Cultivar Wine Club Review 2021

Cultivar is the brainchild of San Francisco siblings Jody Harris and Gingy Harris Gable, whose love of wine grew from visiting family in the Napa Valley region of California. Its wine club provides members with tastes from its small winery, which has been producing wines now for several years.

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    What Is Cultivar Wine Club?

    Cultivar Wine Club has three membership plans which promote its minimal portfolio of in-house creations.

    Sourced from Napa Valley and Sonoma’s appellations, it has a small number of grape varieties, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sauvignon Blanc.

    How Does Cultivar Wine Club Work?

    Cultivar Wine Club has several online steps you follow to purchase wine club membership:

    1. Click on the tab that says ‘Wine Club’.
    2. Click on the relevant club of interest.
    3. Enter your shipping details.
    4. Detail payment information.
    5. Add to Cart.
    6. Proceed To Checkout.

    How Much Does Cultivar Wine Club Cost?

    • 4 Bottle Membership: Cost $175 + $29 shipping.
    • 12 Bottle Membership: Cost $500 inc. shipping.
    • 3 Bottle Membership: Cost $276 + $29 shipping (Casper Estate Brand)

    Both the three and twelve bottle options can also be picked up directly from Cultivar’s store.

    About Cultivar Wine

    All wines produced by Cultivar are available to the wine club. You will also find a limited selection from its previous incarnation Capar Estate which was replaced in 2011 to offer more approachable wines.

    On top of this minimal selection, the wines are average with a typical range of grape varietals such as Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Nice Wines offers more variety with vineyards in Texas, Argentina, and California, hand-picking selections exclusively made for members not found on general sale. 

    Cultivar Wine Brands

    Only one brand is available to members, that being the Cultivar one itself.

    This leaves you with a limited selection of wines being delivered each quarter, and you won’t find many online customer reviews about its brand.

    Cultivar Wine Club Membership Benefits

    • 20% discount on all Cultivar wines.
    • Invitations to Cultivar member-only events.

    Cultivar Wine Club Membership Programs

    Cultivar has several membership options, including three, four, and twelve bottle plans, each shipped quarterly.

    Disappointingly, it recently closed its monthly subscription program, which provided two bottles of in-house wines to members.

    Cultivar Wine Club Membership Length

    Cultivar does not specify if it has any contract length as part of its membership packages. All wines are shipped each quarter, February, May, September, and November, and payments are taken beforehand.

    Can I Get A Cultivar Wine Club Membership As A Gift?

    You can give a club membership as a gift, and it also has gift cards available for selected amounts.

    Cultivar Wine Club Price and Shipping

    Cultivar’s standard charge for shipping is $29, and the price for its 12 bottle membership option includes free shipping.

    It does not state on its website time taken for delivery and if any states are exempt.

    What I Think About Cultivar Wine Club (Conclusion)

    Cultivar Wine Club provides members with a standard array of in-house wines at high price points and is specifically for those who enjoy the brand.

    You are quite limited in choice compared to larger clubs, specifically with no international wine option, or flexibility over the regularity of shipments for membership plans.

    If you are looking for a broader range of affordable premium wines with more flexibility, look no further than Plonk or Winc wine clubs.