Dry Farm Wines Review 2021

Dry Farm wines is aimed at those looking for wines made using all-natural methods and ingredients. The wines are all organic and have no added sugars or preservatives.

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    What is Dry Farm Wines wine club?

    Dry Farm Wines curates organic wines from vineyards around the world. Its unique selling point is its claim that the wines it chooses for its club members have been lab-tested for purity. 

    However, the extra work that goes into selecting the wines can mean this club is costly for some people. Dry Farm Wines even makes bold claims of hangover-free wines on offer in its club membership. 

    How does the Dry Farm Wines wine club work?

    Simply choose one of three different membership levels and sign up via the website. You can choose to have 3, 6, or 12 bottles delivered to you on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

    What wine club costs

    • Red and white mix club - $159 per month
    • Rose Membership - $159 per month
    • Sparkling membership - $94


    About the wine


    Dry Farm Wines goes to a lot of trouble to source organic wines, so you’ll find a lot of smaller, niche vineyards in its selections. This means there’s not always a set list of wines it’ll have on offer each month and, unfortunately, you can’t browse the selection of wines on the website. However, recent varietals have included Cabernet Franc and Callet. 

    Dry Farm Wines wine club wine brands

    As with the varieties, it can be difficult to find reliable information on the brands available. Dry Farm Wines will hand-select the wines for you and it doesn’t disclose the different brands and vineyards it uses. You’ll have to wait until your first delivery to see which brands are on offer.

    Dry Farm Wines wine club membership benefits

    • 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like a wine, it’ll be replaced with no questions asked. If you don’t like the replacement, you’ll receive a refund
    • Flexible shipping options are available and subscriptions can be paused at any time

    Dry Farm Wines wine club membership programs

    • Red and white mix club: Receive a mix of 6 reds and whites delivered each month or bi-monthly
    • Rose membership: Receive either 3 or 6 roses every month or bi-monthly
    • Sparkling membership: Receive 3 bottles of sparkling wine every month or bi-monthly

    Dry Farm Wines wine club membership length

    There are no membership lengths or contracts, you can cancel at any time.

    Can I give Dry Farm Wines wine club as a gift?

    Yes, you can set up a gift shipment to expire after 3, 6, or 12 shipments of your chosen club.

    Dry Farm Wines wine club coupon codes

    You can sometimes find coupons ranging between 10% and 20% off.

    Dry Farm Wines price and shipping

    All shipping is completely free for wine club members.

    The bottom line

    If you’re into organic wines and are environmentally conscious, you might want to try out Dry Farm Wines. However, it’s a little expensive for what you get, which might put a few people off. You could try Winc, which offers its own selection of vegan and organic wines whilst giving you more choice and flexibility.