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Best Wine Clubs For 2021

There are so many wine clubs to choose from, and the level of quality you’ll find across them is virtually the same. Let’s face it, no wine club is moving into 2021 that isn’t worth its salt. Interested in taking up a subscription of your own? Keep reading to get our verdict. If you have a specific type of wine that you like navigate here to find the clubs that suit you most!

Written by Lucie Robson Updated on September 14, 2021

What Is The Best Wine Club To Join?

It’s hard to say which is the best since every club, whether on price or selection, might work better for some than others. That being said, after careful testing, examination, and consideration, we found that Firstleaf was our favorite. Why? Best wines, best prices, best deliveries, to put it simply.

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Why should I join a wine club?

Wine clubs are for those that need to express their enjoyment of the world’s best alcoholic drink outside getting drunk or drinking it simply because it’s there. If you’re as passionate about wine as we are, this is your chance to take that excitement further; to experience flavors from regions across the world and bring those creations to your own home, enjoying them at your own leisure. 

why to join wine club

How does a wine subscription work?

Pick a cub and order your wine, then sit by as patiently as you can until you get the grand opportunity to drink it. As we all know, wine is best enjoyed with others, so if you get the chance, share the experience; relish in it. You’re paying more for this wine than usual because you want to taste every step of the process that led it to your lips.

How To Choose The Best Wine Club?

Go with your heart, simply put. For newbies, it’s a big stepping stone to take, going from picking out the best the local grocery store has to offer to paying large amounts of money for a carefully and professionally curated selection. It all depends on where you’re at in your wine interests; either way, one piece of advice that applies to everyone would be to stay within your budget. 

Top 10 Wine Clubs Overview

#1 Firstleaf - Award-winning wine from vineyard to door.


  • Pro: Customizable
  • Con: Ships to 45/50 States
  • Subscription Price: $39.95 (Six Bottles) intro price and than $79.95 / Month
  • Membership Plans: Membership frequencies of 1 month, 2 month, or 3 month
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Telephone/Email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

Firstleaf brings award-winning whites, reds, and sparkling wines right to your front door. It’s the club of choice for thousands of people around the world and its why a number of clubs have chosen to partner with it, despite only setting up back in 2016. Between budding wine enthusiasts and those aiming to be the next top sommelier, Firstleaf delivers for everyone due to its affordable prices and firm commitment to quality wines. Choose from a wide selection of award-winning wines or let the experts curate the perfect order for you; the decision is entirely yours.

Firstleaf is designed so you, as a member, have a say in what wines make it into the next shipment. Just give your opinion on everything you taste and your reviews, along with everyone elses, actually matter with this club. This community-focused approach isn’t something you’ll find everywhere else.

Before you give Firstleaf a go, why not learn more about it? Find out everything you need to in our in-depth review and see why they are the top pick.

#2 Winc - simple and, most of all, fun wine exploration.

winc wine club

  • Pro: Skip a month option available
  • Con: Limited stock 
  • Types of gifts: Gift Cards/Membership
  • Subscription Price: $60/$100/$150
  • Membership Plans: 1/2/3 Month
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Mon-Sun (Business Hours)
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Online cancellations

Winc brings the world to your doorstep and has been a leading pioneer of the most revered wines for almost 10 years. What makes this club so special is that, while it’s nice to customize your orders, especially if you’re new to taking your love of wine to the next level, you’re in the hands of some of the most notable experts in the field. Let these pros guide you through what can be the ultimate journey in wine given that it’s all sourced from the most respected regions in the world: from the vineyards of Bordeaux to the lush soil of Spain. 

Really, though, what actually sets this club apart is not just its quiz to assess what its customers will enjoy, but its commitment to sustainable winemaking practices. You’ll find everything you need right here with Winc.

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#3 Bright Cellars - Enjoy creating your own expert blends of reds, whites, and more.

bright cellars

  • Pros : Customized orders
  • Cons: Expensive 
  • Subscription Price: $88.00 / Month
  • Membership Plans: Monthly 
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes 
  • Cancellation Policy:  Instant 

Bright Cellars shines a light on the wine you love and offers the ultimate wine-tasting experience. Thought it’s only been on the scene since 2013, through its personalized palate quiz, you’ll be able to find the flavors you’re most suited to without having to spend a fortune to figure this out. Simply take the quick and easy quiz on the website and you’re well on your way to curating the shipment that works best for you. Not happy with what you’ve been sent? Your personal concierge is on hand to replace that bottle or two with something that meets your needs - entirely free of charge. 

This club is such a stickler when it comes to curating the perfect shipment that only one in 12 of the wines explored by the in-house experts actually make it into the selections that they provide. If you want to go your own way - no problem, there’s flexibility on what wines you order.

Get a flavor of Bright Cellars today and read our unbiased review.

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#4 Dry Farm Wines - Here’s a wine club that focuses on health as well as variety and depth of flavor.

dry farm wines

  • Pro: Low carb
  • Con: Lower alcohol levels
  • Types of gifts: Hand-picked
  • Subscription Price: $159 Per Shipment
  • Membership Plans: 3/6/12 Month
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Return empty bottles of wines you don’t enjoy
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Gift Memberships
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

It might seem like focusing on your health doesn’t leave any room for joining a wine club, but, thankfully, we have Dry Farm Wines. This low-sugar, low-alcohol content club means that you can enjoy your favorite drink and pastime without having to worry too much about undoing the progress on your healthy routine. There are few clubs out there, very few in fact, that prioritize health-conscious, sustainable processes and products like this club does, so we’d highly recommend Dry Farm Wines to anyone that wants to stay on top of their wellbeing. 

Additives, chemicals, unnecessary enhancers - you won’t find any of these in the carefully curated selection available here, so it’s the perfect club for those that want to enjoy the odd tipple without bearing the guilt that comes with having the odd drink.

Looking to go natural? Dry Farm Wines could be the club for you. Read our review here. 

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#5 Naked Wines - connecting leading winemakers with oenophiles around the world.

naked wines

  • Pro: 33% Off Market Price 
  • Con: A bit pricey 
  • Types of gifts: Vouchers
  • Subscription Price: Tailored orders
  • Membership Plans: One-off purchases
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Online cancellations

Naked Wines is the quickest way to traverse the world’s most prestigious vineyards without having to leave the house. Aligning affordability with quality creations since 2008, there’s no surprise it’s the clubhouse of choice for over 250,000 people all over. Choosing Naked Wines means you can expect the perfect blend of beautiful and memorable wine with a membership you can totally get behind; it’s our pick of choice at least. Though there are various clubs out there, with almost every other one that’s worth your time featuring in our list, we find Naked Wines to be the one that works best for everyone - both on price and quality.

What makes it so special, among plenty of other key features, is that you can refund any wine you’re not happy with as part of the club’s quality guarantee.

Considering Naked Wines? See what our reviewer has to say right here.

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#6 Wine Insiders - 1000s of options and with its no-hassle delivery.

wine insiders

  • Pro: Individual orders possible
  • Con: No limited edition wines
  • Subscription Price: $89.00 / Month
  • Membership Plans: Monthly
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Telephone/Email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

Looking for the inside information on which new wines are right to turn your attentions to? Maybe you want to sample one of the over 1000 award-winning wines that are available with a membership here. Either way, this club offers precisely everything you could need when it comes to taking your wine-drinking hobby to the next level. What sets Wine Insiders apart is that there are no commitments - your orders are on a rolling monthly basis, so you can cancel at any time; up your order at any time, it’s all in your hands.

What’s more, any order you place over six bottles comes with free delivery, and should you decide to refer a friend, you’ll get access to exclusive discounts that can’t be achieved any other way. This club really is your gateway to enjoying top-end wine at less-than-retail prices.

Are you a wine insider? Only time will tell. But before you take the plunge, read what we have to say about this club in our in-depth review.

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#7 WSJ Wine - puts its expertise in wine journalism into offering a well-curated, direct-to-door wine club.

wsj wines

  • Pro: VIP memberships
  • Con: Quarterly deliveries only
  • Types of gifts: Accessories
  • Subscription Price: $69 Minimum
  • Membership Plans: Quarterly
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Email 
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

For more than 100 years, Wall Street Journal has been an expert voice on a variety of matters, including wine. So, it makes sense that such an expert establishment would hit the ground running after founding its own wine club. It’s actually been around for quite a decent amount of time, having set up back in 2008. What started as commentary soon became a trusted supplier of some of the most premium wine that’s available right now, with red, white, and rose provided from some of the most prestigious, otherwise inaccessible locations from around the world. 

What sets this club apart is that the offerings are somewhat like what we’ll find in print - they’re divided by monthly specials, new arrivals, and there are even guides to help the uninitiated find their feet. This is the perfect club for all wine hobbyists - no matter how experience you are.

We all know WSJ for its journalism, but can it be counted on for curating the best wines? Get to know this club a bit better in our review. 

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#8 VINEBOX - unique process that lets you try more for less.


  • Pro: Unrivaled variety
  • Con: Shipped quarterly
  • Types of gifts: Customized eGifts
  • Subscription Price: $35+ Per Month
  • Membership Plans: Quarterly
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Within 60 days
  • Customer Support: Email 
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Online cancellations

It doesn’t get more unique than how VINEBOX operates, and it’s this approach that makes it one of the most accessible wine clubs on the market. It’s fair to say that no other club out there right now can compete with it in that regard. Rather than take a gamble on buying full bottles, purchasing more alcohol than you need if you’re not satisfied, VINEBOX maintains the ‘tasting’ approach and only delivers wine by the glass. Or, since your wine is delivered, whether you buy red or white, rose or sparkling, you actually receive it in a vial; a format that’s entirely different to any other club out there.

The San Fransico-based club isn’t only unique for its by-the-glass approach - customers have the chance to earn reward points with every purchase, which no doubt will come in handy after you’ve placed an order or two.

Prefer to try wine by the glass, rather than the bottle? VINEBOX could be for you. Find out more about this club right here. 

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#9 Laithwaites - Small-batch wines with a lot of heart.


  • Pro: First case is well discounted
  • Con: Quarterly deliveries only
  • Types of gifts: A wide variety
  • Subscription Price: $39.99 Minimum
  • Membership Plans: Quarterly
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Replaces wines you don’t enjoy 
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

Laithwaites is a great choice for your average American. Sure, there’s a handful of states that it won’t deliver to, but putting aside its excellent selection of prestigious wines for a moment, you’ll find anything you want in terms of top-end wine available here to pretty much the majority of states; only a handful is exempt. The beautiful thing about this club is that it’s one of the longest-serving options out there, with few that even come close to the heritage and quality service that Laithwaites provides.

What makes this club great is that it works for everyone. Sure, you can trust the experts to build your order for you; but, should you have an idea what you want already or you’re a bit more experienced than the average newcomer to the club, orders are 100% customizable.

Laithwaites always makes our top 10 lists for a reason. Want to know more? Find out all you need to right here. 

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#10 Wine of The Month Club - Traditional values combine with modern passions to make this direct-to-door club a long-lasting favorite.

wine of the month club

  • Pro: High quality wine
  • Con: Charges for delivery
  • Types of gifts: A large variety 
  • Subscription Price: $38 Minimum
  • Membership Plans: Monthly
  • Money-Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Email/Telephone
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

As one of the cheaper options out there, you’ll struggle to find a better entry wine club than this one. There’s few that place such a focus on gifting as well as enjoying a membership for yourself; we can all relate to the enjoyment that comes with sharing a bottle with a good friend, so the chance to gift a membership with your nearest and dearest goes a really long way. This club comes recommended by big names like Forbes, Consumer Reports, and makes it super simple to purchase individual bottles for the one you’re close to and even yourself, should you already know what your wine of the month is. 

There’s more than 10 clubs to choose from here and should you be keen to take a stab in the dark, we’d recommend the Mystery Case.

Is Wine of The Month Club your pick of the littler? Get more information and have a read of our review.

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What Is A Wine club?

If you’re exploring the idea of wine club membership you’re probably wondering what a wine club is and how it works. A wine club is a great way to sample several delicious wines without having to go to the trouble of selecting them yourself. 

If you find the huge number of wine varieties and the thousands of wineries out there overwhelming, a wine club membership will allow you to sample some of the tastiest wines. The club will choose wines that are easy drinking, smooth and pair well with a variety of dishes, making it easy for you to enjoy wine without having to be an expert taster. Depending on the club you decide to join, you’ll receive a selection of wines on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis.

Wine clubs started out decades ago, promoting their selection of wines through print media and at exhibitions. You may have seen them at food fairs and lifestyle shows, sometimes with free tastings. With the digital revolution, the online wine club has become extremely popular and many of the traditional wine clubs have made their selections available online too. If you’re wondering which wine club to join, reading some wine club reviews online is a great place to start. You’ll also find wine club reviews and tasting videos on YouTube.

Now, you may be wondering, are there any good wine clubs near me? The good news is, if you live in the continental United States, chances are good that one of the major wine clubs will deliver to your home state. You don’t have to live in California or Oregon to enjoy a great selection of wines!

Are Wine Clubs Worth The Cost?

Wine clubs are worth the cost if you’re prepared to pay it. It’s easy to grab a cheap bottle from the grocery store, as we all know, but truth be told, if you’re serious about wine and want to make a hobby out of it, we couldn’t recommend it enough. 

How To Get More Value Out Of A Wine Club

Look for the clubs that offer discounts for bulk orders; that’s one place to start. Also, virtually every club will run some kind of promotion or discount at some point. Since most of these clubs offer instant cancellations, don’t get too friendly; keep moving around to find those that work best for your budget.

Pros And Cons Of Joining A Wine Club

Before we recommend the best wine clubs to join, let’s take an honest look at the pros and cons of joining a wine club in the first place. With so many wine clubs to join, it’s important to know what you’ll be signing up for when you subscribe to one for the first time.

Benefits Of Joining A Wine Club

  • Exclusivity:  “Wine of the month club” has a nice ring to it and it’s true: by joining a wine club you’ll enjoy an exclusive selection of wines that are picked by expert tasters. You’ll also enjoy several exclusive benefits that are only availability to wine club members.
  • Amazing Discounts:  One of the best aspects about joining a wine club is that you’ll receive discounts on wine, wine glasses, and other accessories. Using your wine club coupon code, you’ll be able to order more bottles of your favorite wine online - and that could mean some serious savings over the years. If you’re planning to enjoy the pleasures of fine wine for decades to come, you’ll love the savings that come with wine club membership.
  • Free Tasting Events: Wine clubs offer you the best of both worlds, with online shopping and home delivery and fantastic real-world tasting events where you can sample some of the delicious wines they have to offer.As a wine club member, you’ll be invited to tasting events regularly. Should you choose to attend, you’ll have the chance to taste the latest wines, chat with professional wine tasters, and meet representatives from some of the wineries that produce your favorite wines.
  • Latest Wines Delivered to your Doorstep: Wine delivery is one of the great things that accompany wine club membership because who really has unlimited time to stand in line at the supermarket or wine store anymore. You’ll return home to find your wine waiting for you outside your door, ready to be brought inside and enjoyed. When you order your wine, free shipping comes standard with almost all wine club memberships. When it comes to wine gift baskets free shipping means big savings because normally ordering that much wine from a regular online retailer would involve some steep shipping fees.
  • Entry to Exclusive Events: Most exclusive wine clubs hold wine and lifestyle events throughout the year and as a member, you’re invited.Whether your wine club is the sole organizer or is sharing a platform with other lifestyle brands, you can look forward to a relaxing and luxurious time at the events they invite you to attend. From wine tastings to vineyard tours and luxury lifestyle expos, you’ll have plenty of exciting events to choose from and entrance is usually free for wine club members. You may also receive special gifts, discounts and other benefits by showing your wine club membership card at the event.

Disadvantages Of Joining A Wine Club

Wine clubs offer a slew of benefits, but they may not suit everyone’s needs.

  • If you drink wine less than once a month, you probably won’t get through your wine club basket in time for the next delivery and that may mean a lot of wine piling up at home. Of course, you could always solve that problem by enjoying wine a little more often.
  • The other potential disadvantage of joining a wine club is that you don’t get to specify exactly what wine you’ll be receiving. If you’re well-informed about wine and know exactly what winery you’d like to order from, a wine club membership may not be the ideal choice for you.
  • For most wine drinkers though, a wine club membership is a great way to sample some excellent wines. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best ones you can join online.

Factors To Take Into Consideration While Choosing The Best Wine Clubs

Consider Your State of Residence: Before you sign up, make sure that your wine club delivers to your state. Most clubs will ask you to enter your address when you apply and check this automatically.

Budget: Is the monthly or quarterly fee that your wine club charges affordable, and is the amount of wine suitable for your needs? If not, you can always choose a different club or subscription.

Different Types of Wine Clubs: Some wine clubs provide wine by the bottle while others ship by the glass. Some have fixed selections while others send you wines they think you’ll enjoy the most.

Understanding What Wine Clubs Really Are Like: Before you become a wine club member, it’s good to know exactly how much wine and what type of wine you’ll be getting - and how often. When in doubt, check out some online wine reviews to help you decide.

How To Give A Wine Club Gift

Wine country gift baskets make excellent presents for family, friends and clients. 

Most wine clubs have a section on their website that features wine gift baskets and gift subscriptions. Simply click on the gift you’d like to give, enter the recipient’s details, make a payment, and you’re all set.

Read here more about wine club gifts.

Wine Club Vs Wine Store

The best online wine store brings you the variety you’d expect at local wine stores with the convenience of online shopping. Home delivery and the chance to read reviews before you buy also give wine clubs an edge over traditional wine stores.

Most Affordable Wine Clubs In The US

Some people may say that good cheap wine is difficult to come by nowadays, but we beg to differ. There are some excellent deals on wine in the US today. 

Overall, finding the best cheap wine is a matter of examining a few wine clubs’ reviews, checking out their different wine boxes, and choosing the one that suits you best.

You can learn more here >>

Best Wine Offers

Joining a wine club doesn’t need to cost a lot. With wine club offers, your first box could cost less than $50.

A good wine club introductory offer encourages you to join the club by giving you a significant discount on the first box. Note that the subsequent boxes may be more costly - this information will appear on the club’s website or on the invoice they send you.


It’s not easy picking a favorite when there are so many great clubs out there. But due to the experience we had with Naked Wines, we can’t think of another club we’d rather be regular members of. The options are great, the customization of orders is there, and should you want to get a family member, friend, or loved one in on the action, the gift selections are spot on.