Nice Wines Wine Club Review 2021

Nice Wines is owned and operated by friends Ryan Levy and Ian Eastveld. Both are professional sommeliers and trained chefs and have been producing wines under the Nice Winery name for a number of years.

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    What is Nice Wines Wine Club

    Nice Wines runs vineyards in Texas, Argentina, and California and offers a hand-picked selection of its best wines to its club members. Many of the wines will be exclusively made for members only, and won’t be found on general sale.

    How does Nice Wines wine club work?

    Nice Wines offers five types of membership. Four are standard monthly subscription memberships, but the fifth operates a more exclusive membership model. You can’t apply online and must first email or call customer services to enquire about joining. Once admitted, you’ll be committed to a minimum one-year membership. Standard memberships require a three-month commitment and shipments are made monthly.

    What does Nice Wines cost?

    • Premium reds club - $79 per month
    • Red wine - $49 per month
    • Discovery - $39 per month
    • White wine - $39 per month
    • Exclusive winemakers club - $199 per shipment

    About the wine

    Despite being a smaller wine club, Nice Wines has vineyards located in Texas, Argentina, and California so a good range is on offer. You’ll find more typical wines like pinot noir, Chenin blanc, and malbec, alongside those unique to the winery such as its periwinkle butterfly and organic wines.

    Nice Wines wine club brand

    Only one brand is available to members, that being the Nice Wines brand itself. While you’re able to find some unique wines you might not find anywhere else, these can be expensive. If you don’t like the wines you’ll also be locked into a one year contract. Other wine clubs, such as Vinebox and Firstleaf, can offer more variety at much lower prices.

    Nice Wines wine club membership benefits

    • 20% discount on all products sold by Nice Wines
    • Access to exclusive wines not available for general sale

    Nice Wines wine club membership programs

    • Premium reds club - Two bottles of premium red each month
    • Red wine - Two standard bottles of red each month
    • Discovery - One red and one white each month
    • White wine - Two bottles of white each month
    • Exclusive winemakers club - Six premium bottles delivered three times per year, many are exclusive wines

    Nice Wines wine club membership length

    Each standard club level requires a three-month commitment while the exclusive winemakers club requires signing up for the full year.

    Can I give Nice Wines wine club as a gift?

    You can’t give the club memberships as a gift, but a range of gift cards and sets are available.

    Nice Wines wine club coupon codes

    Coupon codes aren’t available, however, club members receive discounts on all purchases.

    Nice Wines price and shipping

    Additional shipping charges are applied to all orders. The cost varies depending on which club you’re a member of and which state you live in.

    The Bottom Line

    Nice Wines is definitely tailored towards the medium-to-expensive range and to the more experienced connoisseurs. If you’re a wine newbie or are looking for clubs more within your price range, you might want to try out the Wall Street Journal Wine Club or Gold Medal.

    If you like the sound of some of the unique offerings at Nice Wines, you can always order an individual bottle to try it out.