Parsonage Wine Club

First planted by the Parsons family in 1998 in Carmel Valley, California, the winery has kept its small, family-owned charm. The estate is known for producing Merlot and Petit Verdot.

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    What is Parsonage wine club?

    The club is focused on providing additional benefits to those living in the Carmel Valley region, and those who love Parsonage wines. Parsonage offers wines made on a small scale and caters to those looking for a boutique experience.

    How does the Parsonage wine club work?

    It’s simple to sign up online to one of the two memberships on offer. The lower tier membership will get you four bottles of wine delivered three times per year, while the premium level has six bottles per shipment, also delivered three times per year.

    What Parsonage wine club costs

    • VIP club - Between $145 and $165 per shipment
    • The Premier club  - Between $290 and $320 per shipment

    About the wine

    Parsonage is a red wine specialist and focuses, in particular, on Merlot and Petit Verdot varietals, but usually has 12 different wines available at any one time. Others include syrah and pinot noir.

    Parsonage wine club wine brands

    Being a small, family-run vineyard, you’ll only get Parsonage brand wines as part of your membership.

    Parsonage wine club membership benefits

    • 20% discount on all other wines purchased outside of membership
    • Wine pick-up parties are thrown when you collect your wine. These parties are catered by local chefs
    • Get wines reserved that are close to being sold out

    Parsonage wine club membership programs

    • VIP club - Recieve four bottles of wine delivered three times per year, some shipments may include reserve wines
    • The Premier club - Receive six bottles delivered three times per year. Selections can sometimes include library wines that are no longer available to the public   

    Parsonage wine club membership length

    You can cancel your membership at any time. You’ll just need to give Parsonage at least 14 days’ notice before your next payment is due, or you’ll be charged for another shipment.

    Can I give Parsonage wine club as a gift?

    No, gift options aren’t currently available.

    Parsonage wine club coupon codes

    No coupons can be applied to wine club memberships.

    Parsonage price and shipping

    Shipping is a flat $14.99 for all wine club deliveries.

    The bottom line

    Parsonage may be for you if you’re a particular fan of the wines of the Carmel Valley region, or you’re already familiar with the wines on offer at Parsonage.

    Others, however, might find the selections a little limited or the price just a little too out of their budget. Parsonage also isn’t for you if you like white wines, as it only has reds on offer. Instead, you might want to try the California Wine Club. It has curated a wide range of good quality California wines, for both newcomers and long-time connoisseurs.

    If you’re after a more international flavor to your wines, you should try The Wall Street Journal Wine Club. It has selections from the world over, all at reasonable prices.