Club Jeroboam Review 2021

Club Jeroboam is a wine subscription service offering a number of different membership options. It stands out from other clubs through its guided tours and wine tasting sessions from its base in Dallas, Texas.

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    What is Club Jeroboam wine club?

     Club Jeroboam offers a more personal service among wine clubs and has three easy-to-understand subscription levels. As one of the smaller clubs, Jeroboam doesn’t have quite the same large selection as some of its competitors such as Laithewaites or Naked Wines, but some good choices are available if you look for them.

     How does Club Jeroboam wine club work?

     The sign-up process can be completed quickly via the club Jeroboam website. Simply pick your subscription level, create your flavor profile, choose your wines and you’ll start to receive monthly shipments. If you don’t like any of the wines, you can switch out for a different wine, no questions asked.

     What Club Jeroboam costs

     You’ve got three subscription options available to you:

     The Standard Package - $49 per shipment - receive three bottles

    • Club Jeroboam Package - $99 per shipment - receive three bottles
    • Club Cuvee - $99 per shipment - receive two bottles

    About the wine

     Despite being one of the smaller wine clubs, you can still find a good range of wines. You’ll choose from 20 white wine options, 46 reds, and 21 sparkling. However, the rose offerings are a little sparse with only seven to choose from. 

    You’ll commonly see variants such as pinot noir, simple cabernets, chardonnay, and sauvignon blanc. Bear in mind though that each bottle is also individually priced, and not all wines may be available in the subscription packages.

    Club Jeroboam Wine Club wine brands

     Club Jeroboam primarily deals with reputable US brands but has a few international ones available. Popular choices include:

    Billhook - Red Blend

    A family-run vineyard in the hills of Santa Barbara County with more than 30 years’ growing experience. The Red Blend is a reasonably priced option with flavors of dark cherry and plum.

    Decero - Cabernet

    Decero has been making wine in the foothills of the Andes in Argentina since the 1970s. The cool air and high altitude give a unique taste to the grapes grown there. 

    Shooting Stars - Sauvignon Blanc

    Shooting Stars is based in Lake County, California. With flavors of pink grapefruit and pineapple, the sauvignon blanc is one of its budget options.

    Club Jeroboam wine club membership benefits

    • Personal wine profile - When signing up to the club, you’ll create your own wine profile and receive products tailored to your preferences
    • One-of-a-kind wines - Club Jeroboam will occasionally commission one-off or specialty wines exclusively for its subscription members. However, it is not stated on the website how often these become available

    Club Jeroboam wine club membership programs

    There are three levels of membership on offer:

    • The Standard - Choose three bottles from a number of hand-picked wines priced at the mid to low range
    • The Club Jeroboam  - Select from a more premium range of wines and choose three bottles to be delivered each month
    • Club Cuvee - Choose two bottles of premium sparkling wine. Club Jeroboam will also include wines commissioned exclusively for club Cuvee members

    Club Jeroboam wine club membership length

    Membership length isn’t made clear in the terms and conditions area of the website, so it’s difficult to state whether you’ll be locked into any kind of long term contract. There’s no cancel option via the website, so you’d have to contact them directly for details.

    Can I give Club Jeroboam wine club as a gift?

    You cannot currently gift a subscription membership, however, a number of separate gift packages are available via the website.

    Club Jeroboam wine club coupon codes

    We couldn’t find any coupons or voucher codes available to use with Club Jeroboam.

     Club Jeroboam price and shipping

    It's not clear from the Club Jeroboam website how much you’ll pay in shipping costs. Shipping is stated as being free on any gifts ordered, but there’s no confirmation of shipping charges for wine club members. We’d recommend contacting Club Jeroboam to confirm.

     The bottom line

     Club Jeroboam offers a reasonable selection of wines in affordable packages. However, the choice just isn’t quite as good as you’d get with other, larger wine clubs. If it’s choice you’re looking for, you might want to start by checking out Gold Medal Wine Club. It has dozens of varieties from all around the world. Naked Wines, for example, has cheaper options as well as a range of discounts you can apply to your orders.