Beverly Hills Wine Club Review 2021

Beverly Hills Wine Club collaborates with local tastemakers in showcasing wines from the California area. Members’ activities include standard wine tasting events, winemaker dinners, and sommelier referral services.

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    What Is Beverly Hills Wine Club?

    Membership is free at Beverly Hills Wine club; its complementary platform is for wine enthusiasts and hobbyists alike.

    The promotion of brands is limited to local Californian wineries and not for those who desire international tastes.   

    How Does Beverly Hills Wine Club Work?

    The Beverly Hills Wine Club website is not the most professional; in fact, it’s pretty clunky.

    Interested parties who want to join must fill out details on its online contact form.

    Once signed up, members will be contacted about upcoming winery events; however, it has no promotions available.

    How Much Does Beverly Hills Wine Club Cost?

    As outlined, membership is free, and the club’s website details the cost of tasting events or winemaker dinners starting at $75 and rising to a high of $150.

    Even though it seeks to find exclusive and minimal wines for members, it does not detail the type or cost of brands you can expect to taste at events.

    Wine Insiders Wine Club has a vast expanse of labels exceeding 100,000 and hand-selects five wines from every 100 it tastes, with a discounted $89 introductory membership fee.

    About Beverly Hills Wine Club

    Although it has limited information about the type of wines it promotes, Beverly Hills Wine Club’s website is littered with educational content for enthusiasts, if a little cluttered in the presentation.

    The club offers members private placement wine experts and sommeliers for your next special event or dinner party and promotes other local wine clubs.

    Beverly Hills Wine Club Brands

    Disappointingly, its website does not give any detail about the brands that members can expect to taste at events.

    The wine club is known to team up with local wine experts, but this can be limited to private events only, and its blogs primarily focus on labels from small local wineries.

    Beverly Hills Wine Club Membership Benefits

    When it comes to benefits, again, the wine club provides limited information.

    We can only assume that on signing up members are given full details, local partners have the opportunity to sponsor events and editorial content.

    It also has a ‘Swag’ section where members can purchase an exclusive club cap, wine stopper, and t-shirts.

    Beverly Hills Wine Club Membership Programs

    No membership programs are available at the Beverly Hills Wine Club.

    Beverly Hills Wine Club Membership Lengths

    Membership is complimentary at this wine club, and you can leave whenever it suits.

    Beverly Hills Wine Club Price And Shipping

    This wine club does not make any deliveries, so you’ll find no shipping costs online.

    What I Think About Beverly Hills Wine Club - (Conclusion)

    All in all, Beverly Hills Wine Club is very much for local enthusiasts who have a passing interest in wine and want to learn more through its educational posts.

    For both beginners and oenophiles, California’s Gold Medal Wine Club is a better fit for U.S. and international award-winning wines and will improve your knowledge even more with its multifaceted packages.

    The lack of information on its website about member benefits and brands covered is hugely frustrating.

    In contrast, the Vinebox Wine Club sends its members’ detailed wine ratings, country of origin, reviews, and flavor profile with each vial of wine you receive.