LATimes Wine Club Review 2021

The LATimes Wine Club by Californian winery Firstleaf is a good solution for anyone bored of browsing through shelves at the liquor store and looking to grow their experience. Its club is all about pairing the right wines to the right people.

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    What is LATimes Wine Club?

    An affordably priced personalized wine club founded in 2016 for those who want to learn about wines in a casual, inexpensive way.

    Five hundred thousand subscribers back it, but its innovative machine learning algorithms may require patience before the right flavor is found for your palate.

    How Does LATimes Wine Club Work?

    Prospective members take an initial quiz used to select an introductory box that calibrates the follower’s palate; all feedback is collated, and each profile updated. 

    In contrast, Wine Insiders offers an instant online subscription with no quiz and a chance to explore excellent winemakers from across the globe.

    How Much Does LATimes Wine Club Cost?

    Wine Club membership costs $90.00p/m, and for this commitment, you receive six bottles chosen by FirstLeaf.

    The average price of a bottle from its partner is $15; at this cost, it does an adequate job at sourcing labels from lesser-known regions at high-volume using inexpensive grapes.

    About LATimes Wine

    All wines available in the LATimes Wine Club are sourced from FirstLeaf, which limits members’ options.

    It does a regular job of identifying the body, sweetness, and fruit of each wine available, including a range of reds, whites, and rosés. 

    LA Times Wine Brands

    Most of the brands sourced are local, drawing on wines produced in areas of California with lower real-estate costs like Paso Robles and Lodi. At the same time, those from abroad come from lesser-known regions in France and Italy.

    Devil’s Advocate 

    Devil’s Advocate is from little known New York winery, Stupendous Cellar’s, its third brand featuring a red blend and three-single varietal wines.

    St. Audette Nuit

    A family-run winery based in the region of Pays D’Oc, France, St. Audette Nuit’s  Burgundian varietal has drawn some interest.

    LA Times Wine Club Membership Benefits

    • Satisfaction Guarantee: It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for any dissatisfied customers.
    • Discount Opportunities: An introductory offer of $39 is available on sampling six wines, shipping is included, but sales tax will apply.

          When it comes to customer satisfaction, it averages a standard 3.8 in online reviews.

    LA Times Wine Club Membership Programs

    It has only one membership program, and the introductory offer does jump to $90p/m after the first month.

    LA Times Wine Club Membership Length 

    The wine club has three membership lengths, monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly; wines are sent until membership is canceled.

    Can I Give LA Times Wine Club Membership As A Gift?

    LA Times Wine Club gifts are available; however, there’s no prepaid subscription, and you can’t include personalized messages.

    LA Times Wine Club Price And Shipping

    Shipping via FirstLeaf ranges from 2 days to more than three weeks, depending on your address, and the standard charge is $9.95.

    What I Think About LA Times Wine Club (Conclusion)

    The LA Times Wine Club is focused on those new to wine with inexpensive taste buds.

    The nearby California Wine Club would be a better choice for newcomers and oenophiles, sourcing the most beautiful handcrafted wines from regions such as Santa Barbara and Napa County.

    LA Times membership gifts leave a lot to be desired, Plonk has a better range of options from seasonal favorites to customized gift plans available to print or email.