Kendall-Jackson Wine Club Review 2021

In 1982, a downturn in the grape market led Jess Jackson and his wife Jane Kendall Wadlow Jackson to begin producing wine instead of selling grapes, and the Kendall-Jackson winery was established. Based in Santa Rosa, California, Kendall-Jackson produces a mix of varieties from Chardonnay to Pinot Gris. Initially, it favored blending wines from different regions. To improve its quality, it recently reversed this to concentrate on the terrier concept.

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    What Is Kendall-Jackson Wine Club?

    Kendall-Jackson Wine Club began life in the 1990s to promote its in-house productions.

    It offers two tiers of membership, Signature, and Estates, where you can customize wine choice between a mix of reds and whites.

    However, once you join, you are tied into a three-shipment contract, and it has no flexibility with delivery as all wines are shipped quarterly.

    How Does Kendall-Jackson Wine Club Work?

    Kendall-Jackson Wine Club has several online steps you follow to join:

    1. Click on the tab that says ‘Wine Club’.
    2. Click on ‘Join’ under the club of interest.
    3. Customize your selection.
    4. Enter your personal and payment details 
    5. Setup user id and password
    6. Choose wine and shipping type preferences.
    7. Select ‘Submit’ and await your order.

    How Much Does Kendall-Jackson Wine Club Cost?

    Kendall-Jackson isn’t exact with prices and states a range of average costs on its membership options; this may lead to higher than expected charges.

    • Signature Club: Mixed Wines $130 -$155 per shipment.
    • Signature Club: Red Wines    $130 -$155 per shipment.
    • Signature Club: White Wines $125 -$140 per shipment.
    • Estate Club: Mixed Wines      $225 -$275 per shipment.
    • Estate Club: Red Wines         $225 -$275 per shipment.
    • Estate Club: White Wines      $175 -$200 per shipment.

    Wine Insiders has much more reasonably priced membership plans and a vaster expanse of wines exceeding 100,000 brands.

    About Kendall-Jackson Wine 

    Kendall-Jackson produces all wines available. It has a minimal stock of varieties, including Zinfandel, Pinot Blanc, Merlot, and Syrah - for some, you will find only one or two bottles available.

    Kendall-Jackson Wine Brands

    Kendall-Jackson has five different wine brands. Here are its most popular:

    Stature: This is the so-called pinnacle of its collection, although its Cabernet Sauvignon mix of deep, dark plum with a cigar flavor might not be to everybody’s taste.

    Vintner’s Reserve: The Vintner’s Reserve includes Kendall’s flagship flavors and aims to highlight the fruits of the California coast, although some of its whites taste a little fizzy.

    Kendall-Jackson Wine Club Membership Benefits

    • Discounts off bottled wines and cases, 20% and 25%, respectively.
    • Complimentary tastings for up to four guests.
    • Flat rate shipping on all club orders.

    Kendall-Jackson Wine Club Membership Programs

    Kendall-Jackson has two membership options, offering four or six bottles three times per year, and members can customize between whites and reds.

    Kendall-Jackson Wine Club Membership Length

    If you join the club, you will be tied into a three-shipment contract that simply is one year’s membership. 

    Can I Give Kendall-Jackson Wine Club Membership As A Gift?

    Kendall-Jackson does not offer gifts for membership.

    Kendall-Jackson Price & Shipping

    The winery ships with FedEx and UPS but does not detail exact charges or time taken for delivery on its website.

    What I Think About Kendall-Jackson Wine Club (Conclusion)

    Kendall-Jackson’s Wine Club features in-house produced wines with only a limited variety for members, and some may find benefits minimal and prices high.

    Vinebox offers a more significant variation of wines at much more reasonable costs, while the membership perks at Naked Wines are superior, since a complimentary bottle every month is included.