Peju Wine Club Review 2021

Peju is a family-run winery based in the heart of Napa Valley, California. It has club membership options, offering its members exclusive, limited release wines and preferred member pricing. You can also buy bottles individually depending on availability

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    What is Peju Wine Club?

    Founded in 1982 by owner Tony Peju, the Peju winery has been producing good quality wines ever since. Following interest expressed by customers and those taking guided tours of the site, Tony introduced a members club that offered discounts, special offers, and first picks on new and exclusive wines.

    How does Peju Wine Club work?

    It’s a simple process to log into the website and choose one of four subscriptions available. Being family-run, you could also take a more informal route and call them up or reach out via social media. All memberships include extra benefits too. If you love California wines but are looking for more choice, you might want to try out the California Wine Club first.

    What does Peju Wine club cost?

    Peju works on a discount system, where you choose the number of bottles you’d like each quarter and you’ll pay a reduced price. 

    • 3 to 5 bottles per month - 10% discount
    • 6 to 11 bottles per month - 15% discount
    • 12+ bottles per month - 20% discount

    Individual bottles range from $28 to $175, so the amount you’ll pay quarterly will be a little different depending on the wine you choose. 

    Other wine clubs, such as Winc, offer much cheaper starting options, with more bottles being delivered. However, the options are entirely up to you, and you can mix and match to meet your preference with Peju.

    About the wine

    Unfortunately, some of Peju’s wines can only be purchased by visiting the winery itself. You might have to contact Peju directly first to see which wines are available.

    Peju does however have a range of reds, whites, and roses, all made from local vineyards. 

    Peju Wine Club wine brands

    You’ll only be able to purchase Peju’s own brand wines as part of your club subscription. Some popular choices at Peju include:

    Cabernet franc reserve

    One of Peju’s most well-received options with a strong game and beef palate. It’s a little pricey though at $175 per bottle so might put off those new to the wine world.

    Piccolo red wine blend

    With sweet flavors of blackberry and black cherry, this wine has very fruity characteristics. Priced at $40, it’s one of the mid-range options at Peju.

    Sauvigon blanc

    This is Peju’s cheapest offering, going for $28 dollar per bottle, and is considered a very decent choice among wine-buffs, coming in with a solid 87 points on the quality scale.

    Peju Wine Club membership benefits

    You’ll get more than just discounts with your membership at Peju, and additional options include:

    • Exclusive access to club Peju only wines - Each year, Peju will make wines specifically for its club members, and you won’t find these sold elsewhere
    • Quarterly club newsletters - Stay up to date on the latest vintages, winery news, and releases

    Peju Wine Club membership programs

    Peju offers four membership options:

    • Explore club - Pick and choose from Peju’s full selection and decide how many bottles you’d like delivered each quarter
    • Discover club - This one is for red wine lovers and is from a curated selection of Peju’s finest reds
    • Indulge club - This is where you’ll find Peju’s exclusive wines delivered each quarter. Unfortunately, you won’t know the price you’ll be paying until the wines are released, but Peju will give you an idea of costs.
    • Peju favorites - You choose which type you’d like; Piccolo, Province, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon blanc

    Peju Wine Club membership length

    Peju wine club doesn’t clearly state membership lengths or provide cancellation options via the website. You have to call or email Peju directly for cancellation details.

    Can I give Peju Wine Club as a gift?

    Peju has a limited gift selection and you’re unable to gift club memberships.  

    Peju Wine Club coupon codes

    We couldn’t find any special codes available online, and we suspect it may be difficult to dig up any additional discounts.

    Peju Wine Club price and shipping

    As you’ve seen through this review, Peju’s wines sit at the pricier end of the subscription market, with the cheapest quarterly option coming in at $75 for just three bottles. However, shipping is free on all orders for club members.

    The bottom line

    We’d only recommend Peju Wine Club if you’re already a big fan of the Napa Valley wines they produce. Otherwise, it’s an expensive option, especially for those who aren’t familiar with wine and may be unsure of their purchase. Many other wine clubs, like Gold Medal Wine Club and Winc, have wine options from dozens of different regions from all over the world, all at more affordable prices.