Cougar Vineyards and Winery Wine Club Review 2021

Cougar Vineyards and Winery is a stop on the De Portola Wine Trail in the Temecula Valley, California. The wine trail is a tour of 11 vineyards in the region, and Cougar is one of the larger vineyards on the route at 17 acres.

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    What is Cougar Vineyards and Winery wine club?

    The wine club is aimed at those who enjoy visiting the winery and the wider De Portola Wine Trail. As well as a selection of local wines, membership gets you access to complimentary wine tastings and invites to exclusive events.

    How does the Cougar Vineyards and Winery wine club work?

    Only one membership level is on offer at Cougar. Simply choose how many bottles of wine you’d like delivered each quarter; four or six. You choose which wines you’d like and a discount of either 25% or 30% is applied.

    What Cougar Vineyards and Winery wine club costs

    There isn’t a set charge per shipment at Cougar. Instead, you choose how many bottles you’d like and a discount on the retail price is applied.

    • Four bottles - 25% discount
    • Six bottles - 30% discount

    About the wine

    Cougar currently has 16 wines on offer including falanghina, Sangiovese, negroamaro, and Primitivo.

    Cougar Vineyards and Winerywine club wine brands

    You’ll only get access to Cougar brand wines as part of your membership. You do however get to select the wines yourself.

    Cougar Vineyards and Winery wine club membership benefits

    • Additional 5% discount on all shop purchases made outside of the wine club membership
    • Complimentary wine tasting for you and up to three guests
    • Access to invite-only events held at the winery

    Cougar Vineyards and Winery wine club membership programs

    There’s only one membership program available at Cougar. You just need to choose whether you’d like four or six bottles delivered every quarter.

    Cougar Vineyards and Winery wine club membership length

    There are no contracts and you can cancel your membership at any time. However, you must give at least 30 days’ notice before your next shipment is due, or you’ll be charged.

    Can I give Cougar Vineyards and Winery wine club as a gift?

    No, wine club membership is not currently available as a gift.

    Cougar Vineyards and Winery wine club coupon codes

    You can occasionally find two-for-one coupons on wine tastings at the vineyard, however, no coupons are available on club membership as it’s already discount based.

    Cougar Vineyards and Winery price and shipping

    Shipping on six bottles or more is completely free. If you choose the four-bottle club option, shipping costs will vary by state.

    The bottom line

    Cougar’s wine club is a good choice if you’re already familiar with the wines and those of the De Portola Wine Trail. For others, however, the selection might be a little limited.

    If you like Californian wines, you could try the California Wine Club instead. It has wines from all over the region, including the Temecula Valley, and has very affordable membership levels.

    If you’re looking for something a little more international, Naked Wines has options from 12 different countries to choose from.