New Jersey Wine Clubs

Best Wine Club in New Jersey 2021

There’s a wide range of wine clubs that ship to New Jersey. We’ve saved you heaps of time by digging deep and compiling this list highlighting those with the most convenient delivery options, the finest labels, a great choice of plans, and the best bank for your buck.

Written by Lucie Robson Updated on September 1, 2021

What is the Best New Jersey Wine Club?

The best wine club for New Jersey residents is without a doubt Winc. This club offers the best from artisanal California producers that you would probably never discover locally. It also works exclusively with a range of vintners in international wine regions making fine reds and white in unique ways.

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Here Quick View of the Best New Jersey Wine Clubs Overall

  • Free Shipping over $50
  • Winc Credits
  • Flexible Subscription
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  • Customized orders
  • 50$ Discount for the first order
  • Wine varieties from around the world
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  • Return empty bottles of wines you don’t enjoy
  • Different types of plans
  • Lab Tested
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Our Top Pick
  • Gift cards
  • Purchase individual bottles
  • A blog for wine enthusiasts
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  • Gift sets for loved ones
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Martha Stewart wines
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  • VINEBOX Advent Calendar
  • Seasonally Intuitive Wine Box
  • Rare Wine
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  • Worldwide wine selection
  • Expert selected shipments
  • Partnered with Laithwaites
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  • Orders are customizable
  • All types of wine lovers welcome
  • Ships across most of US
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  • It’s an affordable club
  • Orders can be customized
  • Makes for a good beginner club
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  • Current and past wines
  • Seasonal prices
  • Mixed wine club
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Top 10 New Jersey Wine Clubs

#1 WincSimple and, most of all, fun wine exploration.

  • Pros: Hand-selected quality wines
  • Cons: Limited customer service hours
  • Subscription Price: Starts at $13 / Month
  • Membership Plans: Pay as you go
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Call and live chat in office hours; email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy:  3 days in advance + skip a month policy.

Winc’s catalog of varietals and styles is not too big, not too small, and all amazing. It highlights hand-picked bottles from Golden State wineries all spiced up with products from France, Spain, and other classic regions. As well as sourcing products, it collaborates with artisanal vintners to make them exclusively for its members, so you really are getting something special in every glass.

When you join up to Winc, you answer six short questions about your tastes which creates your personal taste profile. This acts as the cornerstone for every bottle so you can expect personalization in each case. As you sip along, you provide a rating that automatically updates your profile and helps form future shipments that are just as customized as the first.

The bonuses start right away with a $20 discount off your first case and up to $30 in credit every time you refer a friend.

Enjoy super-tailored shipments and the finest from California and further afield with Winc.


#2 Bright Cellars - Sends you personalized cases every time thanks to data-crunching tasting tech.

  • Pros: Super-customized deliveries
  • Cons: Only one delivery frequency
  • Subscription Price: $80 Month
  • Membership Plans: Pay as you go
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: SMS; call in office hours; email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: No
  • Cancellation Policy:  Cancel anytime

When you step on board Bright Cellars you answer a series of succinct questions that drill down into what you enjoy most in a glass. Is high acidity your thing or do you like an explosive, fruity palate? Do you enjoy grippy tannins or a light, fragrant body? Whatever varietals and styles you perfume, like a wine detective this club will find out and package up spot-on cases for you to savor. 

Each bottle that gets into the Wine Insiders portfolio has gone through a rigorous tasting process. This club’s sommeliers taste thousands and only pass one in 12. You get to rate each bottle as you enjoy it with your feedback calibrating your palate profile for an equally bang on the money shipment next time. 

If you ever want to talk over your tastes with a person, Bright Cellars has a concierge team at hand to point you to the perfect glass.

Bright Cellars’ cutting-edge tasting technology means perfect bottles every time.


#3 Dry Farm Wines - Focuses on health as well as variety and depth of flavor.

  • Pros: Low-sugar/ alcohol wines made with dry farm methods
  • Cons: Not ideal if you prefer higher alcohol in reds and sweet wines
  • Subscription Price: $159 monthly/ bimonthly
  • Membership Plans: Pay as you go
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: SMS; call in office hours; email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy:  Cancel anytime

There’s no better club for you than Dry Farm Wines if you love a glass on an evening but are concerned about your sugar and alcohol consumption. The majority of labels in its range have as low as 7% alcohol with none going any higher than 12.5%. What’s more the sugar levels are lower than average, but you’d never believe this when sipping your red or white because they taste just as fine and full as regular products.

This club has the bonus of being kind to the planet as well. No water is used in producing its range because producers practice dry farming. Vines have to dig deep to locate water and nourishment which leads to better quality fruit to work within the winery. The selection also features labels made with organic and biodynamic methods as well so this club ticks all the boxes for a healthy body and environment.

Dry Farm Wines has your name on it if you want to enjoy your Chardonnay and Merlot on your terms.


#4 FirstleafAward-winning wine from vineyard to door.

  • Pros: Fine wines tailored to your tastes
  • Cons: Limited bottle numbers
  • Subscription Price: $90
  • Membership Plans: 6 bottles monthly/ bimonthly/ quarterly
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes 
  • Customer Support: Call 7 days a week; email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy:  Cancel any time

Only 2% of wines First Leaf’s tasting team tries each year make it into this club’s portfolio. When you consider that it samples more than 10,000, you have some fine tuned picking and choosing going on there and it shows in every shipment.

This inventory of quality is matched with your preferences all figured out with a tasting rubric. When you join the club, you answer 13 questions that delve down into your vino personality and the results form the cornerstone of your cases. You reveal what varietal and styles you like plus how willing you are to try something new and – presto – a case of perfect bottles arrives on your doorstep.

As you pour, swirl, and sip, you have the opportunity to provide feedback on what’s in your glass. Your palate profile algorithm takes note meaning next time your delivery will be filled to the brim with what you want.

Enjoy customized service and world-class quality with First Leaf membership.


#5 Wine Insiders1000s of options and with its no-hassle delivery.

Wine Insiders tirelessly ferrets out the finest and the most interesting, packaging it all up in shipments that make your cellar shine!

  • Pros: Fine wines at super-low prices
  • Cons: Only one delivery frequency
  • Subscription Price: Starts at $89 then rises to $155 quarterly
  • Membership Plans: Every 3 months; 12 bottle membership packages.
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes
  • Customer Support: Calls and chat weekdays; email; mail
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: No
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancel at any time and can skip shipments 

You’ll think Christmas has come early when you receive your first shipment from Wine Insiders. In this introductory offer case, you get a mix of 15 bottles covering popular varietals from classic regions. This includes three bottles of superior red blend Bordeaux yet somehow it all costs just $89 representing a 75% saving. 

The quality and good value continue with every case. Wine Insiders team of tasters combs the globe for reds, whites, rosés, and bubblies that will pique your palate and make you look forward to what’s on the way.

This club is committed to providing a rounded experience for members throwing in complimentary serving accessories along the way as well as in-depth tasting and food pairing notes. With your second shipment, you receive a Connoisseur’s Deluxe 7-Piece Lever Pull Corkscrew Set in a classy cherry wood box valued at $59.99 featuring everything you need for chic opening and pouring. 

Sit back and let Wine Insiders dig out good-value bottles and deliver quality and variety in every shipment.


#6 Vinebox - Unique process that lets you try more for less.

  • Pros: Glass-sized samples for you to try before you purchase a bottle
  • Cons: There’s a waiting list 
  • Subscription Price: $79 quarterly/ $288 annually; option to double quantity with 10% discount
  • Membership Plans: Nine wines every 4 months
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes, for damaged shipments 
  • Customer Support: Email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Gift wine box sets
  • Cancellation Policy: Any time before the billing date

Vinebox comes as something of a relief to anyone who likes to have ultimate control over what’s in their wine rack. You eliminate unwanted wine forever because you only get full bottles of what you personally select from a range of samples.

Every three months, Vinebox sends nine 100-ml-sized tasting portions that cover classic varietals and styles from Old World regions. Each is made exclusively for Vinebox, so you won’t find it anywhere else. You try each glass-sized sample as if you were at a tasting event and when you land one (or more!) you enjoy, you can buy a full bottle. Vinebox arranges delivering you pay for it with credits you’ve built up over previous shipments.

Whatever the varietals and styles of each taster, the characteristics will be preserved perfectly because Vinebox used advanced tech to seal in flavors. 

Comprehensive tasting notes and exciting food pairing ideas come with each sample.

If you want to cut to the quick and get the wines you enjoy without any second-guessing, Vinebox has your name on it.


#7 NPR Wine Club - Ideal for novices and connoisseurs who love public radio and enjoy a good glass.

  • Pros: Quality wines from main wine regions
  • Cons: Limited delivery frequency
  • Subscription Price: $79.99 with additional 12-bottle shipments at $149.99 
  • Membership Plans: Quarterly; 6 bottle membership packages.
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes
  • Customer Support: Call toll free in opening hours
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: No
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancel at any time

If you enjoy what public radio has to offer and like your Malbecs, Pinot Noirs, Riojas, and Chardonnay, the NPR Wine Club is made for you. Each quarterly shipment contains a range of reds and whites from iconic New and Old-World Regions including France, Spain, and Argentina. It’s hard to believe that your subscription fees are so low, the quality is so high, and public radio gets a boost with every order but somehow NPR Wine Club manages this. It’s an all-around win-win.

When you join this club, you can expect three free bonus bottles in your first shipment which offers amazing value. Even though later cases are at the regular price, you’re still making incredible savings for the caliber of what’s in your glass.

Committed to giving members a rounded drinking experience, NPR Wine Club sends info on the region, and winery plus tasting notes and pairing tips.

NPR Wine Club makes both enjoying a good bottle and public radio even more fun.


#8 Vinesse - Offers the best-value quality from the rich middle ground of wine.

  • Pros: Hand-selected boutique wines from iconic wine regions
  • Cons: Limited delivery frequency
  • Subscription Price: Starts at $49.99 
  • Membership Plans: Quarterly; 3 - 12 bottle membership packages/ monthly/ bi-monthly/ quarterly
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes
  • Customer Support: Email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: No membership gifts but can buy gift cards
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancel at any time

Vinesse was established in 1995 by two oenophiles who wanted to share the wealth of the territory between premium and budget bottles with fellow fans. While it handpicks a few fine reds, whites, and sparklings from both big producers, its love is small, boutique houses doing super-interesting things in the winery.

What makes Vinesse is unique in that it has a fine portfolio of labels that will please seasoned palates but is accessible to newcomers who want an introduction to good quality and the opportunity to learn. Members would happily drink 95% of its selection again and it sends information on each bottle for deep insights and enjoyment.

Vinesse offers 14 clubs covering a range of tastes and interests. Some of these focus on popular varietals like Malbec and Pinot Noir while others take in iconic regions such as the Pacific Northwest and California. There’s also a bubby club for sparkling lovers!

For hand-picked quality that pleases beginners and connoisseurs, Vinesse is your club.


#9 Tasting Room Wine - Has built its reputation on personal service that steers clear of testing technology.

  • Pros: Super-personal service 
  • Cons: Not ideal if you prefer to work with preference algorithms
  • Subscription Price: Starts at $75
  • Membership Plans: Monthly/ Quarterly, Bimonthly/ 6,12 bottle memberships
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes
  • Customer Support: Call during office hours; email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancel anytime

If you’re one of those folk who believes digital tech has improved our lives in so many ways but that it doesn’t have to take over the wine space, you’ll adore Tasting Room Club. There are no rubrics or algorithms here – just a person at the end of the phone who wants to make sure every wine you get in your case becomes a favorite.

Tasting Room spearheads a collective of winemakers located in classic Old and New World regions plus a few more temptingly off the beaten track. Collaborating directly with these vintners, Tasting Room brings you excellent quality and interesting styles at a fraction of the retail cost – in fact, up to 60% off.

You can expect a high standard of label because the tasting team only gives the go-ahead to one out of 12 bottles it tastes. Members appreciate the quality too – they award 4.25 out of 5 stars to Vinesse’s portfolio.

Vinesse offers all the quality, variety, and good value you want from a wine club without an impersonal tech.


#10 Plonk - Providing a range of purely organic and biodynamic labels. 

Plonk has made its name on 

  • Pros: Premier organic and biodynamic wines 
  • Cons: Not cheap
  • Subscription Price: $110
  • Membership Plans: Monthly/ quarterly, bimonthly/ biannually/ 4,6,12 bottle memberships
  • Money Back / Satisfaction Guarantee: Yes
  • Customer Support: Call during office hours; email
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancel anytime

If a healthy planet and body are important to you, Plonk wine club has your name written all over it. This club’s team of tasters travels the globe one bottle at a time in the search for the finest labels made within organic and biodynamic frameworks in the vineyard and winery. You can savor each drop confident in the knowledge that there are no chemicals lurking in your glass.

Plonk’s range is filled with classic varietal styles we all love but it makes a point of showcasing lesser-known grapes from more obscure regions that merit wider exposure and enjoyment.

It’s up to you if you want a case of reds, whites, or a mix of both and you can switch between any of these options any time it suits you. Each bottle comes with comprehensive information about its origins, tasting notes, and how to pair it with food for ultimate pleasure.

For wine that’s kind to you and the environment, Plonk is your club.