Rombauer Wine Club Review 2021

Rombauer is a family-owned winery based in Napa Valley that produces primarily white chardonnay wines for the domestic market. It has several wine clubs that promote its products, handpicking a select few of its wines for members.

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    What is Rombauer Wine Club?

    Former pilot Koerner Rombauer founded the wine club in the 1980s to help put his Californian Chardonnay on the wine region’s map.

    To keep cellars stocked, members can choose from six different clubs, although wines are limited to the winery’s brands, and tasting in its small rooms is by appointment only.

    How Does Rombauer Wine Club Work?

    Rombauer Wine Club offers six different types of membership, all are standard subscription services, but deliveries are limited to quarterly and half-yearly from two bottles to twelve.

    To join the club, members must register online through Rombauer’s seven-step process or call its offices directly.

    How Much Does Rombauer Wine Club Cost?

    • Dessert Club: Approx $88 per shipment 
    • Zinfandel Club: Approx $570 half-yearly.
    • Koerner’s Cabernet Club: Approx $605 half-yearly
    • Chardonnay Club 12 bottles: Approx $460 per shipment.
    • Chardonnay Club 4 Bottles: Approx $132 per shipment.
    • Classic Club: Approx $88 - $131 per shipment.

    As you can see, prices do fluctuate per club.

    At Gold Medal Wine Club, prices are constant and cheaper; it also offers better quality wines across its multitude of programs.

    About Rombauer Wine

    Customers can explore the limited selection of wines from Rombauer via its online store.

    You can pick your wines from several different grape varietals with categories ranging from Chardonnay to Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon, although some wines are disappointingly sold out. 

    Rombauer Wine Brands

    You will only find the Rombauer brand in this wine club, and some may find the lack of variety quite a turn-off.

    Here are some wines found at Rombauer:

    2018 Proprietor Selection Chardonnay: This is a pale straw yellow wine with a golden hue; its flavors are not the norm with an aroma of bananas, pears, and lemons, a strange mix which might not be to everybody’s taste. 

    2018 Rombauer Zinfandel: This California Zinfandel is a purple ruby with concentrated aromas of blackberry, although it is a poor imitation of the superior grapes found in southern Italy.

    Rombauer Wine Membership Benefits

    • Member savings of 20% on club shippings.
    • A discount of 15% on all non-shipment wine purchases.
    • Complimentary Tastings for you and three guests.

    Rombauer Wine Membership Programs

    You can select from the following membership programs at Rombauer:

    • Dessert Club: Two bottles of Dessert wines, in-house brands, shipped Feb & Oct.
    • Zinfandel Club: Twelve bottles shipped January and Six bottles in October.
    • Koerner’s Cabernet Club: One bottle in March & Six bottles in October 
    • -Chardonnay Club: Four or Twelve bottles per shipment  - Feb, May & Nov.
    • Classic Club: Three bottles per shipment - April, September & December

    Rombauer Wine Membership Length

    Members must accept a minimum of two membership shipments, and a $50 fee is charged for any early cancelations.

    Can I Give Rombauer Wine Membership As A Gift?

    Rombauer has no gift option for membership online.

    Rombauer Wine Club Price and Shipping

    All prices quoted for club membership include shipping charges, although the time taken is not stated.

    What I Think About Rombauer Wine Club (Conclusion)

    Rombauer is a family-run winery with a small limited selection of wines, primarily focusing on white chardonnay varieties.

    Its wine club gives you no access to any international wines, and you don’t have any real flexibility on the regularity of products being shipped.

    If you are looking for greater variety, excellence, and more delivery flexibility, Plonk & Winc would be worth trying.