Split Rail Winery Wine Club Review 2021

Split Rail Winery was founded with the goal of promoting Idaho agriculture and products while trying to bring a new twist to winemaking. Split Rail aims to never make the same wine twice and is always attempting new blends.

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    What is Split Rail wine club?

    The wine club is geared towards those who are interested in trying out Idaho wines, as well as long-time customers. Additional benefits include complimentary wine tastings at the winery in Garden City and invites to release parties.

    How does the Split Rail wine club work?

    Three membership levels are on offer. However, as Split Rail never makes the same wine twice, the number of bottles and pricing will differ with every shipment. Two of the clubs offer shipments twice per year, while the more premium level offers the best wines Split Rail has to offer, but only delivers once per year.

    What Split Rail wine club costs

    • Debutante club - Average cost $140 to $150 per shipment
    • Dynasty club - Average cost $260 to $275 per shipment
    • Dictator club - Average cost $300 per shipment

    About the wine

    Split Rail is always making new wines and trying new blends, meaning it doesn’t have a consistent list of core wines that are always available. Some options at the time of writing included a dry rose syrah, chardonnay, and Malvasia Bianca.

    Split Rail wine club wine brands

    You’ll only receive Split Rail brand wines as part of your membership. These will change with every shipment and you’ll never quite know what you’re going to get.

    Split Rail wine club membership benefits

    • 10% to 15% discount on all store purchases and refills of club wines
    • Invites to new wine release parties held twice per year
    • Free tastings for the member plus one guest

    Split Rail wine club membership programs

    Split Rail doesn’t have a guaranteed number of bottles per shipment. This all depends on the number of wines produced in any given season, so your shipments will be a little different each time.

    • Debutante club - Around six bottles per shipment, delivered twice per year
    • Dynasty club - Around 12 bottles per shipment, delivered twice per year
    • Dictator club  - A selection of around 6 bottles of Split Rail’s premium wines. Delivered once per year.

    Split Rail wine club membership length

    Split Rail doesn’t state any minimum membership lengths or contracts. You’ll have to contact directly to confirm before you sign up for the club.

    Can I give Split Rail wine club as a gift?

    No, memberships cannot currently be gifted.

    Split Rail wine club coupon codes

    You can sometimes find discount coupons for the winery tours, but these can’t be applied to club memberships.

    Split Rail price and shipping

    Shipping is free for members living in Idaho. Costs will vary if you live in another state.

    The bottom line

    Split Rail is a good choice for those who want a quirky wine club experience and don’t mind surprise selections. However, many others will want more choice and certainty from their wine clubs.

    You could try Winc, which produces more than 300,000 cases of wine per year and allows you to fully personalize your membership. The club also has a high degree of flexibility, letting you choose which wines you want delivering, how often, and how many.