Vegan Wines Review 2021

As you might have guessed from the name, Vegan Wines specializes in a number of vegan wines and associated products. It supports smaller wineries and producers in order to spread the message of fair and ethical production.

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    Written by Lucie Robson Updated on September 1, 2021

    What is Vegan Wines wine club?

    Vegan Wines was founded by Frances Gonzalez following her frustration at being unable to find good vegan wine in shops or restaurants. An eco-friendly message runs through the company, with an environmentally sustainable supply chain operated where possible. 

    How does Vegan Wines wine club work?

    The subscription service offers three different packages to choose from. Sign-up is done quickly via the website, though if you’re not ready to commit to the one year package, you can try a smaller sampler pack.

    Once signed up, you’ll receive six bottles of hand-selected vegan wine, delivered to your door three times per year. You’ll receive your shipments in winter, spring and fall. Unfortunately, there is no flexibility on the packages.

    What Vegan Wines wine club costs

    While three subscription options are on offer, you’ll be paying the same for each of them. The cost for a delivery of six bottles will be between $140 and $200. This is a little pricey when compared to other wine clubs too. Many others, such as Winc, offer their own vegan options at much lower prices, sometimes as low as $13 per bottle.

    About the wine

    Understandably, as a niche seller, Vegan Wines has a more moderate selection when compared to other clubs. It does however have some decent wines from Chile, Italy and the US. Regions include Finger Lakes, New York, Calabria, and Umbria. 

    Vegan Wines club brands

    Vegan Wines has a strong focus towards smaller, independent and family-run vineyards. Some options include:

    OWM Contao Tempranillo - Cabernet blend

    A small vineyard located about 15 kilometers south of Santa Cruz in Chile that’s known for getting its grapes into production just two hours after being cut.

    Pandolfi Larkun - Chardonnay

    Based in the Itata Valley, Chile, this is another family-owned winery. The chardonnay is delicate and creamy, but tends to receive average reviews from customers.

    Golden Cluster - Coury old vine Semillon

    Founded in Willamette Valley, Oregon in 1966, Golden Cluster has a good reputation. The Semillon has a long growing season and is one of the winery’s most well-received products.

    Vegan Wines club membership benefits

    • Additional store discounts - Club members can get an additional 10% off all other store purchases
    • Exclusive access - Exclusive wines may become available each year as part of your membership package
    • Range of vegan cheeses - You have the option to add a number of plant-based vegan cheeses to your order. Cheeses have been selected to match the wines

    Vegan Wines club membership programs

    Three subscription packages are on offer alongside an additional sampler pack for those not ready to commit. All subscriptions cost between $140 and $200 and the three-bottle sampler costs $98. 

    • Signature Club - A mix of reds, whites and the occasional rose
    • Light Lovers Club - A mix of whites, sparkling and roses
    • Red Lovers Club - A selection of the best, hand-picked reds from Vegan Wine’s partners
    • Sample Pack - A one-off sampler trio of wines

    Vegan Wines club membership length

    Once signed up you’ll be committed to a one-year membership. You won’t be able to cancel until the subscription has ended.

    Can I give Vegan Wines club as a gift?

    Yes, simply add the gift recipient’s contact details during the signup process and you can gift a membership. Gift certificate options are also available.

    Vegan Wines club coupon codes

    We couldn't find any coupons or discount offers when we searched, but Vegan Wines may run promotions via its social media accounts from time to time.

    Vegan Wines price and shipping

    On top of the $140 to $200 cost of the wines, you’ll pay an additional $20 shipping charge per delivery. However, if you increase your order to a full case of wine, shipping will be free.

    The bottom line

    Vegan Wines may be the one for you if you believe strongly in ethically sourced, vegan wine. However, the inflexibility of orders, one-year commitment and a smaller pool of wines to choose from means this service won’t be for everybody. A number of the larger wine clubs such as Winc and Naked Wines are now offering vegan-friendly options at much lower prices.

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