Little Washington Winery Wine Club Review 2021

The Little Washington Winery isn’t to be found in the wine-growing regions of Washington state. It instead gets its name from the tiny town of Washington, Virginia. Washington is home to just 125 people, but the winery has three tasting rooms in and around the town.

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    What is Little Washington Winery wine club?

    In keeping with the little theme, the wine club was established to help promote other small wineries in the area, as well as those across the country. Little Washington aims to protect farmland and promote sustainable wine-growing activities throughout the region.

    How does the Little Washington wine club work?

    Two membership levels are on offer. The first focuses on the wines produced at the Little Washington Winery itself, while the second club sources wines from micro-vineyards across the country. Both clubs offer two or three bottles delivered quarterly, and you can sign up easily online.

    What Little Washington Winery wine club costs

    • Skyline wine club - Between 59$ and $89 per shipment
    • Dirt road wine club - Between $48 and $68 per month

    About the wine

    Little Washington produces 11 of its own wines including Viognier, chardonnay, petit Verdot rose, and merlot. The wines it chooses from partner wineries are changing all the time, so it’s difficult to pin down a comprehensive list.

    Little Washington Winery wine club wine brands

    As well as wines made under the Little Washington Brand, club membership gives you access to wines from micro-vineyards across the US and the globe. Unfortunately, Little Washington doesn’t list the brands it works with, but locations it sources wine from include Michigan, Hawaii, Texas, Canada, Turkey, and even the UK.

    Little Washington Winery wine club membership benefits

    • 10% discount on all other store purchases
    • Access to the Little Washington club room
    • Two complimentary tastings every time you choose to collect your shipment directly from the winery

    Little Washington Winery wine club membership programs

    • Skyline wine club - This club covers wines produced under the Little Washington brand. Choose two or three bottles to be delivered quarterly
    • Dirt road wine club - This membership level will give you access to wines sourced from micro-vineyards across the globe. These are chosen by Little Washington and will be shipped every quarter

    Little Washington Winery wine club membership length

    There are no membership lengths and you can cancel at any time.

    Can I give Little Washington Winery wine club as a gift?

    No, gift options are currently unavailable for wine club memberships.

    Little Washington Winery wine club coupon codes

    You can find discount coupons on group tours and wine tastings. However, there are no coupons for the wine club.

    Little Washington Winery price and shipping

    Little Washington currently ships to 37 states. Shipping charges vary by state.

    The bottom line

    While Little Washington does offer some unique wines from regions you might not think of as traditional wine-growing areas, your choice is still a little limited. Little Washington might be for you if you enjoy the tasting room experience and live close by.

    Some of the larger wine clubs, like Naked Wines, are also committed to supporting small-batch wineries but offer more flexibility in your choices. Naked Wines also gives you complete freedom to choose the wines you want, letting you support the wineries you like directly.