3 Parks Wine Shop Review 2021

3 Parks Wine Shop is a boutique wine shop based in Atlanta, Georgia. Its services are very much geared towards the local community in Atlanta, and it offers a number of wine tastings and private events alongside its wine club.

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    What is 3 Parks Wine Shop wine club?

    The 3 Parks Wine Shop Wine club was established to help customers try out new wines every month. The shop staff hand select your wines and you’ll receive up to 6 bottles of wine each month. 

    How does the 3 Parks Wine Shop wine club work?

    Sign-up can be done very easily online and you choose between three different levels of membership. There’s even an all-natural wine club, which you might not expect to see from a small boutique shop like this one. Unfortunately, terms and conditions aren’t completely clear and it’s not stated how many shipments you must commit to.

    What 3 Parks Wine Shop wine club costs

    • Standard wine club - Between $50 and $80 per month
    • Vero natural wine club - $80 per month
    • Rose club - $85 per month

    About the wine

    3 Parks Wine doesn’t list the types of wine it has available on its website. As it's always on the lookout for the best wines, the stock is changing all of the time. This means you’ll have to visit the store in person to see what wines are currently available and get an idea of the types of wines it offers. 3 Parks hosts regular tasting events in-store, so this wine club may not be for you if you don’t live in the Atlanta area.

    3 Parks Wine Shop wine club wine brands

    The staff at 3 Parks Wine will handpick your wines for you. It’s difficult to get information on the brands on offer though as these are always changing. So your deliveries may be a bit of a mystery box.

    3 Parks Wine Shop wine club membership benefits

    3 Parks doesn’t state any other member benefits outside of regular wine deliveries.

    3 Parks Wine Shop wine club membership programs

    • Standard wine club - Receive either 4 or 6 bottles of wine each month
    • Vero natural wine club - Receive 3 bottles of natural wine each month
    • Rose club - Receive 6 bottles of rose each month

    3 Parks Wine Shop wine club membership length

    Membership length isn’t stated, you’ll have to contact 3 Parks directly to confirm.

    Can I give 3 Parks Wine Shop wine club as a gift?

    Yes, you can gift a 3, 6, or 12-month membership

    3 Parks Wine Shop wine club coupon codes

    Coupon codes are available on shop purchases, but cannot be used on club memberships.

    3 Parks Wine Shop price and shipping

    Shipping prices aren’t stated, and it’s not clear if those outside of the Atlanta area can join.

    The bottom line

    If you’re in the Atlanta area, the 3 Parks Wine Shop is worth a visit, and the wine club is reasonably priced. However, if you’re looking for a wide choice, nationwide shipping options, and more flexibility, you should try one of the larger wine clubs like Wine Insiders or Plonk.