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    My Monthly Advice

    Wine is wonderful. It makes the perfect accompaniment to my life and it’s the same for millions of other people around the world. I have it with meals, with movies, and whenever I damn well feel like it. Red, white, or rosé - it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s a good bottle. 

    Recently I checked out Vinebox wine club, the online subscription that’s becoming quite popular in the US. I’ve tried a couple of others in the past and was enticed by its worldwide selection and to be honest, what you get with a Vinebox package. Each new season, the company sends you nine neat-looking vials of some of the finest, most aromatic wines the world’s vineyards have to offer.

    The package also includes comprehensive documentation about the wines included, the vineyards they’re produced on, and the best ways to enjoy them. Vinebox gifts are also available and they offer several other subscriptions, but I thought I’d try the nine and enjoyed the whole process so much that I’ll likely stick with it come spring.  

    Out of all the wines I tried, I’ve included a handful of the best ones below. 

    Vinebox Red Wines

    Baldovino Cabernet: The scents and flavors of the Baldovino make it my new favorite Cabernet. Rich aromas of dark chocolate and juniper combine with notes of blueberry and cherry to create a special flavor that just explodes in your mouth. Red meats, mature cheeses, and leather handcuffs are Vinebox’s recommendations for this one and I certainly tried at least one of them. 10/10 can recommend. 

    Costa Catterina ‘Nebbia’: The Nebbia, a younger version of the Nebbiolo, is only aged for 24 months but still within oak casks. It was very tasty actually and you can feel the red fruits bursting the moment the glass touches your lips. Vinebox recommends pairing with rich flavors like various cheese, meats, and spicy Asian food. 

    Vinebox White Wines

    Castillo de Benizar Semi-Dulce: This wine is made using the innovative process of halting fermentation at an earlier stage than usual, and it shows. It’s very fresh and fruity and bears welcoming aromas of pear and banana. The level of acidity is said to be similar to that of the Moscato wines of Italy, according to Vinebox. This pairing was easy - salty potato chips and spicy Thai food. Delicious. 

    Domaine Millet Chablis: The Chablis has a lovely taste of pears and was a standout, in my opinion. Notes of citrus and a crisp taste make the Chablis very fresh on your pallet. It’s not too intense in flavor and makes for a great entry wine for people that want to explore whites after spending a long time drinking red. Vinebox recommends pairing with oysters or scallops. I didn’t try this pairing but I certainly would agree. 

    Meix Guillaume Rully Chaponnière: I really enjoyed this one. It’s very fruity and comes with a light creamy taste. The website claims flavors of sugar-torched pineapple and candied orange zest, along with yellow fruits and flowers. Some of the flavors are so complex I couldn’t make them out, such as white peach and brioche toast, but I definitely agreed with its serving recommendations of couch popcorn and crabs legs, which I just had to do.