Italian Wine Merchants Wine Club Review 2021

The Italian Wine Merchants club is aimed at satisfying the tastes of wine collectors and enthusiasts across the US.

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    What is the Italian Wine Merchants wine club?

    As the name might suggest, the focus here is on Italian wines. Dozens of brands are on offer from 20 different regions across Italy, though a few other international options are also available. Wine tasting sessions and events are held regularly at the Italian Wine Merchants showroom in New York. 

    How does the Italian Wine Merchants wine club work?

    Choose from one of three membership levels, each catered to cover different tastes. However, club starting prices can be a little high for some budgets. Each club level will get you three bottles of wines delivered each month, although you’ll have to commit to either a 3, 6, or 12-month membership. 

    What Italian Wine Merchants wine club costs

    • Exploration club - $99 per month
    • Big wines club - $179 per month
    • Sergio’s cellar club - $299

    About the wine

    As you’d expect, all of the major Italian wine-growing regions are covered, including Abruzzo, Sicily, Puglia, Tuscany, Lombardy, and Calabria. There are a few US, French and Argentinian wines on offer too.

    Italian Wine Merchants wine club wine brands

    Dozens of brands are available, although you won’t get to choose which ones are delivered as part of your club membership. Some brands include:

    Agricola Punica

    A winery on the island of Sardinia, this brand has come out with an interesting experimental syrah in recent years.


    This winery was established 30 years ago in the north of Italy near Genoa.

    La Spinetta

    Three brothers run the La Spinetta estate which is known for its Moscato.

    De Conciliis 

    Founded in the Campania region of southern Italy, the De Conciliis winery benefits from fertile volcanic soils.


    This estate dates back to 1953 and is based in Montalcino.

    Italian Wine Merchants wine club membership benefits

    • Tasting notes are delivered as part of each shipment so you can learn about your wines
    • Access to a number of members-only events
    • 10% discount if you choose to reorder any of your club wines

    Italian Wine Merchants wine club membership programs

    • Exploration club - Intended as a beginner’s guide to Italian wines. Receive 3 bottles of wine each month
    • Big wines club - Intended for those already familiar with Italian wines but want to broaden their knowledge. You’ll get 3 bottles each month
    • Sergio’s cellar club - These are selected from some of the most expensive and premium wines in the collection. Receive 3 bottles per month.

    Italian Wine Merchants wine club membership length

    You’ll have to commit to a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription. Outside of this, you can cancel any time.

    Can I give Italian Wine Merchants wine club as a gift?

    No, membership options cannot currently be gifted.

    Italian Wine Merchants wine club coupon codes

    We couldn't find any discount coupon codes at the time of writing.

    Italian Wine Merchants price and shipping

    Shipping is extra, though the price will depend on which state you live in.

    The bottom line

     If you absolutely love Italian wines, you might want to check out Italian Wine Merchants. However, the high price tag and lack of choice might put some people off. You might want to try Firstleaf or the WSJ wine club, which both offer Italian wine options with more flexibility.