Kamen Estate Wine Club Review 2021

In 1980 Kamen Estate Wines was established by scriptwriter Robert Mark Kamen, author of original stories such as The Karate Kid and The Fifth Element. Based in the pristine wilderness of Sonoma, California, its wine club is more a loyalty program designed to secure your interest in its estate cabernet.

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    What is Kamen Estate Wine Club?

    Kamen Wine Club allows members to purchase from its small production of wines and receive additional perks.

    It has three types of membership options where you can select six, twelve, or twenty-four bottles bi-annual or annually from its in-house range.

    How Does Kamen Estate Wine Club Work?

    To join its wine club members follow a five-step online process as follows:

    1. Select the ‘wine club’ tab on its website.
    2. Choose the package that’s right for you.
    3. Register with your login, personal, and payment details.
    4. Log in to manage your account.

    How Much Does Kamen Estate Wine Club Cost?

    Incredibly, Kamen Estate Wine Club does not detail the costs of the three membership options it offers; only on signup completion will you get the exact figure.

    Vinebox Wine Club details precisely how much its programs cost and members receive a variety of rare domestic and international wines at affordable prices.

    About Kamen Estate Wines

    Once you sign up for Kamen Estate Wine Club, you will only receive in-house produce from the winery.

    Kamen’s moderate selection includes a small offering of both reds and whites, those fond of sparkling, rosé and dessert wines will be disappointed.

    Kamen Estate Wine Brands

    Below are some examples of the wines the Kamen brand produce which members receive:

    2017 Cabernet Sauvignon: This red has a powerhouse of flavors and is not for the faint-hearted with its aromas of perfumed plums and Indian spice. However, we did get a hint of raisin smell, which is never suitable for a cabernet.

    2018 Sauvignon Blanc: Its Sauvignon Blanc is made in concrete egg tanks without malolactic fermentation, which preserves the aromatics and acidity of the wine. This offering is quite acidic, and its intense cherry flavors may not be for everybody’s palate.

    Kamen Estate Wine Club Membership Benefits 

    • Free tickets to Kamen Estates annual pre-release tasting.
    • Complimentary ground shipping for orders of more than six bottles.

    Kamen Estate Wine Club Membership Programs

    • Tier 1: 24 bottles annually.
    • Tier 2: 12 bottles annually.
    • Tier 3: 6 bottles annually

    Kamen Estates select all wines from its inventory, and the availability of specific wines is not guaranteed.

    Kamen Estate Membership Wine Club Length

    Kamen Wine Club does not detail if members are tied into any contracts on joining or if it has a cut-off point regarding receiving shipments.

    Can I Give A Kamen Estate Membership As A Gift?

    Unfortunately, it has no facility to give any membership gifts.

    Kamen Estate Wine Club Price & Shipping

    For members, on the two top tier programs, Kamen offers free ground shipping, although this is a lengthy way of travel, and wine may get damaged.

    Kamen does not outline shipping charges for the lower-tier plan.

    What I Think About Kamen Estate Wine Club (Conclusion)

    Kamen Wine Club has a limited array of locally produced wines available to its members; benefits are sparse, though, and not listing costs is pretty unreliable.

    You are also limited to in-house wines, and even though free shipping is included for some programs, it’s only ground shipping, which is the cheapest option and may lead to damaged goods.

    Winc and California Wine Club offer much better quality wines from the U.S. and abroad, with shipping options customized.