90 Plus Wine Club Review 2021

90 Plus Wine Club deals with foreign members, primarily in Japan, offering wines from the Napa Valley region and produced by lesser-known international winemakers. It preselects the brands for its members, and all have a 90+ rating from a selection of local critics.

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    What is 90 Plus Wine Club?

    The 90 Plus Wine Club was founded in the early noughties by Jack Sakazaki, and all produce is from local California wineries for the Japanese market.

    Its membership is specifically geared to wine enthusiasts in Japan, and it does not focus much on the domestic U.S. market.

    Naked Wines Club has a much more diverse international network, working with more than 150 worldwide wineries.

    How Does 90 Plus Wine Club Work?

    To join the 90 Plus Wine Club, follow the steps below:

    1. Click on the ‘Join Our Wine Club’ tab.
    2. Click on ‘Join Now’ under the plan required.
    3. Register your details to create an account.
    4. You will receive a confirmation email.

    How Much Does 90 Plus Wine Club Cost?

    90 Plus Wine Club has two membership plans available:

    • Platinum Wine Club: $600 - $700 per quarter includes shipping.
    • Wine Member Club: $1,130 half-yearly includes shipping.

    About 90 Plus Wine 

    90 Plus Wine Club has a moderate range of wine varietals grown in the Napa Valley region and surrounding areas. Its collection comes from an assortment of small family-run wineries, and it heavily favors red wines with a limited range of whites and rosé.

    90 Plus Wine Brands

    Some of the brands available at 90 Plus Wine Club are listed below:

    Capiaux Cellar: Founded in 1994 in Napa County, this small winery focuses primarily on Pinot Noir, producing only single-vineyard bottlings.

    50 Harvests: These come from the Scotto family winery in California, honoring its 50th harvest.

    Its Meritage Red ‘15 is a ruby color with tones of crimson, although it is a poor imitation of a ‘Premier Cru’ from the Bordeaux region.

    90 Plus Wine Club Membership Benefits

    • Access to local wine storage services in Japan.
    • Special Invitations to Wine Events and Tastings held by 90 Plus.
    • Lower Shipping Rates to Japan.

    90 Plus Wine Club Membership Programs

    The 90 Plus Wine Club has two membership programs:

    • Platinum Wine Club: Members enjoy three shipments a year, Feb, May, and Oct, receiving twelve bottles per quarter.
    • Wine Member Club: With this program, members receive two shipments a year, twenty-four bottles in total.

    All wines are selected by the 90 Plus Wine Club.

    90 Plus Wine Club Membership Length

    Membership and registration fees are charged at the start of the year, so members are locked in for one full year.

    Can I Give A 90 Plus Wine Club Membership As A Gift?

    90 Plus Wine Club does not offer any online membership gift cards.

    90 Plus Wine Club Price & Shipping

    The 90 Plus Wine Club shipping time depends on your address and typically takes between 5 days and two weeks.

    Shipping costs range from $150 to $180 per shipment.

    What I Think About 90 Plus Wine Club (Conclusion)

    90 Plus Wine Club is primarily targeted at the Japanese market, providing wine lovers an easy-way to taste lesser-known wines from the California area.

    Some may find membership fees quite high, with a limited choice of programs and benefits.

    The California Wine Club has a broader variety of choices, offering members six different unique programs.

    Winc Wine Club has a more affordable and better standard of local and exotic wines for its domestic and international audiences with the lowest shipping charges in the industry.