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    From Chardonnay to Muscat: 5 Types of White Wine You Need to Try

    White wine has been one of the most popular drinks for over 2,500 years. This light, delicate wine is often used before meals and it is also a popular addition in many recipes, as it adds acidity and softens meat. Here are some of the main types of white wine to look out for.

    1. Chardonnay

    The grape used in this wine comes from France and is now grown in pretty much every wine-growing region on the planet. It results in wines that vary widely in taste, according to the conditions and production process.

    Chardonnay is the most popular of the main types of white wine around, with 93,148 acres of vineyards in California alone. If you are looking to start sampling wines this a great starting point. Varieties from warmer regions are often riper and contain a tropical flavor.

    2. Riesling

    This classic German drink has an incredible aroma that is packed with fruitiness. The wine has a distinctive acid taste and most types are fairly sweet. This means that it goes perfectly with hot, spicy food.
    Riesling is becoming ever more common and it is highly rated among the different types of white wine for its quality. You may notice that it becomes more citrusy when the grape is grown in warmer places.

    3. Pinot Grigio / Pinot Gris

    The wine that comes from the grapes of this name can vary widely in terms of color and taste. Pinot Grigio can range from spicy and full-bodied to lighter and acidic. 
    I recommend choosing bottles from New World regions if you want lower acidity and more alcohol. European producers like to retain the high acidity levels and a sharp, fruity tang.

    4. Pinot Blanc

    This variety of white wine is often full-bodied, with smoky or spicy traces. It is relatively acidic and some varieties are sweet, light, and crispy.
    This wine has a distinctive fruity aroma and is often blended with other grapes to give interesting combinations. I suggest checking the Italian Pinot Blanc if you want a full-bodied, dry wine.

    5. Moscato / Muscat

    The final name on this list of the most popular types of white wine comes in many different varieties. Muscat wines are known for their alluring, floral aroma and fruity tones.
    Versions produced in the USA and Australia are typically sweet. Moscato wines from Central Europe tend to be drier and more heavily perfumed. It is often drunk with chocolate, cheese, or dried fruits.


    It is well worth sampling each of these exciting types of white wine. You are sure to discover at least one that becomes a firm favorite of yours.