Southeast Wine Collective Wine Club Review 2021

The Southeast Wine Collective is a popular restaurant and wine bar in Portland, Oregon. It has a 5,000 square foot winery attached to the premises where it makes its own wines, as well as those of other affiliated brands.

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    What is The Southeast Wine Collective wine club?

    The club was established to promote Southeast’s own wines as well as other Oregon brands. It caters to those who are already fans of the restaurant and winery, offering additional benefits such as discounts on menu items and wine tastings.

    How does The Southeast Wine Collective wine club work?

    Choose from two membership levels and receive either four or six wines delivered twice per year. Southeast will choose the wines for you, ensuring half of your shipment comes from small-production wines.

    What The Southeast Wine Collective wine club costs

    There doesn’t appear to be any set prices for wine club members. Southeast operates a discount system, but this isn’t made entirely clear, and club costs could vary depending on delivery. The current month’s batch is costed as follows:

    • Collective continuation club - $152.10
    • Collective introduction club - $108

    About the wine

    Southeast doesn’t have a full list of wines available, and you’ll have to visit the restaurant to see all of what’s on offer. However, the wines in upcoming shipments to club members are listed and include pinot noir, rose, and cabernet franc.

    The Southeast Wine Collective wine club wine brands

    Gersing Cellars

    Gersing was founded in 2015 and showcases wines from across Oregon and Washington.

    ORE Winery

    The ORE Winery focuses only on small-batch wines, and usually only has one type of wine in production at any given time.

    Laelaps Wines

    Another small-batch winery, focusing only on pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon.


    This winery specializes in a grapefruit aperitif wine.

    Division Winemaking Company

    The owners of this winery were inspired by their time in France, and produce a sustainably farmed chardonnay.

    The Southeast Wine Collective wine club membership benefits

    • One complimentary tour of the winery each year
    • Discounts on the restaurant menu 

    The Southeast Wine Collective wine club membership programs

    • Collective continuation club - Receive six wines delivered twice per year
    • Collective introduction club - Recieve four wines delivered twice per year

    The Southeast Wine Collective wine club membership length

    You’ll be committed to a one-year membership, after which you’ll be able to cancel.

    Can I give The Southeast Wine Collective wine club as a gift?

    No, club membership can’t currently be gifted.

    Southeast Wine Collective wine club coupon codes

    You can sometimes find coupon codes for up to 50% off Southeast’s products.

    Southeast Wine Collective price and shipping

    You’ll be charged for shipping locally, but if you live outside of Portland, you’ll receive complimentary shipping in lieu of other benefits like restaurant discounts.

    The bottom line

    While the Southeast restaurant and bar are popular in Portland, the wine club is a little limited. With only two small shipments per year, and no choice in your wines, you might want to try one of the larger wine clubs if you’re looking for some variety. Firstleaf has a lot of award-winning wines and complete freedom to customize your choices. As a bonus, it’ll also cost you less than the Southeast wine club.