Stags' Leap Review 2021

The history of Stags’ Leap winery dates all the way back to 1872 when the first grapes were planted by T.L. Grigsby, making it one of the oldest vineyards in Napa Valley.

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    What is Stags’ Leap wine club?

    The membership of Stags’ Leap’s wine clubs is very much geared towards the luxury end of the market and the experienced wine drinker. This one may be a little intimidating for you if you’re new to wine or are looking for a simple introduction.

    How does Stags’ Leap wine club work?

    You may choose one of two memberships and receive shipments of either four or six bottles of wine each quarter. You’ll also be eligible for a number of other benefits including invitations to private events. Joining is an easy process and you just need to fill in a short online form.

    What Stags’ Leap wine club costs

    • Manor house porch society club - $175 - Before tax and shipping fees
    • The estate club - $480 - Before tax and shipping fees

    About the wine

    Stags’ Leap has a range of highly rated reds and whites, however, there are only 24 varieties on offer. These include petite Sirah, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and malbec.

    Stags’ Leap wine club brands

    You’ll only receive wines from the Stags’ Leap brand as part of your membership. While several of its wines have been highly rated by critics, you may want to try a different wine club if you’d like to sample a wider variety of wines, like VINEBOX.

    Stags’ Leap wine club membership benefits

    • Up to 20% discount on other Stags’ Leap wines, and 10% off on other merchandise
    • Invitations to exclusive events held on the estate in Napa Valley
    • Access to limited production wines

    Stags’ Leap wine club membership programs

    • Manor house porch society club - Receive four bottles of premium wine once per quarter
    • The estate club  - Receive six bottles of exclusive wines every quarter 

    Stags’ Leap wine club membership length

    Stags’ Leap doesn’t state how long you’ll be committed to membership. You’ll have to contact the team directly before signing up.

    Can I give Stags’ Leap wine club as a gift

    No, Stag’s Leap doesn’t currently offer its membership options as a gift.

    Stags’ Leap wine club coupon codes

    You may occasionally find coupons promising between 15% and 30% off your order.

    Stags’ Leap price and shipping

    Shipping and taxes aren’t included in the list price for club memberships. These will vary depending on the state you’re in and you’ll have to contact Stags’ Leap for more information.

    The Bottom Line

    There’s no doubt that Stags’ Leap has some good quality wines. This will appeal to those who want a luxury brand, or those that live in the Napa Valley area and can take advantage of the additional membership benefits.

    However, there are many other wine clubs that offer luxury brands at better prices. The Wall Street Journal Wine Club offers a premium service at less than half the price of Stags’ Leap.

    If you want to taste a wide variety of wines every month, you’d also be advised to try another club. Firstleaf has a huge range to sample and gives you complete freedom to choose the wines you’d like.