Lasseter Family Winery Wine Club Review 2021

The Lasseter Family winery can be found in Remick Ridge in Sonoma County, California. It’s known for its popular winery tours and beautiful setting for wine tastings.

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    What is the Lasseter Family Winery wine club?

    The wine club membership was established to cater to those customers looking for an old-world style of wine. Membership is definitely geared towards those who’ve already visited the winery and sampled what it has to offer. As well as the different club options, a number of other benefits include exclusive events and complimentary tours.

    How does the Lasseter Family Winery wine club work?

    You choose from three different membership levels, each one offering a different level of discount and a variety of other benefits. You can sign up on the website or ask any questions you have via the live chat function. Each club level delivers you a shipment each quarter with between 3 and 12 bottles.

    What the Lasseter Family Winery wine club costs

    There isn’t a set cost for each membership level. Instead, you’ll get a varying discount on the wines you choose. Individual bottles range from $28 to $125 and the more bottles you order, the bigger the discount. It still can get quite expensive, however.

    • Taster club - 15% discount - Average cost $170 per shipment
    • Enthusiast club - 20% discount - Average cost $400 per shipment
    • Collector club - 20% discount - Average cost $800 per shipment

    About the wine

    The Lasseter Family Winery is relatively small in comparison to those you might see from other wine clubs. Currently, 10 wines are on offer including syrah, merlot blends, and malbec.

    Lasseter Family Winery wine club wine brands

    Only the Lasseter Family brand is available for wine club members.

    Lasseter Family Winery wine club membership benefits

    • Additional discounts on wines and merchandise
    • Invitations to club-only events at the winery
    • Complimentary tours and tastings

    Lasseter Family Winery wine club membership programs

    • Taster club - 3 to 4 bottles delivered quarterly
    • Enthusiast club - 6 bottles delivered quarterly
    • Collector club - 12 bottles delivered quarterly

    Lasseter Family Winery wine club membership length

    Minimum membership lengths are not stated, you’ll have to contact Lasseter directly to confirm whether you’ll be tied into a contract.

    Can I give the Lasseter Family Winery wine club as a gift?

    No, you may only sign up for the club yourself.

    Lasseter Family Winery wine club coupon codes

    Lasseter occasionally runs promotional codes directly on its website. Check-in regularly to learn more.

    Lasseter Family Winery price and shipping

    Shipping will be charged in addition to your membership. This will vary depending on the wine being delivered and the state you live in.

    The bottom line

    If you’re in the local area you might want to check out the highly rated Lasseter Family Winery tour and try out some of the wines. However, the club is for Lasseter enthusiasts only. Some of the prices will be very prohibitive to some people, especially those who might be wine newbies.

    The California Wine Club can offer similar varieties of wine but at a cheaper membership cost. It also has access to a large number of vineyards across California, giving you a wide range of choices.