Wisconsin Wine Clubs

Best Wine Club in Wisconsin 2021

You’ll find all the best wines that ship to Wisconsin in our 'top picks' list. We’ve looked at delivery options, wine quality, the choice of world region styles on offer, member perks, plan pricing, and only featured the cream of the crop.

Written by Lucie Robson Updated on September 1, 2021

What is the Best Wisconsin Wine Club?

Winc is hands down, the best club for Wisconsin. It highlights the best artisanal Californian producers have to offer as well as exciting labels from around the world. You can look forward to customized shipments filled with quality and variety.

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Here Quick View of the Best Wisconsin Wine Clubs Overall

  • Free Shipping over $50
  • Winc Credits
  • Flexible Subscription
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  • Complimentary Gift Bottle
  • Voucher Code
  • Support's Small Boutique Wineries
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  • Customized orders
  • 50$ Discount for the first order
  • Wine varieties from around the world
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  • Return empty bottles of wines you don’t enjoy
  • Different types of plans
  • Lab Tested
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Our Top Pick
  • Gift cards
  • Purchase individual bottles
  • A blog for wine enthusiasts
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  • Gift sets for loved ones
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Martha Stewart wines
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  • VINEBOX Advent Calendar
  • Seasonally Intuitive Wine Box
  • Rare Wine
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  • Wine tasting events
  • Wedding service
  • Tasting courses
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  • Current and past wines
  • Seasonal prices
  • Mixed wine club
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  • Six clubs available
  • Wine club gifts
  • Flexible ordering options
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How to Choose the Best Wisconsin Wine Club?

First, make sure that delivery to Wisconsin is a given then check out the product range and philosophy to see if both suit what you want in a wine club. Once you’ve got a few clubs in your sights, go for the one that suits your pocket.

Top 10 Wisconsin Wine Clubs

#1 Winc - Showcase top-notch artisanal California winemaking with fellow fans.

When two wine lovers and a sommelier formed Winc in 2012, their sole aim was to put artisanal California winemaking center stages and share the love. Today they have a loyal membership of fellow fans.

  • Pros: Hand-selected and produced quality wines
  • Cons: Customer service hours are limited
  • Subscription Price: Starts at $13 / Month
  • Membership Plans: Pay as you go
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Call and live chat in office hours; email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy:  3 days in advance + skip a month policy

Winc boasts a range that features the best of boutique winemaking in The Golden State. Its portfolio features a range of grapes and styles including a vegan, organic, and low-alcohol/ sugar range. Winc sources exclusive labels from its vintner partners plus cooperates with them to make customized bottles geared toward member tastes. As well as working with Californian wineries, this club partners with producers in Europe and New World regions in the same way, bringing you one-off Malbec, Prosecco, and French blends.

New labels are added to the portfolio each month, so things never get tired. When you get going with Winc you answer a short but sweet questionnaire that figures out exactly what you like in a glass and delivers it in each and every shipment. 

You enjoy $20 off your first case and whenever you get a friend on board, you get up to $30 in credit for a mini spending spree on your favorite labels.

Enjoy handcrafted Californian and European wines with Winc.

#2 Naked Wines - Back creative winemaking from all over the globe.

  • Pros: 40 - 60% discount on wines for members
  • Cons: Many wines are new to members so there is a risk – but it’s probably worth it
  • Subscription Price: $40 "angel investment" monthly
  • Membership Plans: Monthly investment plan
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes
  • Customer Support: Call and chat in office hours; email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancel anytime

Naked Wines offers a special club for oenophiles. Your subscription fees fund artisanal wine making projects, and you decide what you’d like in each case. As an “angel” (the name for a member), you give both novice and seasoned vintners the support to make unique wines and you have pride of place at the front of the line to savor the results. Each bottle is made exclusively for Naked Wines and because there’s no middleman you effectively enjoy 40-60% discounts.

The club is very fussy about who it will work with so while there’s room for creativity, that doesn’t mean you’ll get loads of wacky, wild reds and whites. You can expect fine, skilled, passionate winemaking covering a range of varietal and styles from every corner of the globe. None of it would happen without your help which makes every glass very special. Naked Wines has an organic range too for greater variety.

Naked Wines gives you the chance to back select winemaking and enjoy reds and whites you won’t get anywhere else that you’ve helped produce.

#3 Bright Cellars - Every case you receive is tailored to your palate to T thanks to tasting technology.

  • Pros: Personalized cases
  • Cons: Just one delivery frequency
  • Subscription Price: $80 Month
  • Membership Plans: Pay as you go
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: SMS; call in office hours; email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: No
  • Cancellation Policy:  Cancel anytime

Bright Cellars gets straight to work as soon as you get the ball rolling with them. You answer seven delving questions that reveal exactly what you want in a glass. You might be surprised at what this club’s advanced tasting tech finds out and pleasantly so because you’ll receive bottles tailored to your palate in every case. As you enjoy each label, you have the chance to give it a ranking that automatically updates your palate profile leading to another customized case next time.

The tasting team at Bright Cellars tirelessly tries a range of varietals and styles from Old and New World Regions but only passes one out of 12 for its portfolio and your case.

What’s more, if you want to talk to an actual person about a change in direction, no worries - there’s a concierge team at your service to point you to your next favorite.

Select labels, great value, and super-tailored cases are all yours at Bright Cellars.

#4 Dry Farm WinesFocuses on health as well as variety and depth of flavor.

  • Pros: Low-sugar/ alcohol wines
  • Cons: If you prefer higher alcohol in reds and sweet wines, in particular, this is not the ideal club
  • Subscription Price: $159 monthly/ bimonthly
  • Membership Plans: Pay as you go
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: SMS; call in office hours; email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy:  Cancel anytime

Every bottle in Dry Farm Wines’ range has below average sugar levels plus ABV is way down there. Most of its labels have as little as 7% and that includes regular reds and whites, not just light Moscatos or bubblies. Not one bottle goes above 12.5% so you can sip away with a clear conscience and mind!

This club offers a handcrafted range of four focused clubs embracing a choice of red, white, rosé, or sparkling subscriptions with all labels low sugar and alcohol. Another feature of this club’s portfolio is every bottle is made from dry-farmed grapes. What this means is winemakers don’t irrigate their vineyards, so vines have to dig deep for water resulting in finer fruit and wines. The pure approach continues with much of Dry Farm Wines’ bottle produced organically or with minimal intervention. If you admire natural wines, you’ve found your club.

Superb-tasting wine that does no harm is yours to enjoy Dry Farm Wines membership.

#5 FirstleafAward-winning wine from vineyard to door.

  • Pros: Award-winning wines customized to your tastes
  • Cons: Limited bottle numbers
  • Subscription Price: $90
  • Membership Plans: 6 bottles monthly/ bimonthly/ quarterly
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Call 7 days a week; email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy:  Cancel any time

What makes First Leaf stand out is its smart palate technology that means super personalized cases with every shipment. You answer deep-dive questions when you start with this club and these replies are crunched up and come out as a fine tuned tasting profile that’s uniquely yours. This is matched against the club portfolio and every single bottle that goes in your case suits your taste buds down to the last drop.

As you enjoy each bottle you give it a rating that seamlessly updates your profile leading to a tweaked shipment next time around. If you ever want to talk to a personal expert, there’s a concierge team available to discuss any changes you’d like to make.

The quality of this club’s range is top-notch with more than 10,000 bottles tasted each year and only 2% making it through. What’s more, you get in the range of 60% off retail.

Discover a world of amazing savings on the finest labels with First Leaf membership.

#6 Wine Insiders - Gives you a ticket to a varied cellar of quality world labels at super-low prices.

  • Pros: Quality world wines at pocket-friendly prices
  • Cons: Only one delivery option
  • Subscription Price: Starts at $89 then rises to $155 quarterly
  • Membership Plans: Every 3 months; 12 bottle membership packages.
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes
  • Customer Support: Calls and chat weekdays; email; mail
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: No
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancel at any time and can skip shipments 

When you sign up to Wine Insiders, you receive an introductory offer case that tells you all you need to know about the quality and value this club offers. In your shipment, there are 15 fine bottles including three red Bordeaux blends with the “Supérieur" designation. Hard to believe but you only pay $90 which works out at a 75% saving. This first case paves the way for many more of the same outstanding standard.

Wine Insiders also likes to give members a rounded sipping experience so regularly sends you free goodies that make opening and serving more professional. When you arrive at your second shipment, you’ll get a very useful Connoisseur's Deluxe 7-Piece Lever Pull Corkscrew Set packaged up in an elegant cherry wood box. It’s filled to the brim with handy gizmos for top service. 

Every bottle comes with deep-dive tasting notes and exciting food pairing suggestions that will make every drop taste even better.

Wine Insiders stands for a top choice of international labels at amazing prices.

#7 Vinebox - Get to try a sample of fine labels from Europe and only buy a bottle when you find one you like.

With Vinebox, you  

  • Pros: Glass-sized samples to try before investing in a bottle
  • Cons: You have to join a waiting list 
  • Subscription Price: $79 quarterly/ $288 annually; option to double quantity with 10% discount
  • Membership Plans: Nine wines every 4 months
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes, for damaged shipments 
  • Customer Support: Email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Gift wine box sets
  • Cancellation Policy: Any time before the billing date

If you love getting your vino delivered to your doorstep but want to select exactly what’s in each case, you’ll love Vinebox. You never get an uninspiring bottle because you’ve picked everything.

What happens is Vinebox sends you a box set of nine glass-sized samples and you swirl and sip them until you find something you like. In each box there may be one or several you’d like to get to know better and can do so by ordering a full bottle that Vinebox will source for you. You pay with credits you’ve built up with previous shipments.

All the labels are from iconic European vineyards and exclusive to Vinebox, so you won’t come across them in your local store. The tasters are also sealed with advanced tech so aromas and flavors are fresh and fine.

Each taster arrives with in-depth tasting notes and tips on food pairing ideas.

If you want a shelf filled with fine European bottles you’ve picked yourself, Vinebox is for you.

#8 Laithwaites - Get direct access to an ever-changing portfolio of world wines.

  • Pros: Fine quality at affordable prices
  • Cons: Only quarterly shipments
  • Subscription Price: Starts at $39.95 
  • Membership Plans: Every 3 months
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes
  • Customer Support: Call during extended hours weekdays and weekends; email; mail
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancel or pause shipments at any time

From its roots in the UK in 1969 to a present-day membership of 700,000 covering Australia and the US, Laithwaites taps into an extensive network of fine vintners and brings you top-notch variety and selection. It’s also won accolades from the sector at large with the prestigious International Wine Challenge “Merchant of the Year Award” so you’re onto a good thing with Laithwaites.

Its subscriber base allows this club’s tasting team to globetrot to Old and New World regions glass by glass and ferret out what’s hot for members. You’ll get a great range of classic varietals and popular styles but Laithwaites also adds delicious lesser-known grapes from undiscovered regions to add spice to your case and broaden your palate.

To provide a rounded experience to members, Laithwaites sends full tasting notes for each bottle and tasty pairing ideas that successfully highlight flavors and textures of both food and wine.

Savor fine-quality wines and good-value international variety with Lathwaites.

#9 Plonk - Hand-picked labels from choice regions that are 100% organic.

  • Pros: Quality organic and biodynamic wines 
  • Cons: Not cheap
  • Subscription Price: $110
  • Membership Plans: Monthly/ quarterly, bimonthly/ biannually/ 4,6,12 bottle memberships
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes
  • Customer Support: Call during office hours; email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancel anytime

This is the club for you if you want reds and whites that are kind to the environment and gentle to your body. Every single one is crafted to organic principles with many produced with biodynamic criteria as well. 

Plonk's tasting team carefully selects a range of varieties and styles from much-loved regions from the Old and New Worlds all made with care by artisanal vintners. To push your palate further, it also does you the favor of digging out delicious undiscovered indigenous grapes from untapped areas that deserve wider recognition. 

You have the option of going for all red, full white, or mixed cases plus you receive notes about each label’s origins, tasting profile, and how best to pair it with lunch, dinner, or a snack.

Quelle surprise Plonk founder Etty Klein has picked up accolades for her club including a spot in Wine Enthusiast's Top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers List.

You get to enjoy healthy, clean, delicious wines and the environment thanks you for it with Plonk.

#10 Gold Medal Club - Expect nothing less than award winners and top-rated labels.


  • Pros: Exceptional good deal wines
  • Cons: Pinot Noir club limited to 500 members so get in quick
  • Subscription Price: Starts at $40.95
  • Membership Plans: Monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly; 2 or 3 bottle membership packages.
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes
  • Customer Support: Call, live chat, out-of-hours answer service; email; mail
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancel or pause shipments at any time

You have a choice of six membership options from the Gold Medal Wine Club and each one boasts bottles dripping in accolades. There’s a club showcasing Californian labels, one which focuses on left-of-center wines inspired by the famous French Garagiste movement. The Pinot Noir club will delight oenophiles who admire this grape and its Platinum and Gold clubs highlight top scorers at international competitions. You can chop and change memberships as you go along if you decide you’d like a change which widens the scope for experiencing even more top bottles.

Gold Medal Wine Club never wants you to miss out on a shipment so if you’re on the road for work or play, it can deliver to your temporary address no problem. Isn’t it nice to know you don’t have to worry about finding good vino when you’re away from home? 

Members also enjoy discounts when shopping elsewhere on the Gold Medal Wine Club site. 

The Gold Medal Wine Club brings you stellar labels, superb membership options and a handy vacation delivery.