Sebastiani Wine Club Review 2021

For more than one hundred years, Sebastiani has been a leading winemaker. The emphasis today is on single-vineyard and sub-appellation in producing small-lot wines from its base in Sonoma county. Given the small quantities approach, you may find stock from Sebastiani unavailable, with only one to two hundred case lots produced per wine.

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    What Is Sebastiani Wine Club?

    The Sebastiani Wine Club began its services in 2008, giving members access to its limited production and library wines.

    It has no membership fees, and discounted wines can be picked up or delivered to your door with a standard choice of red, white, or mixed varieties.

    How Does Sebastiani Wine Club Work?

    Firestone Vineyard Wine Club has a five-step process to join:

    1. Click on the tab that says ‘Wine Club’.
    2. Click on ‘View Details’ under the relevant club of interest.
    3. Enter your delivery and payment information
    4. Create account details including user id and password
    5. Submit your subscription and await your order.

    Sebastiani will charge your credit card several days before delivery.

    How Much Does Sebastiani Wine Club Cost?

    Sebastiani has a minimal choice of wines given its production techniques, and prices are per release, which can be expensive and add up.

    Its Proprietor’s option comes in red, white, or a mix and ranges in price from $62 to $92 for two bottles.

    You can increase the quantity to six or twelve bottles; costs rise considerably between $186 and $552.

    The Sonoma plan is made up of wines of lesser quality and starts at $39 per release for two bottles; again, prices climb if six or twelve bottles are selected.

    Naked Wines offers much better value. With a per month investment of $40, you get enormous discounts on over 150 independent winemakers.

    About Sebastiani Wine

    With the cool maritime AVAs on the Sonoma Coast, Sebastiani concentrates on grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Primitivo.

    As outlined, it only produces small quantities, and new wine releases are limited, which may lead to a lack of selection and availability in membership programs.

    Sebastiani Wine Brands

    You’ll only find the Sebastiani brand available as part of club membership. Although it has produced dozens of different wines, the often limited nature of production runs can lead to a lack of real choice.

    Sebastiani Wine Club Membership Benefits

    • A discount of 25% on Sebastiani wine releases and additional wine orders.
    • Complimentary tastings for up to four people at the winery.

    Sebastiani Wine Club Membership Programs 

    It has two membership options, and you can select between two, six, or twelve bottles in each with a choice of red, white, or a mix of wines.

    All wines are selected by Sebastiani and shipped quarterly.

    Sebastiani Wine Club Membership Length

    Sebastiani has no fees or contracts, and all cancelations must be made thirty days before the next shipment.

    Can I Get Sebastiani Wine Club Membership As A Gift?

    You can purchase wine membership as a gift, although it has no facility to include a message to the recipient.

    Sebastiani Wine Club Pricing & Shipping.

    Shipping fees vary on quantity and method chosen, and Sebastiani lists states on its website that it does not deliver to.

    What I Think About Sebastiani Wine Club (Conclusion)

    Sebastiani is for those enthusiasts who enjoy exploring flavors from small wineries.

    It only produces minimal quantities, which may lead to availability issues, and prices are high.

    Winc & Wine Insiders wine clubs are more cost-effective, offering more choice with up to 40 varietals over 15 wine-producing regions.