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    Good Gifts for Easter

    Easter is just around the corner, and as families gather to celebrate this important holiday there’s always going to be room for some delicious wine.

    Whether you enjoy traditional Easter fare or contemporary dining, pairing the right wine with your meal will make this year’s gathering an occasion to remember. Knowing what wine club to order from is equally important.

    To help you build your Easter wine list, we’d like to suggest six delicious wine varieties that pair extraordinarily well with holiday food.

    Easter Reds - Keeping Tradition Alive

    Red wine has a strong association with the Easter tradition. Here are two delicious types of red wine you may want to try this year.


    This Spanish favorite is full of spicy, dark overtones like coffee and cinnamon with a refreshing touch of acidity on the palate. Rioja is an excellent pairing partner for lamb, making it a surefire choice for a successful Easter dinner. 

    Pinot Noir

    If you’re planning to serve chicken or duck on Easter Sunday, you’ll definitely want a few bottles of good Pinot Noir on hand. The aromatic character of this red, with its earthy berry flavors, makes it perfect for poultry dishes.

    Refreshing White Wines For An Al Fresco Easter

    If you’re keen to take advantage of the early spring weather and enjoy some outdoor dining this Easter, there’s nothing like a crisp white wine. Try these delicious varieties with light Easter fare.


    There’s nothing like the delicate flavor and texture of fish to perfect an outdoor Easter meal. Chardonnay’s delicious dryness and green flavors go very well with various types of fish, but a salmon-Chardonnay pairing is a sure winner.


    When it comes to celebrations and special occasions, Champagne is the wine of choice. Dry champagne goes well with sweet and savory dishes and makes an excellent drink for Easter breakfast where it pairs deliciously with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and hors d'oeuvres.

    Versatile Rosé for multi-course meals

    Easter dinners are seldom one-course events, and if you’re looking for a wine that complements a variety of dishes, look no further than a Rosé. You’ll want to stock up on this delicious type of wine through your wine club.

    Sangiovese Rosé

    The lightness and body of Sangiovese Rosé make it ideal for pairing with different foods. From Caprese salad, olives, and cold meat boards to stews and even curries, this wine tastes great with almost any dish.

    Syrah Rosé

    The crispness of this Rosé makes it ideal for light meals. Salads, pasta dishes, and especially seafood are excellent choices for Syrah Rosé. If you’re a fan of outdoor dining, this could be the perfect wine for your table this Easter.

    Wines Make The Ideal Easter Gift

    If you’re going to be attending an Easter gathering as an invited guest, a wine gift is an ideal way to show your appreciation. You’ll find all the wines we covered in this article along with dozens more in the selection available at your favorite wine club