The California Wine Club: Best Plans and Products Discovered

Have you sipped all the artisanal wines in the country? The California Wine Club picks fine-scale wineries that do not enjoy corporate funding so you can explore exotic wines unbeknownst to the market.

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    The coolest thing is their ‘Love it Guarantee’ that ensures top-notch quality based on how they personally test their wines.

    Why California wines? Travelling all across the West Coast attempting to sample all the various vineyards may not be accessible for everyone.  Fortunately, The California Wine Club offers diverse small-batch wineries from some of the choicest California wine regions like Santa Barbara and Napa County along with great wines from outside California, straight to your home. Examine The California wine club review to take a closer peek into their 30-year old traditions that cater to thousands of customers in the US and worldwide.

    What is The California Wine Club?

    Selling mostly limited-edition wines, The California Wine Club opens your door to the finest handcrafted wines from small vineyards. This where you can sip and swirl various wines from around the country and the world [GG1] . It has served as a hotspot for wine connoisseurs since 1990 and is known for featuring some of the best California Cabernets.

    Go for The California Wine Club Series if you have a soft spot for the California wine directly from the California wine regions map.

    How Does The California wine club work?

    The California Wine Club is a gem among the best wine clubs considering it features mom and pop wineries you might not otherwise be exposed to. It works by choosing the best two or more wines from small-batch wineries by personally tasting them.

    The perfect excuse to treat yourself and your dear ones is by joining this classy wine club that carefully hand-selects different wines for you, every month. Better yet, host a California winery wedding in the lap of vineyards and olive trees if you’re crazy about wines.

    Discover The California wine club promo code options for yourself to uncover some of the sweetest deals of the decade!

    Simply follow 6 steps to sign up for The California Wine Club:

    1. Choose from one of the 6 Wine Club Levels
    2. Pick your preferred wine options- red, white, or mixed
    3. Select the number of bottles - 2 or 4 - per package
    4. Determine the shipment interval
    5. Add your choices to the cart
    6. Checkout by paying securely

    After you’ve finished, all that is left is to receive your favorite Wines in a secure cardboard box every month.

    How Much Does The California Wine Club Cost?

    Determining the appropriate wine of the month club to join comes down to selecting the right membership plan. Indulge yourself with exquisite types of wines by exploring the membership plans available:

    • Premier Series Wine Club: $40.95 + Shipping
    • International Series Wine Club: $71.00 + Shipping
    • Pacific Northwest Series Wine Club: $77.00 + Shipping
    • Signature Series Wine Club: $134.00 + Shipping
    • Case Club Series Wine Club: $162.00 + Shipping
    • Aged Cabernet Series Wine Club: $231.00 + Shipping

    If you’re charmed by the options, select 1, 2, 3 or all the membership plans.

    About the Wine

    Consistently impressive for three decades, The California Wine Club brings over 200 artisan wines every year for their 10,000+ members. Depending on your membership plan, you can try everything from classic Bordeaux to Washington Cabernets all in one place.

    What amazes me the most is how The California Wine Club staff visits and evaluates every winemaker and winery before bringing them onboard.

    You can explore 96 red wines and 39 white wines through this club. I love picking my choice of wine by the wine regions because they offer wines from California, the Pacific Northwest, Europe, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. The ample variety of red and white wine options has led to two popular winners for this club- red wine cabernet and chardonnay . For more information about the bottles you’re drinking, find the wine ratings of the bottle you just received on the pamphlet that accompanied your wine subscription.

    The California Wine Club Wine Brands

    Some of the top brands to explore from The California Wine Club are listed below. Pick your favorites according to your discerning palate:

    French Bar Wines – Warnerville Wine Company

    Grown in the breezy Sierra foothills, French Bar Wines are the product of a family-run winery with a vibrant freshness in their wines. It comes from a region called French Bar in rural Stanislaus County, now referred to as La Grange. Savor the best of California wine- Rocky Creek Family Vineyards and Petite Sirah from French Bar Wines at the California Wine Club.

    The Ojai Vineyard

    Famed for their California wines with a Eurocentric balance, the Ojai Vineyard charm is the oaking technique in French barrels. Their best wines are Pinot Noir Fe Ceiga and Syrah Bien Nacido. Pamper yourself with this 37-year old winery, cultivating fruits produced directly from farms in Ojai and Santa Barbara County.

    Chateau D’Agel

    Nurtured in the Mediterranean climate under the Black Mountains, Chateau D’Agel is known for its full body acquired from a unique topography. It comes from Minervois in Languedoc, France, with grape varietals including Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah, and Carignan.

    Slyd Wines

    A Los Angeles winery with limited cask production, Slyd makes no more than 1,000 cases annually made by fruits selected from Santa Barbara County. The finest Slyd wines selected by The California Wine Club include Shiraz, Ménage à Trois Red, and Sauvignon Blanc. Best of all, Slyd is the only winery that also creates music albums to best pair up with their wines.

    Cedergreen Cellars

    Cedergreen Cellars’ wines are prominent for their nuanced flavors made from perfecting the technique of reducing oxygen during winemaking. Sticking to elite vineyards with controlled farming has propelled their wines- Columbia Valley Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc - to immense popularity. This family wine brand is one to bear in mind.

    The California Wine Club Membership Benefits

    By bringing wines from small family wineries around the world, The California Wine Club membership delivers great benefits for its subscribers. Even the family winemakers of California give club high regards. Five incredible benefits only for The California Wine Club members include:

    VIP Wine Tasting

    The California Wine Club offers VIP Tours that includes sightseeing and wine tasting at the wineries that are on The California Wine Club at any time of your choice.

    Wine Storage and Special Shipping

    One of the reasons The California Wine Club represents one of the best wine club membership options comes down to two sweetheart deals. First, you can store your wines in temperature-controlled warehouses when you go on vacation. Second, the club will ship your favorite wines to your vacation location.

    Track Your Favorites

    My Wine Cellar is a customized online account that tracks your favorite wines and helps you manage future purchases.

    Wine Gifting Options

    The California Wine Club membership gift lets you surprise your best friend or family members with select wines every month.

    Reorder Benefits

    You receive shipping for $1 for reorders plus 50% off on winery price tags.

    Membership Programs

    When you sign up for The California Wine Club, you will receive 2 unique bottles of wine per month (unless you personally request 4) across all the six membership programs.

    Premier Series Wine Club

    The original classic, the Premier Series membership gives you limited stock California wines from mom and pop wineries.

    Signature Series Wine Club

    The perfect fit for wine connoisseurs, the Signature Series exhibits purely Californian wines with 90+ rating from award-winning reserve-edition options.

    International Series Wine Club

    Made for the adventurous wine lover, this membership plan gives a glimpse around all the international classics in wine.

    Aged Cabernet Series Wine Club

    Made strictly for high-maintenance oenophiles, the Aged Cabernet Series highlights wines aged 8-12 years with proud viticulture and exotic body.

    Pacific Northwest Series Wine Club

    Featuring exclusive Washington and Oregon wines, the Pacific Northwest Series is customized for wine enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes.

    Case Club Series

    Bringing forth the delectable tastes of California, Oregon, and Washington wines, the Case Club Series is a BOGO savings (up to 50% off) offer for members.

    Membership Length

    You can choose from three types of memberships lengths from TheCalifornia Wine Club.

    •       Every Month
    •       Every Other Month
    •       Every Quarter

    The wine club will continue to send you wines based on your selection until you cancel the membership. Best of all, there are no repeats unless you reorder your favorites.

    Can I give the California Wine Club Membership as a Gift?

    Sending a wine club gift to your friends or family is a brilliant idea! On top of it, The California Wine Club offers a wine delivery gift for wherever your friends or family are located.

    All you need to do is to follow the same first step as ordering for yourself, and then proceed to ‘Give a Gift’ option. Select the number of shipments, wine options, and interval for sending shipments.

    You will be billed upfront for the total number of months you would like to sponsor the wines for your recipient.

    The California Wine Club Coupon Code

    Besides offering a personal wine consultant, this wine club offers many juicy deals if you use The California Wine Club promo code. You can get 10% off on all memberships and gifts using these amazing wine club promo code letters.

    Price and Shipping

    The California Wine Club shipping time depends on your address, and normally can reach you between 2 days to 3 weeks.

    Getting in touch with the staff directly can help you customize your shipping options such as every month, alternate month or quarterly, as well as priority shipping and the option of choosing 3 or 4 wine bottles per month. 

    The Small Print - Conclusion

    If you’re smitten by boutique wines, then The California Wine Club review is all you need to plan an entire year with exquisite wines delivered to your doorstep every month.

    With loyal members of 10+ years, a subscription from The California Wine Club is seamless, no matter which membership option you choose. Whether you love the chardonnays or wish to explore all types of wine from Argentinian Malbec to California wine, you can find a great range of options on

    Ready to nurse your palette to be a complete wine connoisseur? Check out The California Wine Club for more details.