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We’ve covered more than 70 wine clubs and Winc stands out for its eclectic selection of wines from hand-picked boutique wineries in California. Winc offers an exciting choice of reds, whites, rosés, and sparklings in a portfolio that features all the latest.

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    Californian labels are the focus at Winc, and it also highlights bottles from all the iconic wine-producing countries like France, Italy, Spain, and Argentina. As well as conventional wines, it has a great choice of organic, vegan, low alcohol, and low sugar options. Check out Winc for wines personally selected with members’ tastes at the forefront.

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    Winc Wine Club Overview 

    The registration process for Winc is almost as easy as decanting. Upon signing up, you complete a quick questionnaire that determines your very own flavor profile. Based on that, the club crafts suggestions for your very first shipment that arrives with a $20 discount. 

    Additionally, they’ll throw in these membership benefits for good measure:

    • Simple and straightforward membership plans are structured with a pay-as-you-go format 
    • Save up to 10% when you buy 12+ bottles on Winc, apart from free delivery on orders of four or more bottles

    Now let’s look at some of the brands you can find nestled under the wings of this outstanding wine club.

    What Is Winc?

    With a vibrant wine community of wine lovers from around the world, Winc wine club has ‘something for everyone’. The club is known for its winemaking, nevertheless, they also source grape varietals from across the globe. It is the best wine club for beginners and oenophiles given that Winc offers convenience and luxury blended into one package. 

    Previously known as the wine club ‘W’, it was rebranded to Winc in 2014. Winc changed their business structure from curating wines to eliminating the middlemen so that they could begin producing their own artisanal wines. Accordingly, they have a vast network of vineyards and vintners around the world that produce the famed wines available from Winc.

    How Does Winc Work?

    Winc wine club simplifies ‘the world of wine’, for beginners. You can discover novelty wine varietals from all over the world by letting the Winc algorithm decipher your palate. 

    Your step-by-step guide to registering on Winc monthly wine club is as follows:

    1. Answer 6 questions after clicking on ‘Get Started’
    2. Choose from white, red or a mix of both wines
    3. Winc will generate a cart with 3-4 wines for you
    4. You can confirm, add or delete the wines from your cart
    5. Complete the payment and other shipping details

    After receiving the wines and giving a taste, you can rate the wines if you want Winc to recommend better or similar wines in the future. A Winc gift subscription for friends or family follows the same process, but just a different shipping address.

    How Much Does Winc Cost?

    The basic Winc wine membership cost depends on your preferences. Starting at $13 per bottle, the monthly subscription includes 3 or 4 bottles. Typically, it can be billed from $52 to $59 per month based on the wines and the number of bottes you choose.

    About The Wine

    Winc is a monthly wine club that conveniently brings exceptional wines straight from the vineyard to your door. The annual production of Winc wines is estimated at roughly 300,000 cases ranging from $13 to $75 per bottle.

    Our Winc reviews and evaluation helped us discover valuable information that can help you choose the appropriate membership. One of the most important factors here is that the wine club makes its own wines and is most popular for the viral cuvées Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir and Chop Shop Cabernet Sauvignon.

    The most fascinating thing about Winc is its fully personalized membership for every wine enthusiast. From finding the right wine to educating you on its nuances, Winc also suggests the best food pairings for each wine, helping simplify the experience.

    You can pick your wine from the ten varietals on Winc with categories ranging from white to red, cider, sparkling, rose and vegan as well as six region-specific wines. Select your favorite wine from the two winemaking techniques- Eco-friendly and Vegan- and sweetness choices- sweet or dry. Unlike most wine clubs, Winc reveals the wines they’ve chosen for the month. You can opt to add or eliminate their selection.

    To get the best wine for your palate every month and $10 in credits, rate the wines you received from 1 Star [least liked] to 5 Stars [most liked] on Winc right after.

    Winc Wine Brands

    From this wine club’s portfolio, you’ll find plenty of quality (and rare) wines with excellent ratings and flavor profiles such as:

    • 2019 Rosa Obscura Red Blend – A bold and luscious fruity blend for a date night 
    • 2019 Pacificana Chardonnay – Revel in the classic, round, and complex flavors of this beauty 
    • 2019 Pacificana Pinot Grigio – Fall in love with this easy-drinking stone fruit and mineral finish wine 
    • 2019 Wall Of Sound Red Blend - Savor the tasting notes of raspberry, eucalyptus, and strawberry of this luscious red.
    • 2019 Prismus Pinot Grigio - Allow the flavors of jasmine, lemon, and melon to dance on your palate with this crisp and bright wine. 

    Winc Membership Benefits

    Because every wine you receive from Winc customer service is selected based on your preferences, each bottle should match your favorite tastes and flavors. On top of the fast and cheap delivery, Winc will also grant you great savings for every bottle bought thanks to their winemaking model. What else makes Winc one of the best wine clubs to join? Explore the benefits to uncover a few more Winc advantages:

    Palate Profiling

    After registering, you need to answer a six-part questionnaire following the Winc online login. It will seek your preferences based on how you rate your coffee, salt, citrus, earthy flavors, berries, and gastronomical adventures.

    Flexibility to Skip a Month

    If you feel you don’t want wines in a month, go ahead and use the ‘Skip a Month’ under the ‘My Membership’ tab. You can use ‘Skip a Month’ for as long as you like without any fines or surcharges.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    While the wines delivered to you are based on an algorithm, Winc goes the extra mile. If you get a wine you didn’t like, simply don’t pay for it.

    Membership Credits

    You have two types of credits available from Winc: membership and referral. The former lets you buy Winc credits for discounted rates and save up to $100 while the latter gives you $15 in credits for every person who signs up with your referral link after their first box is ordered and another $15 if they ship a second box. Plus, the friends and family you refer to Winc are entitled to $22 worth of Winc wine.

    Great Savings

    You can save up to 10% when you buy 12+ bottles on Winc, apart from free delivery on order of 4+ bottles. Moreover, members receive a slashed-rate on all the retail wine prices.

    Membership Programs

    You can select from two of the Winc membership programs- Featured or Select. In the Featured category, Winc will select your wines from the $13 price level. The Select Winc membership cost is higher than the Featured package because it selects wines from $14 to $35 price range.

    Membership Length

    For Winc wine, the length of membership is monthly in a pay-as-you-go format. Winc will send you the wine subscription box until you use ‘Skip a Month’ at least 48 hours before the order date, for the month you want to skip.

    Can I Give Winc Membership as A Gift?

    A Winc gift subscription is the best gift to make someone’s day. To find an appropriate gift, you can select a Winc gift box or Winc gift card from the Gifts tab.  Pick from noteworthy gift items like the Art of Caramel. Enjoy different flavors of caramel corn with a bottle of 2016 Dime Red Blend from Sonoma, California for just $50.00.

    Winc Wine Club Coupon Code

    Looking for Winc coupons? The standard Winc promo code options online offer you a discount of 20% to 50% off and right now the site is promoting $20 off with a first purchase of 4 or more bottles.

    Price and Shipping

    The Winc price for membership starts at $50 if you want free Winc delivery on your wine club membership. For orders under $50, the shipping cost is $9. Even non-members can purchase wines of their choice at $15 with no obligation after paying for Winc shipping per order.

    • Offers overnight shipping at $35
    • 2-Day shipping at $25
    • Standard Shipping [3-5 days] at $15 for non-members and $0 for members

    Winc uses FedEx for all their shipments. However, it is important to note that Winc does not ship to Alaska, Rhode Island, Alabama, Delaware, Arkansas, Mississippi, Hawaii, Michigan, Kentucky, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Utah.

    Service And Contact Availability 

    With Winc, you can expect fast and cheap delivery as part of its services. The club grants you significant savings for every bottle of wine you purchase. 

    You can connect with Winc on their social media accounts, but you can also reach out via text or submit a request on their website. 

    Cancellation Terms  

    If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of wines you receive, you may have to pick up the pace or otherwise, just ‘Skip A Month’ under the ‘My Membership’ tab from your account. 

    No fines or surcharges apply, making this a sweet deal if you want to take a breather of sorts. 


    To be fair, there aren’t many. The number of wines regularly sent shouldn’t be an issue if you’re a moderate or light consumer, but you should probably be aware of the fact that Winc doesn’t ship to the following states:

    • Alabama
    • Delaware
    • Arkansas
    • Mississippi
    • Hawaii
    • Michigan
    • Kentucky
    • South Dakota
    • Oklahoma
    • Utah

    The Differences Between Winc & Its Competitors

    Winc’s success is based on its algorithm, which is all about boiling down user preferences to deliver quality wines that match these expectations. Still, it's also their service structure that makes them a serious force to reckon with in the world of wine clubs. 

    The palate profiling is exceptionally unique in the sense that they base your preferences on how you rate coffee, salt, citrus, earthy flavors, berries, and the level of adventure you seek gastronomically. 

    The Small Print

    For those who want to explore wines made from revolutionary winemaking techniques, read the Winc wine club reviews to discover more about the favors and varietals that the wine club offers. Predominantly popular for offering phenomenal wines at more affordable prices than your local stores, Winc goes the extra mile with benefits like a colorful booklet with every box of Winc wine describing the complete profile of the wines you received.

    Also, stay on the lookout for a copy of Winc Monthly Journal in the subscription box every month to expand your oenology knowledge. All set to find the best wine for your taste and style? Take a look at right now to learn more about this unique take on wine clubs.


    1.   What Is The Delivery Time On Orders?

    Within two business days of placing an order, Winc is processing and shipping the package. Depending on proximity to the company’s fulfillment centers, it takes another three to seven business days to arrive at your doorstep. You can also register for SMS notifications to track the status of the order when in transit.

    2.   How Do I Sign Up?

    Follow the three steps below to sign-up for a membership plan with Winc:

    1. Choose from red wines, white wines, or mixed wines
    2. Proceed to complete payment information with the Intro Offer at $39.99 for six wine bottles plus three bonus bottles
    3. Complete the order by clicking “Send Me My Wines”

    3.   How Do I Send My Wine Back?

    Simply contact Winc by sending a message through their contact page, emailing, or via text if you aren’t happy with your selections or deliveries. 

    4.   How Much Does It Cost?

    You can select from two of the Winc membership programs – Featured or Select. In the “Featured” category, Winc will select your wines from the $13 price level. The Select Winc membership cost is higher than the Featured package because it selects wines from within the $14 to $35 price range.

    5.   How Do I Cancel?

    Canceling and pausing your membership plans can be done with a single click from the settings tab in your personal Winc account. 

    6.   Can The Membership Be Gifted To Someone?

    With this wine club, you can send memberships, wine cases, artisanal wine glasses, and gift cards to friends, family, and colleagues.