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    Find the Best Red Wine for Your Personality: This Week’s Red Wine Recommendation

    Red wine is a term that covers a wide range of varieties and tastes. It is hugely popular for cooking with, as well as being wonderful to drink. The following are some of the main types that you need to know about.


    This is one of the most popular kinds of red wine in many different parts of the world. Merlot is traditionally a medium-bodied, fruity type of wine that is made from a grape that ripens earlier and is the third most widely planted variety overall.

    Merlot is commonly found in Bordeaux wine. You may also find versions from outside Europe that use riper grapes to give a fuller-bodied and more velvety drink with higher levels of alcohol. 

    Cabernet Sauvignon

    Another of the easily recognized name in the world of wines, Cabernet Sauvignon grapes travelled from Europe to become part of wine production in just about every region of the planet.

    This is a full-bodied wine with high tannins and a somewhat acidic touch. The taste varies according to the region where it is produced, with the currant flavor becoming riper and changing tone in warmer climates.  

    Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir may be the best red wine for someone who likes a light, fruity flavor with a delicious aroma. This variety is now made in numerous countries and the grapes are also used in producing champagne and sparkling wines.

    Among the countries that are renowned for their Pinot Noir are the USA, South Africa, and Australia. It tends to get less fruity and more complex with age. I would class it as the best red wine for cooking with.


    The name of this terrific wine comes from the region in Tuscany, Italy where it is made. It needs to contain a minimum of 70% Sangiovese grapes to earn this name. 

    Older Chianti is often called Riserva, while Superiore is drier and has a higher level of alcohol. Classico is generally considered to be of higher quality than varieties that are simply labelled as Chianti. For many experts, Chianti is the best red wine for drinking with a meal.


    Malbec is typically made in France, although Argentina is among the other countries that now produce excellent versions of it. The intensity of the grape’s flavor means that it is often combined with others to produce a lighter blend.

    It often has a strong fruity taste, although you may be able to identity flavors such as chocolate, coffee, and even tobacco. The best red wine from Argentina using this grape will be fruit-filled, while the French bottles are typically more tart and leathery.

    If you are searching for the best red wine for your personality, it makes sense to try all of these types. They are all popular because each of them tastes fantastic and offers something different from the rest.