Firestone Vineyard Wine Club Review 2021

Firestone features eight individual vineyards with Chardonnay, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc grapes planted way back in 1972 by Leonard Firestone, son of tire founder Harvey Firestone. It is a limited production winery creating around 125,000 cases annually from its base in Los Olivos, California.

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    What Is Firestone Vineyard Wine Club?

    The Firestone Vineyard Wine Club showcases the limited selection of in-house wines produced through its six membership programs, allowing members to taste the winemaking exploits of the winery.

    This club has no initial membership fees; in essence, you are just paying for discounted wines selected by Firestone.

    How Does Firestone Vineyard Wine Club Work?

    Firestone Vineyard Wine Club has a five-step process to join:

    1. Click on the tab that says ‘Wine Club’.
    2. Click on ‘View Details’ under the relevant club of interest.
    3. Enter your delivery and payment information
    4. Create account details including user id and password
    5. Submit subscription and await your order.

    How Much Does Firestone Vineyard Wine Club Cost?

    • Firestone Cellar Club Mixed: Average Cost $68 
    • Firestone Cellar Club Red: Average Cost $73 
    • Firestone Cellar Club White: Average Cost $48 
    • Firestone Double Me Up Mixed: Average Cost $137 
    • Firestone Double Me Up Red: Average Cost $145 
    • Firestone Double Me Up White: Average Cost $96 

    Prices exclude shipping costs, and your credit card is charged a couple of days before delivery.

    About Firestone Vineyard Wine

    Firestone Vineyard produces all wines available to members, and although the winery selects them, you do have a choice to customize your selection between reds and whites.

    Firestone produces a moderate selection of wines, and favorites include Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Syrah.

    The California Wine Club has a much wider variety, bringing over 200 artisan wines every year to members, from classic Bordeaux to Washington Cabernets.

    Firestone Vineyard Brands

    As discussed, you will only find the Firestone brand as part of this club membership.

    However, it is known to team up with local wine experts who consult on its winemaking process for products, though it does have limited production runs leading to less choice.

    Firestone Wine Club Membership Benefits

    • 20% discount on club shipments and wine orders.
    • Priority invitations to events at Firestone winery.

    Firestone Wine Club Membership Programs

    • Firestone Cellar Club Mixed: Three bottles, shipped quarterly & choice of red and white.
    • Firestone Cellar Club Reds: Three bottles of Firestone red, shipped quarterly.
    • Firestone Cellar Club Whites: Three bottles of Firestone white, shipped quarterly.
    • Firestone Double Me Up Mixed: Six bottles, shipped quarterly & choice of red and white.
    • Firestone Double Me Up Reds: Six bottles of Firestone red shipped quarterly.
    • Firestone Double Me Up White: Six bottles of Firestone white shipped quarterly.

    Firestone Wine Club Membership Length

    You will find no membership fees or contracts at Firestone, and all member cancelations must be made thirty days before the next shipment. 

    Can I Give Firestone Wine Club Membership As A Gift?

    Firestone offers no gift membership on its website.

    Firestone Wine Club Price & Shipping

    It does not detail the cost of shipping or time taken for delivery, and there are several states it does not ship to outlined on its website.

    What I Think About Firestone Vineyard Wine Club (Conclusion)

    The Firestone Vineyard Wine Club is specially catered for those with tasting preferences to its in-house wines, and selection is sadly lacking, benefits are limited, and you will find no flexibility in delivery frequency.

    Gold Wine Medal Club and Laithwaites are a better fit for beginners and oenophiles with a broader variety of award-winning wines to explore and more flexible programs.