Mission Wines Wine Club Review 2021

Mission Wines is a small, classic, hands-on wine shop based in South Pasadena, California, catering for that inexpensive bottle under $10. Its club allows members to discover small production, handcrafted, artisan wines from around the globe

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    What is Mission Wines Wine Club?

    The Mission Wines Wine Club has been in existence for more than two decades and treats members to standard hand-selected wines with grape varietals from little known winemakers.

    Its Sommelier Club allows members to customize choices to their taste, and gift cards are available for friends and family.

    How Does Mission Wines Wine Club Work?

    Unfortunately, its online signup process for its four different membership plans is a little confusing and infuriating.

    For some, you can join online, but for others, you must contact Mission Wines direct via phone or email.

    Laithwaites has cheap membership fees and provides an easy three-step process that will have you choosing premium wines in minutes. 

    How Much Does Mission Wines Wine Club Cost?

    • Explorer Club: $34.95 monthly - Two bottles.
    • Premier Club: $64.95  monthly - Two bottles.
    • Harvest Club: $180 monthly - Six bottles.
    • Sommelier Club: Customize to your budget.

    Mission Wines Wine Club selects all wines, but it does not confirm the varieties of wines included in some packages.

    About Mission Wines 

    Mission Wines stocks a moderate range of domestic and international wines for those with an inexpensive palate.

    It includes an average smattering of reds, whites, sparkling, and rosé from small wineries, and it tends to heavily promote unknown cheaper brands through its ‘top pick for under $25’. 

    Mission Wines Brands

    Mission Wines brands cater to occasional wine drinkers and promoted labels come from the lower spectrum of wineries.

    Most domestic brands available are produced in lesser-known regions that use less desirable quality grapes, leading to a bottle of inferior wine.

    If the brand is not to your taste, you’ll be locked into a three-month contract on all plans.

    Mission Wines Wine Membership Benefits

    • 10% discount on all regular wine orders.
    • Discounts on special events and tastings throughout the year.

    Mission Wines Wine Membership Programs

    • Explorer Club: Two bottles monthly - type not detailed.
    • Premier Club: Two bottles monthly - type not detailed.
    • Harvest Club: Six bottles - mix of red, white, and rosé.
    • Sommelier Club: Members can customize the selection to budget.

    Mission Wines Wine Membership Length

    Mission Wines packages tie members into a three-month minimum contract, and cancelations must be made before the 15th of the month.

    Can I Give Mission Wines Wine Club Membership As A Gift?

    It is possible to purchase wine club membership as a gift from Mission Wines, but it has no facility to include a message to the recipient.

    Mission Wines Price And Shipping

    Additional shipping charges are applied to all orders, and cost varies on the number of bottles and your state address.

    Mission Wines use UPS, and delivery of two bottles to an address in Northern California will cost a hefty $25.50; time taken for delivery is not outlined.

    It does not ship to Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Utah, or Michigan.

    What I Think About Mission Wines Wine Club (Conclusion)

    Mission Wines Wine Club is specifically for infrequent wine drinkers that have an inexpensive taste.

    Its signup process is confusing, and Mission lacks clarity as to what wines members can expect to receive on some programs, while shipping is expensive and limited.

    Other wine clubs, such as VineBox and FirstLeaf, offer much more quality and variety and are acclaimed by sommeliers and connoisseurs alike for unique wines and innovative vials at low prices.