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Wine Club Gifts 2021

Wine club memberships don’t have to always be something we treat ourselves to. In fact, gifting a subscription to our nearest and dearest is the kind of gift that’s becoming increasingly more common than you might think.

Here Quick View of the Best Wine Club Gifts Overall

  • Complimentary Gift Bottle
  • Voucher Code
  • Support's Small Boutique Wineries
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Our Top Pick
  • Free Shipping over $50
  • Winc Credits
  • Flexible Subscription
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  • VINEBOX Advent Calendar
  • Seasonally Intuitive Wine Box
  • Rare Wine
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  • Return empty bottles of wines you don’t enjoy
  • Different types of plans
  • Lab Tested
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  • High quality wine
  • Various gifts options
  • Money-Back Guarantee
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  • Complimentary Wine and Accessories
  • Amazing Affordability
  • Exclusive Discounts for Members
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  • Wine tasting events
  • Wedding service
  • Tasting courses
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  • Orders are customizable
  • All types of wine lovers welcome
  • Ships across most of US
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  • Six clubs available
  • Wine club gifts
  • Flexible ordering options
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  • Best Californian Cabernets
  • California wine club promo code
  • Wine Of The Month Club
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Gone are the days of being the in-house connoisseur without any experience; now, you can gift your loved one a wine club membership, helping them get truly familiar with the big names and regions in the wine world. Expect luscious whites, reputable reds, and even adorable Rosés. 

Best Red Wine Club Gift

Some of us are just red lovers, and there are no two ways about it. Pairing beautifully with food, decent conversation, and the best experiences, you can’t go wrong with a nice bottle of red. If this is what takes your fancy, wait till you see what the best clubs have in store. 

Best White Wine Club Gift

Both white and red wines have their place. But to be honest, white is more versatile and suited to most occasions, from eating a nice meal to soaking up the sun while enjoying a decent BBQ. Whether you prefer picking from regions or the isle in the grocery store, white packs a punch. 

Best Champagne Wine Club Gift

Who knows a better way to mark an occasion than with a nice bottle of bubbly? Though it’s not an everyday tipple, champagne is held in high regard the world over for the chance to tap glasses with those you hold dearest. Graduations, birthdays, weddings; whatever the occasion, you can’t go wrong. 

Best Rose Wine Club Gift

Though not everyone’s favorite, rose is the perfect seasonal wine and goes beautifully with warm weather. This is only to be enjoyed when chilled, of course. If someone close is a rose lover, know that virtually all clubs offer great selections as well as expert-made plans that incorporate flavors from desirable regions.

What is the Best Wine Club Gift?

Some people want to taste wine from the world over, others want to try local. Let’s be honest, wine drinkers come in all varieties, so signing your loved one up for a subscription isn’t always easy. Thankfully, most wine clubs offer gifts outside of memberships: we’re talking decanters, crystal glasses, and much more. 


How To Choose The Best Wine Club Gift?

The easiest way would be to give them a membership, whether for a month, year, or simply as a one-off delivery, but why not consider other options? As the best club available, Naked Wines allows you to pair gift vouchers for subscriptions with luxury accessories, like decanters and breathers, for example.


Top 10 Wine Club gift

There are too many wine clubs out there for any person to effectively pick one that suits them down to a tee, unless by chance. That being said, here are our top 10 clubs right now and a quick breakdown of each one. 

 #1 Naked Wines Gifts Review

naked wines

This is a favorite for us, not least for the selection of bottles and the passion that’s to be expected. 

  • Pro: 33% Off Market Price 
  • Con: A bit pricey 
  • Types of gifts: Vouchers
  • Subscription Price: Tailored orders
  • Membership Plans: One-off purchases
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Online cancellations

For a little over 12 years, Naked Wines has been one of the leading names in pairing affordable, exclusive creations with wine lovers worldwide. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy what independent winemakers are producing while contributing to the industry’s developments. Anyone that signs up can expect to pay up to 33% less for wine than they would via traditional retailers - it’s why more than 250,000 people have made it their club of choice. 

Between, red, white, and sparkling options, the club is also popular for its great selection of gifts that go beyond the average selection. Aside from gift cards and boxed wine, you can also treat yourself or a loved one to less common items like electronic corkscrews, handcrafted lotions, cider, olive oil, and even breathers and aerators to enhance the enjoyment of your shipments.

Find out everything you need to about Naked Wines right here.

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#2 Winc Gifts Review

winc wine club

A close second, Winc has a lot to offer for even the most amateur passionate wine drinkers. 

  • Pro: Skip a month option available
  • Con: Limited stock 
  • Types of gifts: Gift Cards/Membership
  • Subscription Price: $60/$100/$150
  • Membership Plans: 1/2/3 Month
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Mon-Sun (Business Hours)
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Online cancellations

The experts at Winc find wines from the best vineyards around the world and make it easy to experience what the greatest have to offer. What’s more, this provider also lists its own artisan creations produced at its very own vineyards, offering the full scope of wine-tasting experiences. Since 2012, it’s put a focus on flexible memberships and fair pricing - you can skip shipments at any time and customize your shipments in the way that suits your palette. Should you want to sample what the experts have in store, you can go with one of the already curated orders. 

Giving the gift of wine to a loved one with Winc means you can share the excitement with a loved one, family member, or best friend. Either choose the amount yourself or go with one of its pre-made denominations - $60, $100, or $150.

Interested? You’ll find all you need to on this club right here.

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#3 VINEBOX Gifts Review


Expect something a little different with VINEBOX; this club delivers their tailor-made selections by the glass.

  • Pro: Unrivaled variety
  • Con: Shipped quarterly
  • Types of gifts: Customized eGifts
  • Subscription Price: $35+ Per Month
  • Membership Plans: Quarterly
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Within 60 days
  • Customer Support: Email 
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Online cancellations

VINEBOX is likely the most unique and fun club on the market when it comes to wine tasting. It’s designed to avoid ordering bulk amounts of wine that you might not like and put the tasting experience at the forefront, ultimately making the process much more accessible. You’ll get to sample what the best vineyards from across the world have to offer but in glass-form, with VINEBOX sending out their samples by the vial, not the bottle. You can place bulk orders or go with the usual shipments, and every order you purchase earns you reward points that you can use to save money down the line. 

If you’d like to share your experience with your nearest and dearest, VINEBOX lets you gift club memberships to other people in addition to your own purchases. All you need to do is choose the right club and let VINEBOX do the rest.

Interested? Find out more. 

 wine club separator line

#4 Dry Farm Wines Gifts Review

dry farm wines

This Napa-based provider is great for those that love all things local. Expect bottles that compete with Europe’s greatest. 

  • Pro: Low carb
  • Con: Lower alcohol levels
  • Types of gifts: Hand-picked
  • Subscription Price: $159 Per Shipment
  • Membership Plans: 3/6/12 Month
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Return empty bottles of wines you don’t enjoy
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Gift Memberships
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

Dry Farm Wines is one of the few health-conscious wine clubs out there, putting a real focus on organic creations, natural, untainted processes, and celebrating the wineries that share the same message. Though it’s only been on the go since 2015, it’s already one of the most popular options as the world shifts toward positive, healthy living. That means anything on sale here is entirely additive and chemical-free, with all wines routinely lab tested to ensure the levels of purity its members have come to expect. 

You can celebrate your passion for all-natural wine with a loved one through Dry Farm Wines. Whether you want to send a one-off shipment or even temporary membership for three, six, or 12 months, you can give your nearest and dearest the full experience here.

We’re a big fan of the natural selection on offer. See if this club suits you here. 

wine club separator line

#5 Wine of The Month Club Gifts Review

wine of the month club

Looking to have your tastebuds enhanced by the professionals? Wine of The Month Club might just be the one for you.

  • Pro: High quality wine
  • Con: Charges for delivery
  • Types of gifts: A large variety 
  • Subscription Price: $38 Minimum
  • Membership Plans: Monthly
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

What’s your wine of the month? This club is built by experts and accessible to everyone, so you can get your hands on some of the finest reds, whites, or roses without extensive research or guesswork. No doubt it’s one of the oldest mail-order wine clubs out there right now, having existed in some way since 1972, and always remained under the same family management since the beginning. There’s a real premium selection here and there are clubs for people with all budgets and experience to enjoy; plus, the range of gift options available here far exceeds what most clubs are offering.

You can gift memberships for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas, just like most other clubs, but Wine of the Month has a range of baskets and assortments too. What’s more, you can even search for the perfect gift by budget, a feature that most clubs don’t offer.

Interested in getting the best wines of the month? You can learn all you need to right here.

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#6 WSJ wine Gifts Review

wsj wines

Well-known publication Wall Street Journal has its own club on the go. With a breadth of knowledge on all things flavorful, this club could be right for you

  • Pro: VIP memberships
  • Con: Quarterly deliveries only
  • Types of gifts: Accessories
  • Subscription Price: $69 Minimum
  • Membership Plans: Quarterly
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Email 
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

WSJwine is the brainchild of the well-known publication, Wall Street Journal. Having placed itself at the forefront of wine news and industry developments with leading reporters for decades, this club hit the ground running and meets expectations. There are two clubs on offer here with the chance to make one-off purchases as well - a useful feature if you want to check out the club’s new arrivals or you’ve managed to find your favorite from a previous shipment. One thing to watch out for too is that there’s always some sort of discount to take advantage of, whether you’re purchasing for yourself or someone that’s close to you. 

The gift options here are somewhat limited in that there aren’t any accessories available. That being said, you’re able to gift club memberships as well as purchase pre-loaded cards and let your loved ones choose for themselves.

As one of the leading providers of wine commentary, you can expect great things here. See if WSJ is right for you.

wine club separator line

#7 Laithwaites Gifts Review


It’s not possible to curate a top wine club list without including Laithwaites. Expect great things here and even better flavors. 

  • Pro: First case is well discounted
  • Con: Quarterly deliveries only
  • Types of gifts: A wide variety
  • Subscription Price: $39.99 Minimum
  • Membership Plans: Quarterly
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Replaces wines you don’t enjoy 
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

Laithwaites is another longstanding club, having served wine across the world to both wannabe-sommeliers and budding wine enthusiasts since 1969. It places a large focus on the rich soil and prestigious vineyards across Europe, with wine from countries like France, Austria, and even Bulgaria available for purchase. Between the lush summers of Bordeaux and the all-year-round sun in Argentina, this club is steeped in as much winemaking history as many of the vineyards themselves. There’s a wide selection of reds, whites, and sparkling wine available here, and the gifting options far extend what your average club offers.

One feature you’ll find with Laithwaites and in not many other places is that there are gifts marked by certain occasions, whether that’s birthdays, weddings, or just to say congratulations. You can choose from hampers, gifts for businesses, single bottles, and 12-bottle cases too.

There’s a huge selection available with Laithwaites and prices are reasonable. Want to know more? Read our review here.
wine club separator line

#8 Vinesse Gifts Review

vinesse wine club review

Operating as both a shop and a wine club, you can find the varietals that suit you most without any commitments to lengthy subscriptions.

  • Pro: One-off cases available 
  • Con: No rosé plans 
  • Types of gifts: Membership
  • Subscription Price: $49.99 Minimum
  • Membership Plans: Monthly 
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Full refunds
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

Vinesse puts award-winning winemakers within your reach and curates its selections based on years of positive feedback from its members. It’s been working closely with winemakers and vintners since 1993, earning a reputation as one of the most prestigious yet affordable clubs to join on the market right now. According to the website, more than 95% of the creations on its website come recommended by Vinesse customers, providing peace of mind to both new and existing members alike. The experience here doesn’t end with a purchase, though. You’re encouraged to review every bottle you drink, contributing to how this club curates its shipments and communicating with a worldwide community. 

You can gift memberships to those you love as well as buy gift cards so they can make their own choice. Plus, the website allows for one-off purchases, so picking up individual bottles of their favorites is no trouble at all.

Vinesse makes the perfect gift for those that are ready to dip their toes into making wine drinking an actual hobby. Is it right for you or your loved one? Check out our review. 

wine club separator line

#9 Gold Medal Wine Club Gifts Review

gold medal wine club review

Gold Medal Wine Club gets a gold star from us. From huge varieties to great gift potential, this club has it all. 

  • Pro: Six clubs available
  • Con: Free shipping on 12+ bottles only
  • Types of gifts: A wide variety 
  • Subscription Price: $40.95 Minimum
  • Membership Plans: 1/2/4 Months 
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Full refunds
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

This family-run club has been providing the gold-standard of wine selections for almost 30 years, dividing its carefully curated selections across six different clubs. The majority of the wines available through Gold Medal are award-winning and carry some kind of accolade, earning them quick popularity with club members everywhere. If you’re not ready to dive head first into one of six memberships, you can make use of the online store to make individual purchases based on expert and customer recommendations. This is also a great place to start if you want to gift the love of good wine. 

It’s also possible to buy memberships for other people, whether for loved ones or as corporate bundles, and you can customize combo cases with other items like snacks and books.

There really is a club to suit everyone here. But how do its prices and delivery options stand up against the others? Find out in our review. 

wine club separator line

#10 The California Wine Club Gifts Review

the california wine club review

Taste what Napa Valley has to offer as well as the most esteemed regions across Europe with this amazing wine club.

  • Pro: Focused on local/small winemakers
  • Con: Deliveries require person aged 21+ to receive
  • Types of gifts: A wide variety 
  • Subscription Price: $40.95 Minimum
  • Membership Plans: 1/4 Months 
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Full refunds
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

Though California-based since 1990, like its name suggests, the quality wines it curates under its roof come from all corners of the winemaking world. This club’s mission is to put small, family-run independents at the forefront of the industry while celebrating and maintaining the qualities that make them so special. That means keeping operations small, focusing less on mainstream popularity and mass production and focusing on creating really good wine based on methods passed through generations of the same families. From the local entrepreneurs of Napa Valley to the traditional winemakers over in Bordeaux, you’ll find everything you need here. 

You can share your passion with those closest to you by purchasing any of the club’s five memberships. Whatever the occasion, even just to share a tasting experience together, there’s plenty on offer here. There are no trinkets or accessories, though, but no membership is off limits.

If you’re looking to support local winemakers and the lesser-known names in the industry, this could be your club. Find out more in our review. 

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