RosenBlumCellars Wine Club Review 2021

Alameda in California is more renowned for its shipyards and docks than winemaking, so it is a little surprising that Kent Rosenblum decided to base his winery here. With the help of single-vineyards in Sonoma and Alexander incorporating selected regional blends, RosenblumCellars has produced more than 50 Zinfandels.

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    What Is RosenBlumCellars Wine Club?

    RosenBlumCellars, founded in 1978, has four memberships that primarily focus on in-house produce alongside a limited selection from small little known local wineries.

    Perks include complimentary tasting and VIP treatment at the winery itself.

    How Does RosenBlumCellars Wine Club Work?

    Rosenblum is a subscription service, and registration is required; however, it does not detail how cancelation works or if you are tied to a contract.

    To subscribe, you must choose the club you are interested in within the ‘Wine Club’ section, and you will be asked to enter relevant details leading to account access and making payment.

    How Much Does RosenBlumCellars Wine Club Cost?

    • Premier Wine Club: Cost $60 - $80 per shipment
    • Red Rangers Wine Club: Cost $60 - $80 per shipment
    • Zinfandel Wine Club: Cost $60 - $80 per shipment

    All costs above are based on two bottles, excluding shipping charges. If you choose the four bottle option, prices will rise.

    The Explorer Club costs are not detailed, which is frustrating.

    Gold Medal Wine Club offers much more elaborate plans based on varied budgets and taste preferences and is upfront on the price of each.

    About RosenBlumCellars Wines

    RosenBlumCellars primarily uses the Zinfandel grape to produce its wines. It is typically a robust red and red berry flavors dominate, which may not be to everybody’s taste.

    As well as its own wines, you will find a limited choice from small local and international wineries.

    RosenBlumCellars Wine Brands

    As part of club membership, you will receive wines from the RosenBlumCellars brand, although the Explorers Club includes a limited selection of regional brands from California.

    • Orogeny Vineyards: A small winery based in Green Valley, California producing limited quantities of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
    • Bronco Wine Company: Bronco is a little known California Winery founded by Fred Franzia. Rosenblum offers its Blanc de Bleu, which is citrus-driven but not very defined.

    RosenBlumCellars Wine Club Membership Benefits

    • 20% discount off on all wine and merchandise.
    • Special birthday discounts of 35%.

    RosenBlumCellars Wine Club Membership Programs

    • Premier Club: Two/Four bottles shipped monthly.
    • Red Rangers Club: Two/Four bottles - red wines - shipped six times per year.
    • Zinfanatics Club: Two/Four bottles - Zinfandels - shipped six times per year.
    • Explorers Club: Two/Four bottles - local California wines - shipped quarterly.

    RosenBlumCellars Wine Club Membership Length

    RosenBlumCellars does not detail if cancelation is immediate or notice has to be given prior to the next shipment and if members are tied into any contract.

    Can I Give RosenBlumCellars Wine Club Membership As A Gift?

    RosenBlumCellars membership can be gifted by contacting the office daily, and will include a personalized message.

    RosenBlumCellars Wine Club Shipping & Price

    It does not detail the cost or method of shipping, the states, or the time taken for delivery.

    What I Think RosenBlumCellars Wine Club (Conclusion)

    RosenBlumCellars Wine Club is specifically for those who like the taste of Zinfandels, though it also offers wines from local and international makers.

    Its website lacks detail, however, including costs, membership, and shipping information, and benefits are limited. Plus, the club wine variety is dominated by in-house production.

    WSJ & Winc are much more informative with a broader range of clubs, including wines from well-known worldwide creators.