniably delicious. It’s definitely worth a try, and if you buy it through a wine club, you’ll at least be able to get your money back if you don’t like it. Plus, it’ll cost you a lot less than if you bought it from a wine shop or the grocery store. 

When Is The Right Time To Drink Sparkling Wine? 

There’s no right time. As we’ve already mentioned, even Champagne doesn’t need to be saved for a special occasion - you can drink it whenever you want. Who’s to say otherwise? Cava goes great in the summer months, Prosecco makes for a great palate cleanser, and just about any bottle of bubbly lends itself to a huge variety of culinary creations. The one important thing to remember, though, is that sparkling wine needs to be served chilled. You wouldn’t drink a warm can of Coca-Cola, would you? Sparkling wine is best enjoyed straight from the fridge, just like white wine and rosé.