WineLA Wine Club Review 2021

WineLA is an independent merchant that devotes itself to enhancing the wine culture of Los Angeles, incorporating it with the rhythm of the city’s famous music and fashion scene. It has over two decades of experience, with its sole focus on classes, credential programs, and wine events for both individuals and wine industry professionals.

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    What is WineLA?

    WineLA is the brainchild of founder Ian Blackburn; his ambition was to develop a better culture of fine wine in LA, allowing for more quality products to enter the marketplace.

    To date, it has reached 10,000 subscribers, which is pretty standard fare given its more than 20 years old.

    How Does WineLA Work?

    It’s effortless and straightforward; once you subscribe, you will receive invitations to events, discounts, and news about the industry.

    There are no offers on joining, unlike WSJ Wine Club with its unique 12-bottle subscription package.

    How Much Does WineLA Cost?

    Subscription is free, and it runs 50 to 100 events a year, including a wine camp every quarter, which costs $100 per person for a two-hour session.

    Its tasting events help build up the palate and range in price from $60 to $120, which is much higher than some competitors.

    About WineLA Wine?

    Although it boasts amazing wines from top local and international producers and sells these at its events, it only has a limited selection in its store.

    WineLA Wine Brands?

    The club runs an annual ‘Stars of Cabernet’ event, which features up to 35 luxury brands. 

    Although attendees are tied to specific brands at each event, recently, these have included:

    Domaine Carneros 

    Domaine Carneros is a singular winery based in California that specializes in traditional sparkling flavors such as the Brut 2013.

    Mojave Rain 

    Mojave Rain is like a welcoming oasis in the desert of California; its Cabernet Sauvignon is a standard red, though.

    Bodega Weinert 

    Bodega Weinert is a winery based in Argentina known for its Cavas, a blended red consisting of 40% Malbec, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot.

    WineLA Membership Benefits

    Discounts: Before events, subscribers are sent promo codes to avail of up to 15% off the original cost.

    Newsletter: It contacts followers via newsletter to keep them up to speed about all things wine, but it is not outlined on the website if this is a weekly or monthly edition.

    WineLA Membership Programs

    Disappointingly, WineLA does not offer any membership programs on its website.  

    WineLA Membership Length

    Subscribing is free, and followers can unsubscribe at any time.

    Can I Give WineLA Membership As A Gift?

    WineLA only offers gift cards towards its classes, experiences, and camps; available from a minimum of $1.

    WineLA Price And Shipping

    WineLA includes an optional pre-event kit that can be shipped for free if you are within 25 miles of 90012. If you’re outside the radius but within California, the cost is $20.

    However, this rises to $50 if you live in one of the other contiguous U.S. states.

    What I Think About WineLA - (Conclusion)

    WineLA is a good fit for those looking for beginner wine classes, experiences, and to attend camps at affordable prices.

    The California Wine Club offers more exotic options unbeknownst to the market, bringing 200 artisan wines to its members each year.

    There are no membership programs at WineLA; Naked Wines ‘Angel Program’ has a monthly subscription of credits to buy bottles from talented makers upon investing $40.