Girad Wine Club Review 2021

Girad is a small winery that has been producing wines in Napa Valley for more than forty years. It has had a long relationship with local growers and uses small-batch fermentation techniques during the production of its moderate selection of wines.

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    What is Girad Wine Club?

    Girad gives you the choice of three different wine clubs that include a classic collection of its limited selection of cabernet and red varietals.

    It selects all wines, and only ships quarterly on all membership plans lacking the delivery frequency and variety of larger wine clubs such as the Gold Medal Wine Club.

    How Does Girad Wine Club Work?

    To sign up to the Girad Wine Club follow these steps:

    1. Click on the tab that says ‘Club’.
    2. Click on ‘Join Now’ under the relevant club.
    3. Customize your selection.
    4. Register your details and agree to terms
    5. Click on ‘Join Club’ to complete.

    How Much Does Girad Wine Club Cost?

    Girad is not precise on its pricing and only gives average costs; amounts do not include shipping charges.

    • Vintner’s Classic Club offers four bottles of mixed, red, or white shipped every quarter, ranging between $90 and $180.
    • Cabernet Collectors Club costs between $280 - $360, offering the same number of bottles and shipping frequency.
    • Cellar Elite Club ships twelve bottles quarterly, starting at $800.

    All About Girad Wine

    Only wines produced by Girad are available as part of club membership.

    These include a standard array of grape varieties, including Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Girad Wine Club Brands

    The wine club only supplies members with Girad branded wines, and over the years, it has produced a selection of different wines.

    However, given the often limited nature of the production runs, it is difficult to get a range of choices, so new releases are rare.

    Girad Wine Club Membership Benefits

    • 20% Discount on all wine & merchandise purchases.
    • Complimentary wine tasting for you and four guests.
    • Invitations to wine club events.

    Girad Wine Club Membership Programs

    Girad Wine Club has three membership programs, although you don’t get much flexibility on delivery.

    • Vintner’s Classic Club: offers four bottles of mixed, red, or white shipped every quarter. 
    • Cabernet Collectors Club: the same number of bottles of Girad’s Cabernet Sauvignon, and shipping frequency is also quarterly.
    • Cellar Elite Club: twelve bottles of a variety of in-house reds shipped quarterly.

    Girad Wine Club Membership Length

    In joining the Girad Wine Club, members are tied into a one-year contract with no early release clause.

    Can I Give Girad Wine Club Membership As A Gift?

    Yes, membership gifting is available, all are prepaid, and you can choose a club type and duration on the Girad website.

    However, the recipient will have to wait up to seven days to receive a welcome letter from the club.

    Girad Wine Club Price & Shipping

    Girad states packages of twelve or more bottles will only have a shipping charge of 1c.

    It gives no details about the cost of shipping lower volume or the exact time taken to deliver.

    What I Think About Girad Wine Club (Conclusion)

    The Girad Wine Club has a good selection of membership programs but is specifically for wine enthusiasts who enjoy this domestic brand.

    Its selection is limited with no international wine available, and given this, some may find its prices quite high.

    Winc produces better quality wines with an annual production of 300,000, and its wine club is more reasonably priced, while Firstleaf Wine Club offers a wide range of award-winning international wines.