K&L Wines Wine Club Review 2021

Due to its longevity in the wine industry and bulk purchasing worldwide, K&L Wine Club offers members access to various wines at adequate price points. It has six membership clubs along with a personal Sommelier service where members can tailor wines to their taste.

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    What is K&L Wine Club?

    K&L Wines began its journey back in 1976, selling domestic and international wines operating three retail stores in San Francisco, Redwood City, and Hollywood.

    Its Best Buy and Premium wine clubs feature white wines from California and Europe, and signature reds are imported from lesser-known wine regions in Australia and South America.

    How Does K&L Wine Club Work?

    Those interested in joining K&L Wine Club can contact the office via phone or email; it does have an online registration process, but it can be quite cumbersome. 

    How Much Does K&L Wine Club Cost?

    K&L Wine Club costs for membership clubs are detailed below:

    • Best Buy Wine Club: $19.99 monthly.
    • Premium Wine Club: $29.95 monthly.
    • Signature Red Collection: $49.95 monthly.
    • Le Club Francais: $59.99 monthly.
    • Champagne Club: $69.95 monthly.
    • Club Italiano: $39.95 per shipment.

    All club costs exclude shipping, and members receive two bottles on all programs, which is a little inflexible.

    About K&L Wine

    K&L Wines claims partnerships with wineries worldwide and has several varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay, but most come from lesser-known small operations.

    K&L Wine Club Brands

    Farnetella: Farnetella is a small family-run winery based in the southeast of Italy.

    K&L stock its 2017 ‘Lucilla’ a red, which some may find quite muscular; it lacks fruit and has a sweet-and-sour character.

    Calera Central Coast: A Californian winery its Pinot Noir is made from grapes grown in the central coast viticultural area but does disturbingly leave a taste likened to blackberry jam on the palate.

    K&L Wine Club Membership Benefits

    Membership benefits are limited at K&L Wine Club; you’ll find no discounts at all, although it has a personal sommelier service that allows wines to be chosen based on specific taste.

    In comparison, WSJ Wine Club has many benefits for members, including a money-back guarantee, exclusive discounts, and exceptional shipping offers.

    K&L Wine Club Membership Programs

    • Best Buy Wine Club: Two bottles monthly.
    • Premium Wine Club: Two bottles monthly.
    • Signature Red Collection: Two bottles of red wine monthly.
    • Le Club Francais: Two bottles monthly.
    • Champagne Club: Two bottles of Champagne monthly.
    • Club Italiano: Two bottles of selected Italian wine, monthly.

    K&L Wine Club selects all wines in consultation with its buyers.

    K&L Wine Club Membership Length

    Members are tied into a minimum three-month membership.

    Can I Give K&L Wine Club Membership As A Gift?

    No membership gifting is available for the K&L Wine Club.

    K&L Wine Club Price and Shipping

    K&L uses FedEx, which takes from one to five days to deliver; for a two-bottle membership delivery to Los Angeles, charges are $19.58.

    What I think About K&L Wine Club (Conclusion)

    The K&L Wine Club is for those looking to discover lesser-known wineries domestically and from abroad.

    It disappoints with a lack of real benefits for members and the flexibility of its programs.

    The California Wine Club gives its members better choice with up to four bottles of higher quality wines across more diverse membership programs.

    If you like to determine your own wine choice, Winc is a better option and friendlier to newbies.