Stevenot Wine Club Review 2021

Stevenot is a small boutique winery located in the heart of the Sierra foothills in California’s gold country, a region well known for wine growing since the 1800s. It produces varieties from Chardonnay to Tempranillo and Merlot Barbera, with its prices slightly above average.

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    What is Stevenot Wine Club?

    Established in 1978, Stevenot promotes in-house wines through its recently created wine club, allowing members a regular taste from its vineyards.

    Stevenot Wine Club has only one membership subscription service, and it has flexible options around the number of bottles and wine type per plan. However, most collections require store pickup and shipping is only available to individual states. 

    How Does Stevenot Wine Club Work?

    To join Stevenot Wine Club you can follow this four-step online process:

    1. Click on the ‘Wine Club’ tab on the Stevenot website.
    2. Choose ‘new member’ and enter personal and payment details.
    3. Select the wine type and plan that suits you best.
    4. Click the Consent & choose ‘Submit’.

    How Much Does Stevenot Wine Club Cost?

    • 2 Bottle Pickup - $38.00
    • 4 Bottle Pickup - $76.00
    • 6 Bottle Pickup - $114.00
    • 3 Bottle Shipping - $57.00
    • 6 Bottle Shipping - $114.00
    • 9 Bottle Shipping - $171.00

    All wines are selected by Stevenot and exclude shipping fees and sales tax.

    About Stevenot Wine

    As one of the smaller clubs, Stevenot has a much more moderate selection of wines than its larger competitors.

    The WSJ Wine Club offers a broader range of unique wines direct from U.S. and foreign winemakers, which makes it one of the leading clubs in America. 

    All of Stevenot’s wines are produced in-house and pale in comparison, with only a smattering of reds, whites, and rosé.

    Stevenot Wine Brands

    When it comes to brand choice, only Stevenot labels are available as part of the club membership.

    Here is a selection of its wines members can expect:

    2018 Stevenot Classic Merlot: Stevenot’s merlot is dry, with a velvety texture, although it is missing that authentic juicy taste of a Bordeaux version.

    2018 Reserva Chardonnay: Its chardonnay is full of pineapple and honey flavors with a subtle oak finish; it might be a little sour for some.

    Stevenot Wine Club Membership Benefits

    • Up to 50% off all wine purchases.
    • Invitations to winemakers dinners and tasting events.
    • Quarterly Stevenot newsletter.

    Stevenot Wine Club Membership Programs

    Stevenot has only one membership program where you can choose three to twelve bottles of red, white, or a mix of both.

    Stevenot Wine Club Membership Length

    The Stevenot Wine Club has no membership fees or contracts, but it does not state the cut-off point for the cancelation of individual shipments.

    Can I Get Stevenot Wine Club Membership As A Gift?

    Stevenot does not offer wine club membership as a gift for family or friends.

    Stevenot Wine Club Price & Shipping

    Deliveries from Stevenot are shipped only to Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington; for all other states, a third party is used, and shipping only occurs once a year.

    It does not detail the time taken for delivery or any standard charges.

    What I Think About Stevenot Wine Club (Conclusion)

    Stevenot Wine Club primarily caters for local wine enthusiasts; most of its plans involve pick-up at the store, and shipping options are minimal.

    Even though it has no membership fees, the wine selection is pretty average, with limited benefits and program choice.

    Winc & Gold Medal wine clubs have a much better selection of domestic and international wines at lower prices with more benefits, plan offers, and dedicated shipping options.