Explore 2020's Best Wine Clubs

There’s nothing like a glass of wine when you’re relaxing with friends or unwinding after work, and joining a wine club could be the ideal way to sample some of the world’s best vineyards - right from the comfort of your own home.

 You may be wondering what the best wine clubs are, what they offer, and how you can join. We’ll give you all the info you need to choose the club along with a subscription that suits your needs

If you’re thinking of giving a friend or client a wine club gift this year, explore our guides and price comparison to help you choose a wine club that offers great value and exceptional tasting experiences.

Top Wine Clubs in US

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  • A blog for wine enthusiasts
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What Is A Wine club?

If you’re exploring the idea of wine club membership you’re probably wondering what a wine club is and how it works. A wine club is a great way to sample several delicious wines without having to go to the trouble of selecting them yourself. 

If you find the huge number of wine varieties and the thousands of wineries out there overwhelming, a wine club membership will allow you to sample some of the tastiest wines. The club will choose wines that are easy drinking, smooth and pair well with a variety of dishes, making it easy for you to enjoy wine without having to be an expert taster. Depending on the club you decide to join, you’ll receive a selection of wines on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis.

Wine clubs started out decades ago, promoting their selection of wines through print media and at exhibitions. You may have seen them at food fairs and lifestyle shows, sometimes with free tastings. With the digital revolution, the online wine club has become extremely popular and many of the traditional wine clubs have made their selections available online too. If you’re wondering which wine club to join, reading some wine club reviews online is a great place to start. You’ll also find wine club reviews and tasting videos on YouTube.

Now, you may be wondering, are there any good wine clubs near me? The good news is, if you live in the continental United States, chances are good that one of the major wine clubs will deliver to your home state. You don’t have to live in California or Oregon to enjoy a great selection of wines!

Why Join A Wine Club?

Do you know someone who loves their wine of the month club membership? If so, you’re probably keen to try it out for yourself. Here are some reasons why it’s a fantastic idea.

First and foremost: those wine gifts. Most wine clubs offer exciting gifts for first-time members. These include introductory discounts, wine tasting glasses, and more.

When you join a wine club, you may be asked to do a quick quiz. The bright cellars wine club is well known for their fun and easy quiz that asks you a few questions about your favorite food, beverages and candy to learn more about your palate. They use your answers to help ensure that the wines they send you will be to your liking. So, what are the best wine clubs, what do they have to offer, and what kind of financial commitment do they require? Before you join a wine club, you’ll need to know exactly what to expect. Trying to determine the best wine club to join? Read on to find out.

How To Choose The Best Wine Clubs?

One of the most important things to consider when you join a wine club is how many bottles you’ll receive in your wine basket or box and how often. Say you’d like to sample the best white wine each month. One of the best wine clubs for you may be the California Wine Club. Then again, there are plenty of great reasons to join one of the other top wine clubs in the US. Ultimately, it all depends on your taste in wine and how often you’d like to receive your wine selection.

Overall, the best wine clubs to join are the ones that provide you with a great selection of wines that pair well with food while introducing you to a new and enjoyable drinking experience. We’ll list the top 5 wine clubs we believe you should consider joining below.

Are Wine Clubs Worth The Cost?

Depending on the wine club you choose, and how many bottles of wine you request, you could pay anything from $40 per month or more for your wine club subscription, but is it worthwhile?

If you drink wine on a weekly basis or several times a week, buying a bottle of the best rose wine - not to mention the best Cabernet Sauvignon - could easily cost you $10, $20 or even $30 or more per bottle.

Wine clubs select their wines from vineyards that produce consistently good quality and flavor, and they also buy in large quantities. This allows your wine club to provide you with excellent wine quality wines at prices that you simply couldn’t find for an affordable rate at most retail stores.

For those of us who enjoy wine regularly, the cost of a wine club subscription is almost always worthwhile.

Before we recommend the best wine clubs to join, let’s take an honest look at the pros and cons of joining a wine club in the first place. With so many wine clubs to join, it’s important to know what you’ll be signing up for when you subscribe to one for the first time.

Best Wine Clubs in US

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  • Wine Of The Month Club
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Pros And Cons Of Joining A Wine Club

Before we recommend the best wine clubs to join, let’s take an honest look at the pros and cons of joining a wine club in the first place. With so many wine clubs to join, it’s important to know what you’ll be signing up for when you subscribe to one for the first time.

Benefits Of Joining A Wine Club

  • Exclusivity:  “Wine of the month club” has a nice ring to it and it’s true: by joining a wine club you’ll enjoy an exclusive selection of wines that are picked by expert tasters. You’ll also enjoy several exclusive benefits that are only availability to wine club members.
  • Amazing Discounts:  One of the best aspects about joining a wine club is that you’ll receive discounts on wine, wine glasses, and other accessories. Using your wine club coupon code, you’ll be able to order more bottles of your favorite wine online - and that could mean some serious savings over the years. If you’re planning to enjoy the pleasures of fine wine for decades to come, you’ll love the savings that come with wine club membership.
  • Free Tasting Events: Wine clubs offer you the best of both worlds, with online shopping and home delivery and fantastic real-world tasting events where you can sample some of the delicious wines they have to offer.As a wine club member, you’ll be invited to tasting events regularly. Should you choose to attend, you’ll have the chance to taste the latest wines, chat with professional wine tasters, and meet representatives from some of the wineries that produce your favorite wines.
  • Latest Wines Delivered to your Doorstep: Wine delivery is one of the great things that accompany wine club membership because who really has unlimited time to stand in line at the supermarket or wine store anymore. You’ll return home to find your wine waiting for you outside your door, ready to be brought inside and enjoyed. When you order your wine, free shipping comes standard with almost all wine club memberships. When it comes to wine gift baskets free shipping means big savings because normally ordering that much wine from a regular online retailer would involve some steep shipping fees.
  • Entry to Exclusive Events: Most exclusive wine clubs hold wine and lifestyle events throughout the year and as a member, you’re invited.Whether your wine club is the sole organizer or is sharing a platform with other lifestyle brands, you can look forward to a relaxing and luxurious time at the events they invite you to attend. From wine tastings to vineyard tours and luxury lifestyle expos, you’ll have plenty of exciting events to choose from and entrance is usually free for wine club members. You may also receive special gifts, discounts and other benefits by showing your wine club membership card at the event.

Disadvantages Of Joining A Wine Club

Wine clubs offer a slew of benefits, but they may not suit everyone’s needs.

  • If you drink wine less than once a month, you probably won’t get through your wine club basket in time for the next delivery and that may mean a lot of wine piling up at home. Of course, you could always solve that problem by enjoying wine a little more often.
  • The other potential disadvantage of joining a wine club is that you don’t get to specify exactly what wine you’ll be receiving. If you’re well-informed about wine and know exactly what winery you’d like to order from, a wine club membership may not be the ideal choice for you.
  • For most wine drinkers though, a wine club membership is a great way to sample some excellent wines. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best ones you can join online.

Top 6 Best Wine Clubs Available Online

The California Wine Club:

California Wine Club provides some of the best wines that the US and the world have to offer. There are very few providers out there that can match the offerings of this company, especially since it partners with local and independent wineries. That means you get to enjoy the best wines while contributing to the growth and sustainability of family-owned companies everywhere. 

What makes California Wine Club truly special, though, is its particularly good selection of white wine. The company offers six subscriptions in total with several of them comprising the greatest selection of white wines out there. Alongside the white wine clubs, you have a ton of resources available to give you knowledge on how to properly appreciate your selection, the vineyards your bottles were produced at, the best food pairings, and more. Plus, the club has something for all budgets, so you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to picking the right club.


Winc is one of the best clubs around when it comes to rosé. There aren’t too many that include it in their subscriptions and especially not the variety that Winc offers. By filling out the quick and easy quiz on the Winc website, you’ll have the best bottles and seasonal flavors to choose from. As a member, you pay even less than what everyone else does, giving you real savings on some of the most elegant bottles of rosé that you can enjoy.

There’s no better type of wine to enjoy as warm weather comes around, and it makes for the more refreshing option too. Winc customers have the chance to benefit from these exciting seasonal flavors with monthly deliveries of as many bottles as you like. Every time you order four bottles or more, you can save $20 on your purchase, along with the added discounts you get for being a member of the Winc wine club.

Naked Wines:

With Naked wines you have the chance to provide the best gift of all: the ability to support independent winemakers and vineyard owners around the world. It might seem easier to provide a simple wine set of their favorite varietals, but with Naked Wines, you can also educate them on the full process, from vineyard to bottle. Giving them a subscription to this company means you’re contributing to something truly positive and are encouraging the development of an industry that you’re at least passively invested in. 

Subscribing to Naked Wines only costs $40 a month and this money can be used to explore the various wines on offer, as well as makes subscription holders sort of angel investors to the wineries that Naked Wines supports. Your investment goes directly into their development and it has the chance to grow as these companies do. When you’re gifting this subscription to a loved one, you’re also providing them with a connection to these wineries that other wine clubs can’t come close to.


Vinebox is popular for all kinds of wine, what with its approach of sending the most luxurious flavors by the vial. But the San Francisco-based club is particularly known for its red since it partners with some of the best wineries around the world for this type of product. Whether you prefer to get a mix of all the types on offer or get a monthly order that’s comprised entirely of rich reds, you can create a package that’s from the vineyards of your choosing or particular vintages that stand out.

Vinebox provides some of the greatest options for red wine and is constantly exploring new bottles to enhance its selection. You can shop different themes and seasons or leave it up to the experts by joining the club and enjoying what the professionals have to offer. Plus, if you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about any new additions to the selection.


The Wall Street Journal’s wine club is a well-known traditional wine club that is now available online. With different subscriptions available and a large variety of wines, this wine club is a great all-around choice.


One of the reasons many of us wine lovers don’t join online clubs is due to the cost. When you can pick up a cheap bottle from the grocery store every night, it might not seem worth it. But Plonk takes a different approach to most other wine clubs out there, combining the same level of luxury with affordability so people with all budgets can be catered to. 

The company offers free delivery on all shipments and customers can save an extra 10% by signing up for the Plonk newsletter. There are regular promotions to take advantage of on its website, whether that’s price reductions, discounts on your subscription, or free gifts. By choosing Plonk, you’re getting access to the best of what the world’s vineyards have to offer but for a fraction of the price that everyone else pays. And if you’re left feeling unsatisfied, you can get your money back no problem.

Best Wine Gift

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Factors To Take Into Consideration While Choosing The Best Wine Clubs

Consider Your State of Residence: Before you sign up, make sure that your wine club delivers to your state. Most clubs will ask you to enter your address when you apply and check this automatically.

Budget: Is the monthly or quarterly fee that your wine club charges affordable, and is the amount of wine suitable for your needs? If not, you can always choose a different club or subscription.

Different Types of Wine Clubs: Some wine clubs provide wine by the bottle while others ship by the glass. Some have fixed selections while others send you wines they think you’ll enjoy the most.

Understanding What Wine Clubs Really Are Like: Before you become a wine club member, it’s good to know exactly how much wine and what type of wine you’ll be getting - and how often. When in doubt, check out some online wine reviews to help you decide.

How To Give A Wine Club Gift

Wine country gift baskets make excellent presents for family, friends and clients. 

Most wine clubs have a section on their website that features wine gift baskets and gift subscriptions. Simply click on the gift you’d like to give, enter the recipient’s details, make a payment, and you’re all set.

Wine Club Vs Wine Store

The best online wine store brings you the variety you’d expect at local wine stores with the convenience of online shopping. Home delivery and the chance to read reviews before you buy also give wine clubs an edge over traditional wine stores.

How To Get More Value Out Of A Wine Club

Knowing which wine you already enjoy, what wines you’re going to get from your club, and how to get more of the wine you love is the key to maximizing the value of your wine club membership. If you want to sample the best red wine available, a red wine box is probably your ideal choice. If reds don’t appeal to you, a basket of the best white wine will give you far better value.

If you love sparkling wine, the Champagne club you choose could make all the difference. Cellars Wine Club is just one of many excellent Champagne clubs in North America. Another question to ask before you join a wine club is, how many bottles in a case of wine? Wine clubs offer different subscriptions, with some cases containing as few as two bottles of wine and others packed with twelve or more.

Most Affordable Wine Clubs In The US

Some people may say that good cheap wine is difficult to come by nowadays, but we beg to differ. There are some excellent deals on wine in the US today. 

The best cheap Champagne is available through wine clubs like the Vinely Market, which offers a Champagne and Rose monthly box with two bottles for $59 a month. 

The California Wine Club doesn’t only offer cheap wine, but its selection of wines includes several excellent and affordable options starting from $40.45 a month.

Overall, finding the best cheap wine is a matter of examining a few wine clubs’ reviews, checking out their different wine boxes, and choosing the one that suits you best.

Best Wine Offers

Joining a wine club doesn’t need to cost a lot. With wine club offers, your first box could cost less than $50.

A good wine club introductory offer encourages you to join the club by giving you a significant discount on the first box. Note that the subsequent boxes may be more costly - this information will appear on the club’s website or on the invoice they send you.

Some of the best wine club introductory offers come from the traditional clubs like the California Wine Club and WSJ wine.


Joining a wine club is one of the best ways to enjoy a variety of wines, selected by experts, at the best price.

From exclusive wine of the month club memberships to baskets of cheap wine for any occasion, you’ll find a huge variety of wineries, wines and prices at the wine clubs we’ve covered.

Remember to ask yourself, “what wines do I like?”, “how many bottles in a case of wine?”, and “does this wine club suit my budget?” before you sign up. That way, you’ll be sure to choose the perfect wine club for your palate - and your wallet.